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Sample Applications

Below you will find many useful and featured sample applications created using InduSoft Web Studio or CEView. These applications were created using various versions of InduSoft Web Studio. Note: Earlier versions of applications will run on later versions of InduSoft Web Studio.

Feel free to download the applications and use them for ideas for your own projects and as an understanding of how the features work within the InduSoft product family. If you have any problems with these apps, please email us at info@indusoft.com

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  Title Platform Web Studio Version  

Shows how to create a 3D wireframe using the trend control object

Windows Desktop/Server 6.1 SP3
ABCIP Micrologix

Example communications using Ethernet t communicate to a MicroLogix PLC

Windows Desktop/Server 6.1+ SP4

Shows how to use the three InduSoft ActiveX functions in the MS Calendar object

WinNT/Windows Desktop/Server 6.1+SP4
Add Custom Pen to Trend

This small application demonstrates how to create a custom pen selection dialog for a trend object. It also explores some of the advanced features of the trend object.

Alarm Control

Shows different ways to use the Alarm/Event Control object

WinNT/Windows Desktop/Server 6.1+SP4
Alarm Control 2

Alarm/Event Control object configuration

Windows Desktop/Server 6.1+SP4
Alarm Events

Transfering Alarm and Events with a CSV file

Windows Desktop/Server and Windows Embedded 6.1+SP4
Alarm Example Project

Windows 7 v7.1 + SP1
Alarm Text To Speech

Demonstrates how to play alarm messages as audio (text-to-speech)

Windows 7.1 SP2 or later
Alarm Wav

Shows how to play .WAV files whenever a new alarm is activated

WinNT/Windows Desktop/Server or Windows Embedded 6.1+SP4

Demonstrates how to prompt the user to select a reason for the alarm (from a pre-defined list of options) when acknowledging the alarm

Windows Desktop/Server 7.1

Shows the functionality of how to delete files via script

WinNT/Windows Desktop/Server or Windows Embedded 6.1+SP4

Windows Desktop/Server
BACNet Test App

BACNet test application presented in the Using BacNET for Building Automation and Control Applications Webinar

Runtime Server or later
Bar Graph-Stacked

To use the symbol, specify the tag name, min and max values of the engineering unit range for the tag, the limit point for the caution value (i.e., when to start drawing the bar graph in yellow), and the limit point for the warning value (i.e., when to start drawing the bar graph in red). If you only want two colors then make the caution and warning limit values the same value. The project includes a screen called "main" that includes the TriColorBarGraph symbol that uses the tag called "Second". It also includes an exploded, unlinked version of the symbol showing how it works.

Browse Files On Server

Demonstrates how to display on Thin Clients a custom list of files from a specific directory from the server.

Windows Desktop/Server 7.1

Here is a sample application using the Internet Explorer ActiveX object functionality in your project, which includes navigation backwards and forwards. No scripting is necessary.
Click here for the forum posting about this Sample Application

Building Automation

This demo was designed with a flexible architecture, so it can be used as a template for real-world applications. Depending on the requirements, the customizations can be done mainly by changing values in a database (Building.mdb MS Access file, stored in the root directory of the application).

PC 71.3.0
Change IP

Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop/Server

PC 71.3.0
Compare Folders

Compares files from two different directories (folders) and generates a CSV report with the characteristics of the files from each folder.

Windows Desktop/Server 7.1

Demonstrates how to copy all members and array positions from a class tag into another with a simple function call

Windows Desktop/Server 7.1

Demonstrates how to export data from a CSV file into a SQL Relational Database

Windows Desktop/Server 7.1
Custom Pen Selection

Custom interface to select trend pens dynamically during the runtime

Windows Desktop/Server and Windows Embedded v7.1
Custom Widget Library Pie Chart Example

Gives some examples of:

  • Setting the parameters in CSV format and converting to JSON format
  • Allowing the user to change:
    • The data then applying to the Pie Chart
    • Title
    • Font Size
    • Inner Radius
    • Load time animation
    • Display as Percent or Value

Windows Desktop/Server v8.1 + SP1 or later
Custom Widget Library TreeView Example

Demonstrates how to use the TreeView custom widget from the product library, allowing the user to:

  • Build the treeview (adding nodes)
    • In a CSV or JSON format
    • Using Text of File as Data Source
  • Expand/Collapse nodes
  • Select Nodes
  • Get properties from the selected nodes
  • Capture and handle events generated by the TreeView

Custom Widget Library Web Browser Example

Demonstrates how to use the WebBrowser custom widget from the product library, allowing the user to:

  • Set the URL property of the custom widget to display:
    • Offline content (videos, pdf documents, etc)
    • Online content (web sites, YouTube videos, etc)
  • Capture and handle events generated by the Web Browser


This application was used in the Custom Properties in InduSoft Web Studio Webinar.


Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop/Server

This application uses an ActiveX control (gr.finger) from “Griaule Biometrics” (http://www.griaulebiometrics.com).

Dial Email

Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop/Server
Driver Settings

Windows Desktop/Server

PC 71.3.0

Windows Desktop/Server

Display an Excel file in a Grid object with the option to add new rows to the Excel file.

Windows Desktop/Server v7.1
File Attributes

Windows Desktop/Server
File Write

Windows Desktop/Server
File Write

Windows Desktop/Server
Files Manipulation

Windows Desktop/Server

PC 71.3.0

Brand: Software Toolbox

Requires installation of 'PRO Industrial Gadgets ActiveX'

PC 71.3.0
Formatting Fill Area

Demonstrates how to easily fill the area under trends with solid colors, color patterns or even bitmaps.
View the blog post for this sample application here.


This application uses a function defined in the main procedures called GetSSID. It is created using various VBScript Class Objects and their Properties which returns name of the wiress network that your computer is connected to in a MessageBox. If your computer is not connected to a wireless network, the MessageBox is blank. The function is called from a script in a button object on a popup screen.
Click here for the forum post related to this application.

Handling Binary Large Objects (BLOBs)

Handling Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) in MS SQL Server Using the InduSoft Web Studio Database Gateway (StADOSvr.exe)

Hour Meter Demos

Here’s a pre-built Hour Meter Linked Symbol for InduSoft Web Studio that you can add to your SCADA or HMI application. The Hour Meters in the application display elapsed time in 1/100 Hour increments (36 Seconds) up to 99999 Hours (around 11 ½ years) and the symbols have a “running” indicator.
Click here for the blog post related to this application.
The Hour Meter Linked Symbols for this application are here.

V7.1 + SP1

The InduSoft Web Studio IC104 driver is used for IEC-60870-5-104 communications for telecontrol (supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA) in electrical engineering and power system automation applications, with the IEC-104 subsection of the standard being suitable for data transfer over Ethernet. Additionally, the control field data of IEC-104 contains various types of mechanisms for effective handling of network data synchronization.
Click here for the Blog post about this Sample Application
*The IEC104 driver used in this application is an extra purchase. For more information contact info@indusoft.com


Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop/Server
IWS81.1.0 Webinar Custom Widgets

This application demonstrates the basic features of the Custom Widget library included with v8.1 + SP1.It shows the PieChart, ImageList, Browser, Calendar, and TreeView Custom Widgets

Windows Desktop/Server 8.1+SP1 or later

This template was developed to give machine builders a “head start” when using InduSoft Web Studio to create an HMI for their machine.

LDAP Sample

Windows Desktop/Server
Machine Demo

Windows Desktop/Server
Mnemonics Linked Symbol

How to open a generic faceplate screen and use a mnemonics file to configure it.Click here to see a demonstration video.

Mobile Demo

Windows Desktop/Server
MSSQL Server

Windows Desktop/Server
Multi Monitor Projects

Three sample applications showing Multi-Monitor use with InduSoft Web Studio. These applications are discussed in detail in the Tech Note,“Using Multiple Monitors with InduSoft Web Studio”.

Windows Server 2008/12; Win 7,8 7.1 + SP2
Multiple Alarm Emails

Windows Desktop/Server
My SQL Demo 2

Windows Desktop/Server
MySQL Demo

Windows Desktop/Server
Network Adapter Status

Windows Desktop/Server
ODBC Access

Windows Desktop/Server
ODBC Excel 2

Windows Desktop/Server
ODBC Functions

Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop/Server
OEE Demo

Performance Management System Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Demo. Dashboard showing Availability, Performance, Quality and OEE percentages. Includes trend, treeview, up time, down time, and actual vs. target performance.

