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Monday, August 1, 2011

InduSoft eNews for August 2011

InduSoft Announces New Service Pack with Added Features

Web Studio upgrade includes SPC, Multi-language Development Environment, Secure Email and Customizable Installer.

Austin, TX - August 24, 2011 - InduSoft, an award winning independent SCADA provider, has released a major upgrade for InduSoft Web Studio v7.0, adding new features to the most comprehensive SCADA/HMI software package on the market.

More than a simple product update, the Service Pack 1 upgrade provides a variety of included features such as multiple language development support for Japanese, French, Portuguese and German along with SSL email (support for Gmail), new symbol libraries, new drivers and much more. Service Pack 1 is provided free of charge to existing InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 customers, and can be downloaded via the Internet.

To help customers optimize machine and process performance, the upgrade provides Statistical Process Control (SPC) to the already feature rich trending capabilities. Without making any modifications to their project, users can enable the SPC capabilities of the trend to display average, minimum, maximum and standard deviation for process values in real-time by simply clicking on an icon, with no programming necessary.

With this upgrade, InduSoft also introduces a new (optional) OPC module that supports XML applications with full control over communication. Users are able to send and read any process variable on demand, and control when items are enabled or disabled. Automatic expansion makes it exceptionally easy to configure arrays. The new OPC module adds more flexibility by supporting multi-threading capability, allowing users to have multiple communication threads even when connecting to the same server.

New communication tools improve both human and machine communications. To provide a variety of email options, users now have the ability to send secure emails using SSL over various providers such as Gmail. New (optional) IEC/DNP3 drivers provide efficient and reliable communications for the electrical and utilities industries.

With the aim of faster and easier deployment, Service Pack 1 implements tag integration with CoDeSys that enables users to easily use CoDeSys tags inside InduSoft. Adding even more flexibility, new function support VBScript parallel execution gives users the choice to run global procedures in a multithreaded or linear execution.

InduSoft Web Studio flexible licensing options previously supported 150 to 512,000 tags. Service Pack 1 adds the choice to go up to 10 million tags. Huge, multi-continent supervisory applications can now be handled with ease and power.  

A customizable product installer lets users turn their applications into products they can distribute to their customers, or deploy quickly on their own equipment. This saves disk space by customizing only the options users want to install.

"Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority," says Marcia Gadbois, president of InduSoft. "We listened to our customers' wants and needs and have included many of them in this upgrade. This service pack will make their jobs easier and their applications more flexible and powerful."

For more information, please visit the SCADA software download page.

About InduSoft

Founded in 1997, InduSoft provides a powerful family of industrial software products for developing applications in industrial automation, instrumentation, and embedded systems for all Microsoft-supported operating systems. InduSoft develops tools and technologies that empower people and companies to develop graphical interfaces for embedded PCs, PCs, and mobile devices to highly redundant systems. Today more than 125,000 InduSoft Operator Interface, SCADA software, control and data acquisition systems are operating worldwide through direct and partner sales


Download InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 and Service Pack1 

InduSoft SCADA


New Case Studies:

Pharmaceutical SCADAInduSoft has released new case studies in the water treatment industry, and the pharmaceutical industry:


Precision Pumping Systems Helps Feedlot Feed Millions

Precision Pumping Systems helped Simplot develop a water and wastewater regulation system for one of the largest feedlots in the United States.


Retel Neuhausen AG Helps Merck & Cie Meeting New, Tight Standards

Retel Neuhausen AG uses InduSoft Web Studio to create comprehensive software solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Lake County Public Water District Grows With the Help of B&W Control Systems Integration and InduSoft

Upgrades to Lake County Public Water District SCADA system added redundancy, remote monitoring, and current PLC communications



Updated Drivers:

InduSoft is always working to improve the over 240 communication drivers offered with the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software solution. Our driver page lists new drivers for users to download, and we update users on new driver releases as they occur.

MELSE driver 

MPI Driver

MODSL Driver

SSTDH Driver 

ALFA Driver

LAMIX Driver


SIETH driver

TU35 Driver

NLMPI Driver

MODPL Driver

WA982 Driver 

Click on our drivers page to find these updated drivers, and more!