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  • InduSoft Symbol of the Week – Joysticks


    InduSoft is always busy improving the tools that make developing applications easier and quicker, and we want to share our efforts with you! We’re working on creating one new symbol each week that you »

  • InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 is on the Way


    InduSoft is always looking toward the future, and we are pleased to announce that InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 is on its way in Q4 of 2017. With major enhancements and big updates on the way, we highly rec »

  • Driver Updates for InduSoft Web Studio


    InduSoft has recently made some updates to some of our most popular communication protocol drivers. These updates bring advanced functionality to a few of the 250+ drivers available for InduSoft Web S »

  • Sample Application for InduSoft Web Studio – Network Adapter Status


    InduSoft has added a new sample application for users who wish to see working examples of how the powerful features in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software can be implemented. This sample application de »

  • Creating a ‘Report Screen’ for Dynamic Reports in InduSoft Web Studio


    It’s possible to create reports in InduSoft Web Studio using the reporting capabilities, or third party solutions like Dream Reports, but there are times that it may be necessary to create dynamic rep »