The instructions to run this application are:

1. Install IWSv7.1 SP3 (or later) in your computer

2. Extract the files from OEEDemo_v713.zip into your computer

3. Open IWSv7.1 SP3 (or later) development environment and run the OEEDemo application.

4. Username: Guest

Desktop/Server PC 7.1
Oil & Gas


Windows Desktop/Server
Packaging and Conveyance - OEE Signage

Application Features: Runs on a PC or Server Platform Win 7, 8, Server 2008, 2012. PCDemo application is modified to display all screens in 1280 x 1024 (or 5:4 Aspect Ratio). Packaging and Conveyance added to Industries showing factory animation and modeling. Sample reports demonstrate Dream Report (optional). Production Line Cameras display line operations and simulations; speed up and slow down with the ramping/setpoint controls. Modifications cannot be used on Windows Compact 7 or 8 Embedded. Application will not display completely in SMA (Studio Mobile Access approved HTML5) Platforms (ActiveX not supported).Click here to see a demonstration video.

Windows Server 2008/12; Win 7,8 7.1 + SP2

State demo for PackML
PackML is a SubWorkgroup within the Packaging Workgroup of OMAC.
For more information visit thier web site OMAC.org

Windows Desktop/Server/Vista/Windows 7 and Server editions
Panel Builder 32

Windows Desktop/Server
PC Demo 8.0+SP1

PC Demo 8.0+SP1 Application

Windows Desktop/Server 8.0 + SP1
PC Demo v7.1

PC Demo v7.1 Application

Windows Desktop/Server v7.1 + SP3

Embedded 71.3.0

Embedded 71.3.0

Windows Desktop/Server
Pie Chart

The Pie Chart Application demonstrates how the Pie Chart and Legend symbols work. Download the Pie Chart Symbols used in the application here

Windows Desktop/Server or later

Windows Desktop/Server

Read from and Write to Databases, Grids, and .CSV Files

This application demonstrates the functionality of exchanging queried data between Active Objects, Data Objects, a database and a CSV file. It demonstrates the use of Combo Boxes and Grid Objects to make database queries and selectively populate the objects. Grid Object capability of selecting one row and placing results into an arrayed tag is also shown, as well as the Grid Object capability of outputting the entire grid contents into an arrayed class tag. This application runs in InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP2 and above. For more information click here.

Click here to watch and download the Demo Video.

v7.1 + SP2

Built-in Recipe Management interface

Windows Desktop/Server and Windows Embedded v7.1

This example saves history data into a MDB file in order to provide a self-contained comprehensive example. In a real-world application, it is strongly recommend to modify the Connection String (Startup Script) to link the project to a database with higher capacity, such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Windows Desktop/Server 7.1

Shows how to use a database to store and retrieve recipe information. This sample application uses a Microsoft Access database, but it could just as well be Microsoft SQL Server or any other SQL database. Create new recipes, Save As, Load and Delete are some of the functions highlighted in this application.

Windows Desktop/Server v7.1 + SP1

Windows Desktop/Server
Redundant DB

Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop/Server
RFID Badge Management

This example project provides a way to do simple RFID Badge Management to a database.

Windows Desktop/Server v7.1 + SP1
Rotating Compass Heading Demo App

This application shows how a Ship's Heading Indicator can be built using InduSoft Web Studio. The example uses a ship as the stationary point on the indicator with the dial rotating around it, indicating where "North" is, which direction the ship is actually headed, and what direction it is being steered. A video of this application running can be seen here. You can also view the blog post here.

Save Recipes as .XML Files

Save Recipes as .XML Files in InduSoft Web Studio. For more information, view the blog post here.


Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop/Server
Security App

The application demonstrates the use of various user and group security management functions.
Click here for more information on this Sample Application
Click here for an FAQ


This application features a Solar Panel Positioning Controller Simulation and Animation showing Azuimuth and Elevation, Global Positioning Selector, UTC Global offset list and selector, and Studio Mobile Access (approved HTML5) Platforms using IWS version 7.1.3 and above.Click here to see a demonstration video.

Embedded 71.3.0

Requires installation of 'ProEssentials v5 ActiveX'

PC 71.3.0
SQL Query Project

This project demonstrates the use of manual SQL Queries and some display methods. On the opening screen, Boolean and analog alarm data can be generated which is written into the “ProjectDB.mdb”, where it can be viewed and deleted, and on the second screen, data can be manually (ad hoc) queried from a portion of the MS Access test database “Northwind.mdb” or the “ProjectDB.mdb. The connection strings use the “Jet OLEDB 4” MS Office components driver/provider which is compatible with the Access .mdb files, and the connection string also uses the embedded function {$GetAppPath{)} to point to the databases in the project root folder. The Jet 4 driver/provider should already be on your machine if Office components have been installed. Other databases such as Access “.accdb” files using the Jet 12 driver, SQL Server Express, or MySQL can be used if the compatible driver/provider is installed on the machine and the connection strings are changed to use the new driver/provider. A blog with instructions for using application demonstrating the Jet 12 driver and .accdb files is located here: http://www.indusoft.com/blog/2013/06/18/how-to-create-an-ad-hoc-sql-query-in-indusoft-web-studio/

71.3.0 or later

Submarine and Flight Instruments Demo

This application shows how to use X, Y, and Z Axis Control and Display in InduSoft Web Studio. A video of this application running can be seen here.

