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InduSoft eNews for May 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

InduSoft eNews for May 2011

Security Updates and Hotfixes page for InduSoft Web Studio

A new page has been added to the InduSoft Web Studio website! Now InduSoft users, OEMs and system integrators can get easy access to updates and hotfixes for this secure SCADA software. We've added three new hotfixes to our list of security enhancements.

NTWebServer Directory Traversal - This hotfix addresses a security issue within the NTWebServer. This web server is intended for testing purposes only, so applications in the field should not have an issue with security from this. All live applications should be using the IIS or Apache instead of NTWebServer. The hotfix to patch the NTWebserver is available on the Security Updates and Hotfixes page for InduSoft Web Studio.

New button causes long screen load time on Thin Clients - This issue is resolved with hotfix This hotfix will correct this issue to improve screen load times when new buttons are created. This patch is moderate, and intended for IWS v7.0 P1.

ISSymbol Virtual Machine buffer overflow - This patch corrects the ISSymbol virtual machine buffer overflow vulnerability. This is an important hotfix, and will be included with the InduSoft Web Studio v7.0+SP1 when it is available for download.

 InduSoft Web Studio

Download InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 and Patch 1 

New Case Studies:

InduSoft has released new case studies in the water treatment industry, and the food and beverage industry.

scada indusoftNew SJE-Rhombus Finds InduSoft Web-Based Monitoring Resourceful, Responsive to Rapidly Changing Operations

New Stock America and InduSoft Meet Tough Standards in The Food and Beverage Industry

Updated Driver:

InduSoft is always working to improve the over 240 communication drivers offered with the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software solution. Our driver page lists new drivers for users to download, and we update users on new driver releases as they occur.

The Triconex (TSAA) driver for InduSoft Web Studio was recently updated to version 2.00. This driver is used to communicate to Tricon and Trident Series PLCs, common in the high availability oil & gas and power industries. Here are some of the changes made to this driver:

  • Increased overrun protection
  • Improved symbol table reading

 Click on our drivers page to find these updated drivers, and more!

New Partner!

InduSoft is pleased to welcome aboard a new partner.

InduSoft Announces New Certified Hardware From TouchSystems

For Immediate Release April 27, 2011

InduSoft Announces New Certified Equipment Manufacturer, TouchSystems

Award winning SCADA/HMI software package, InduSoft Web Studio, introduces TouchSystems as the newest original equipment manufacturer certified for compatibility with InduSoft Web Studio

Austin, Texas (InduSoft) April 27, 2011 -InduSoft has added TouchSystems as the newest OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) certified for compatibility with InduSoft Web Studio. This certification applies to TouchSystem's ICD Panel PC product line, which include 12" to 20" touch ready panel PCs.

This line of PCs feature Core 2 Duo processors, customizable build to order configurations, and a rugged design suitable for industrial applications. These panel PCs are used in applications such as self-service stations, kiosks, and industrial automation.

The panel touch screen PCs have been tested for compatibility with the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software suite, and certified to run the HMI/SCADA software solution with the Windows XP Embedded operating system.