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Dynamically Loading Pictures on a Screen Using an ActiveX Control and VBScript

Loading pictures with ActiveX and VBScript.pdf
How to Display InduSoft Web Studio Applications on Two Monitors

How to Display InduSoft Web Studio Applications on Two Monitors.pdf
Manipulating Collections, Folders and Files With VBScript’s FileSystemObject

VBScript FileSystemObject.pdf
Running StADOSvr.exe as a Service on Machines without InduSoft Web Studio

Indusoft - StADOSvrASService.pdf
Secure Viewer Thin Client for non-Microsoft Devices

Studio History Trend (proprietary) COM Object

Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Tabular COM Objects

Thin Client Troubleshooting Guide

Using InduSoft Web Studio with Touch Screen PCs

Touch Screen PCs.pdf
Using the DIV & ADD and MAX & MIN Parameters in a Main or Standard Driver Sheet

New parameters in Driver Sheet.pdf
Using the Radio Button and Check Box Objects

Radio Button and Check Box.pdf
Using XML in InduSoft Web Studio

Video - Report Print Text

Shows how to print a report as a text file. Click here to stream or download.

Video - Scheduler for Simulation

Shows how to use the scheduler for simulation. Click here to stream or download.

Video - Swipe Gesture

Show how to swipe gesture on the screen. Click here to stream or download.