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Saturday, October 1, 2011

InduSoft eNews for October 2011

Packaging SCADA Webinar

InduSoft announces Packaging SCADA, a free webinar on November 16 that demonstrates how SCADA applications in a packaging line can directly improve production. 

The webinar is part of a biweekly series that alternates between industry and technical topics. Recent webinars focused on best practices and building automation and included guest speakers, such as a representative of the University of Texas who spoke about a new building automation system.

From OEE tools to modular solutions, Packaging SCADA reveals how a packaging application with easy-to-use tools can help machine builders and their customers turn data into high yield production. Stephen Packer, Electrical Engineering Manager, Belvac Production Machinery, will share insights from real life applications.

Attendees will learn techniques that will save time in development, reduce errors in production, and help them pack and ship more product. In addition, they will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss packaging trends with experts
  • Hear the experts' challenges and successes, and learn how to benefit from their time in development
  • Learn about the latest tools and how to use them to build a better SCADA system

It is one hour long and will be held twice, once on Wednesday, November 16 at 8:00 am CST and again at 3:00 pm CST.

Upcoming InduSoft webinars will cover such topics as:

Database Connectivity and Database Redundancy - November 30th, 2011

Cloud Computing and SCADA - December 14th, 2011

SCADA System Redundancy - December 28th, 2011

Please keep these dates in your calendar!

It is our mission to provide you the best educational and informational webinars possible. Feedback is very important to us in our goal to continuously improve our software and service. After each webinar, we would appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill out a short survey. Those who complete the survey will receive a complimentary T-shirt, and DVD of the InduSoft Web Studio software. Users who wish to demo or test InduSoft beforehand can download through our download page.

Educational Licensing with InduSoft

InduSoft believes in collaboration with educational institutions in order to educate our current and future workforce. To that end, InduSoft offers free educational licenses for educational institutions to use in the classroom or for research purposes. If you are interested in using InduSoft in an educational or research environment, please email us at educational@indusoft.com, and we will send you the educational agreement.


InduSoft in the Cloud 

Access your SCADA with your iPad, Android, Blackberry, or other mobile device!

InduSoft Web StudioIn a recent study conducted by Automation World, the use of tablet computers among those in the industrial market has risen to almost 50%. Nearly half of all surveyed say that they already own an iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows, or other type of tablet computer. Even more notable, when asked how many would own a tabled by mid-2012, the number rose to a full 78%. It's clear that those without tablet devices will soon be in a minority in the industrial automation world.

How are they making use of their tablets? Well, a full 72% say that they read work related media from their tablets. This media includes publications, newsletters and websites. Soon, use of tablet devices may expand to other applications as more SCADA software platforms support tablet use. Soon tablets may be used to monitor system and equipment performance, or make real-time decisions. Tablets can also be used to access troubleshooting information for equipment, or view OEE dashboards. Tablets can also function as portable HMIs at multiple machines in a facility.

InduSoft is fully dedicated to evolving to serve this expanding customer base. The SMA client is already compatible with the iPad, Android OS, and iPhone, and is being constantly improved in order to offer enhanced features, such as the ability to monitor tag values, trends, alarms, screen-shots with updated values, and other information from browsers. In the meantime, InduSoft is testing ways to run a full-featured InduSoft Web Studio client on the cloud from any mobile device, including the iPad and Android tablets.

We'd like to invite you to test drive InduSoft Web Studio from your tablet or smartphone. Just click the link for instructions on setting up your device to use Indusoft on the cloud.

Test InduSoft Web Studio on the Cloud!

Drag Racing Powered By InduSoft

The InduSoft team recently headed out to the Redline Raceway near Dallas, TX, to see Trevor Stripling in action. Trevor has been using the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software solution in his car for years now, and recently did a case study with us.   

InduSoft AutomotiveWant to see what Trevor has been doing lately?

Check out this video case study of his car in action 

Read the Case Study with Trevor Stripling


New and Updated Drivers

InduSoft has developed and updated drivers in order to improve communications between InduSoft Web Studio and hundreds of different devices. Here are some of our newest communication improvements and additions:

Previously Announced Add-On Drivers

DNP3 - The DNP3 driver was released with IWS v7.0 + SP1. It is available as an add-on to our current driver set. Please contact info@indusoft.com to purchase this driver for use.

IEC-60870-5-104 - This driver was also released with IWS v7.0 + SP1. It is available as an add-on to our current driver set. Please contact info@indusoft.com to purchase this driver for use.