Sugar Cane Demo

PC Demo including a demonstration for the Sugar Cane Industrty.

Sugar Cane Demo from Fenasucro 2014

This is the application that was shown at the 2014 Fenasucro Trade Show in Brazil. The application is bilingual (Portuguese and English) which can be selected by selecting either flag in the footer. Screens are selected by pressing the desired button. OEE information will be blank until the “Refresh OEE Data” button on that screen is pressed, generating new sample OEE data. The OEE Signage will reflect whatever tier is selected in the OEE treeview control.

7.1.3 Patch 2 or later
System Redundancy

Demonstrates Hot/Stand-by redundancy for HMI/SCADA Servers, Thin Clients, and Controllers (PLCs)
To view the associated webinar video click here System Redundancy Webinar

Windows 7.0 SP1
Tag Stress Simulation

Demonstrates how to execute a generic script that sets random values to all project tags continuously, so you can conduct “stress tests” with your project

Windows Desktop/Server 7.1
TCP IP Connection

Windows Desktop/Server
Test DotNet

Windows Desktop/Server


This example allows 2 players to play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe (computer player is not supported). Some of the concepts used in this example:The use of multiple linked pictures, Array Tags, Web/Remote (2 players can be on the server or Mobile Access clients), Conditional logic

Windows Desktop/Server (optional Mobile Access) Created on v7.1 + SP3
Timer Accumulator

Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop/Server

Demonstrates how to translate the application to different languages during the runtime

Windows Desktop/Server 7.1
Trend Annotation ID

Shows how to insert comments (annotations) to the pens displayed in the Trend control. Click here to see a demonstration video.

Windows Desktop/Server 7.0 SP1
Trend Batch

Windows Desktop/Server
Trend Batch 2

Windows Desktop/Server
Trend Cursor Value

Demonstrates how to display a label at the intersection of the pen with cursor, showing the cursor value for the respective pen.

Windows Desktop/Server 7.1
Trend Database to CSV file

Demonstrates how to export Trend History data from Microsoft SQL Server into a CSV file

Windows 7.0 SP1
Trend External Database

Windows Desktop/Server
Trend Profile

Demonstrates how to save, edit, and delete profiles for the Trend control during the runtime, even from Thin Clients.

Windows Desktop/Server 7.1
Trend Tool Tips

It is possible to create ToolTip displays that will enhance the Trend Object as they are using it, while maintaining the flexibility that the InduSoft Web Studio Trend object enjoys. Click here to see a demonstration video.

Trend Water Fall

Windows Desktop/Server
Trend XY

Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop/Server


PC 71.3.0
WAV Play

Windows Desktop/Server
Weather Web Service

Retrieves Weather Information from third-party Web Service.

Windows Desktop/Server 8.0

Windows Desktop/Server
Web Browser

Windows Desktop/Server
Web Thin Client Control

Windows Desktop/Server

The demo application contains support for the Wind Rose Linked Symbol that parses the text-based data file (the Nov 2015 WeatherCat monthly log file for the example below) and creates the encoded data string. Users wanting to use the Wind Rose Symbol will need to create their own individual routines to encode their wind data. Details and examples are discussed below and also in the comments of the subroutine in the demo app.
Download the Wind Rose Symbol used in the application here

Wine Production Demo

Windows Desktop/Server v7.1
XML Script

Windows Desktop/Server
Zero-Centered Scale Symbols Demo

These symbols can be used when a zero-centered scale meter is needed. The bow and stern angle symbols were built using a linked picture for the scale. These pictures are included in the .zipped folder, however they have been embedded into the symbols. The other symbols have been built using native InduSoft Web Studio drawing objects. The value displays have been configured to show only positive values (for angles). Click here for more information.


Demonstrates how to display a picture or blueprint, move it, zoom in on it, and rotate it.
View the blog post for this sample application here.


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