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InduSoft to Present New Technology at FENASUCRO in Brazil

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

InduSoft to Present New Technology at FENASUCRO in Brazil

InduSoft will present significant advances for the sugarcane industry at FENASUCRO in Brazil

Austin, TX – July 8, 2014

InduSoft, developer of the award-winning HMI/SCADA software, InduSoft Web Studio, will be participating in FENASUCRO, the largest global event in the sugarcane energy sector. From August 26-29, in Sertãozinho, Brazil, Indusoft will take the opportunity to showcase many significant enhancements to its software platform and present new technology to the sector.

Among these enhancements is new support for scripting in Studio Mobile Access. Studio Mobile Access is a mobile platform-independent HMI/SCADA, based on HTML5, which allows access to process data from the browser of any mobile device that supports HTML5. InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 offers new enhancements that allow scripts to be supported in the Studio Mobile Access.

InduSoft will also be showcasing tag integration with Schneider M340 and Premium devices.  This integration allows users to quickly browse for tags configured in the PLC program of the devices and integrate them with InduSoft Web Studio’s project database. In addition, visitors will be able to learn more about native integration for the Wonderware Historian in InduSoft Web Studio.

InduSoft Web Studio includes over 240 communication drivers for every major manufacturer of PLCs and controllers, as well as tools that enable users to develop their own drivers for devices not supported natively. The software  also supports native OPC interfaces, such as OPC DA (Server/Client), OPC HDA(Server), UA (Client) and OPC .NET 3.0 (Client). InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 also supports OPC XML as an additional add-on. OPC DA and UA connectivity are available in Windows CE operating systems.

Visitors to the show with an interest in embedded intelligence will be able to learn more about the capabilities of InduSoft Web Studio in embedded devices, which will allow machines with embedded operating systems to become intelligent ‘smart’ solutions. The mobile access capabilities of the software make it possible to connect any device to an intelligent system. InduSoft will demonstrate how mobile access to data can be displayed in intuitive web-accessible dashboards.

InduSoft will also showcase new wearable technology with Google Glass. Google glass is a heads up display created by the developers at Google and is not yet available to consumers, but InduSoft will be demonstrating the capabilities of Google Glass for the sugarcane sector. All tradeshow visitors are invited to try this new technology and learn more about how to access remote information using Google Glass, at InduSoft’s booth.