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Plastic Injection Molding


  • Most Plastic Injection presses, push plastic from right to left. Most HMI trends go from left to right as they are usually time based.

    • InduSoft trends can be enabled as X/Y plot allowing you to display the injection trace, including velocity and pressure curves

  • Plastic injection machines often want to compare trends to a “golden” profile. InduSoft trends support a feature to offset a Pen and allows you to slide it left to right to align it with other injection traces

  • SPC (Statistical Process Control) for Average, min/max, and standard deviation is built-in to the trend. Understand how the machine is performing.

Several symbols dedicated for Plastic Injection

  • For example


InduSoft supports multiple drivers running simultaneously

Recipe management

  • End users often move dies (molds) from machine to machine as production needs change. By setting parameters for a particular die, if you move it from machine to machine the recipe can follow and configure sometimes hundreds of parameters at once, reducing the need of manual entry and reducing downtime do to part changeover

Database logging

  • If critical components are being manufactured, store temperatures, pressures, cure times, water temperatures, etc. to databases for future recall.

  • Use InduSoft to create a centralized data collection system to monitor all of the machines and create daily production reports, and production schedules and more.


  • Generate up-to-the-minute reports for production statistics, OEE, or government reporting as necessary.

Template screens

  • In the demo project (PCDemo) that installs with InduSoft is an OEE template that you can include in your project for free

  • PackML: also included in PCDemo is a screen specifically for PackML


Multi-screen on single monitor

  • Rotate a wide-screen (16:9) aspect ratio monitor 90 degrees (portrait) and simultaneously show 2 screens at once.

  • For example show a screen on the top half of the screen show the injection trace screen and the bottom half show the Clamp Screen or Temperature setpoint screen.

Operator and maintenance efficiency as well as reduced setup time

  • Many facilities used to have 1 operator per machine, now it is more like 1 operator for 5 machines. Using the included Mobile Access feature that allows screens to be remotely viewed and optionally interacted with (using security), an operator or maintenance person can view current machine conditions from anywhere in the plant.

  • By embedding PDF viewer, automatically playing videos showing help or training, even CAD drawings, reduce downtime and improve MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) times.

  • When a new machine is being deployed, the setup team can use tablets instead of always having to return to the main HMI computer.

Event logging

  • Keep track of who made what changes and when.

  • Helps understand if there is a problem with a batch or “lot” of parts.

Many other useful features, including Alarming, Security, Email and many, many more!