These drivers communicate using the DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-104 international standards, which are specialized for the power industry. This allows InduSoft users to monitor and control electrical substations on a wide range of equipment. Both drivers are on version 1.1.

Upcoming and Beta Drivers

The following drivers are all available for download by request. We would love users who download these to test them and send feedback. Please contact us with a request to download these drivers at info@indusoft.com.

USB4 - This is new driver supports the Encoder Data Acquisition USB Device from US Digital (http://www.usdigital.com/). This US Digital USB adapters allow the user to add I/O (speed counters, analog and digital inputs/outputs) directly to a PC.

TI500 - The update allows the user to read floating-point data from Texas Instruments Series 500 PLCs. Version 1.9. 

OMEIP - This driver allows Indusoft users to read data from OMRON safety relays. The user can read data regarding the status of inputs and outputs, and of the equipment itself. Version 1.0. 

BACNE - Based on the BACNet standard, this driver now supports more objects and properties, has had its network management enhanced, and is much faster. It is specialized for building automation and control, and communicates with equipment such as temperature sensors, air conditioners, etc. All of these features allow Indusoft users to control more equipment and receive information in less time. Its current version is 2.99.12.

BACSL -This is the slave version of BACNE. It allows Indusoft users to send information to other building automation equipment that may act as masters in the BACNet network. Its version is 2.99.12.

COSYS - The most recent update of this driver has improved performance for low end devices.

This update allows applications to run faster and read more data from the CodeSys runtime. The new version is 2.1.4

STRATON - The update makes it possible to browse for addresses from the PLC. This new functionality avoids typing errors from the user and provides a much better experience in driver sheet configuration. This version is  1.0.1.


Upcoming Events

InduSoft will be making appearances all over the world this year. Here are some events on the horizon:

ISA 2011: The biggest highlight of the upcoming shows in Brazil is the Brazil Automation show, which occurs in November. See InduSoft Web Studio solutions at booth #37 at this year's show in São Paulo.

ISA 2011 Brazil 
Date: November 8-10
Time: from 13:00 to 20:00
Where: Expo Center Norte - Pavilhões Branco 7 e 8
Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333
São Paulo, SP 
Website: www.brazilautomation.com.br 
Booth# 37

Expoquimia 2011: InduSoft Distributor, STEP, located in Spain will be doing demonstrations of an InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software solution for automation at this year's Expoquimia in Barcelona, Spain. Expoquimia is an international chemistry fair that covers various chemical sectors, such as raw materials, plastics, laboratory techniques and analytical instrumentation, control and measurement, automation, water treatment, energy saving, pumps and valves, packing and packaging for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

InduSoft has proven to be an excellent solution for SCADA control and monitoring in these sectors, particularly in packaging SCADA and pharmaceutical production. InduSoft Web Studio has been used across a broad range of industries, including cement manufacturing in Greece, and pharmaceutical production in Germany, both of which require strict control over traceability and SCADA security. InduSoft Web Studio has full capabilities to be FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliant, and makes it easy to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies in many industries, or maintain a GMP monitoring system. 

Please join STEP at this year's Expoquimia, in hall 5, booth E575.

Expoquimia 2011
Gran Via Venue Barcelona
November 14-18 2011

OPC Day Benelux 2011: Join InduSoft in Antwerp, Belgium this year for OPC Day Benelux 2011. Here, InduSoft will be presenting alongside The OPC Foundation. InduSoft Web Studio fully supports OPC, including OPC UA, OPC Classic, OPC .NET 3.0, and also has an additional OPC XML add-on available.

OPC Day Benelux 2011
Date: November 16
Time: from 8:30 to 22:30
Where: University of Antwerp, Hof van Liere 
Prinsstraat 13b, 2000 Antwerpen 
Antwerp, Belgium

SPS / IPC / DRIVES Tradeshow:

The SPS / IPC / DRIVES Tradeshow will take place on November 22nd-24th in Nuremberg Germany. This event showcases the full range of electrical automation solutions. This tradeshow will demonstrate all the components necessary for complete systems and integrated automation solutions. Come see InduSoft in action at this event, in the OPC Foundation booth!

The exhibition and the accompanying conference are the ideal platform for comprehensive information on products, innovations and current trends in the industry. The SPS / IPC / DRIVES show offers a complete market overview.

November 22nd -24th in Nuremberg Germany. 

New Media!

InduSoft has recently released some new brochures. You can download them here:

InduSoft Corporate Brochure

InduSoft Packaging Brochure

InduSoft Building Automation Brochure

InduSoft Datasheet for v7.0 + SP1

For more Datasheets and Brochures in English and other languages, visit our Literature page.