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IoT Powered Predictive Maintenance for Machine Builders and Users

Monday, June 19, 2017

IoT Powered Predictive Maintenance for Machine Builders and Users

July 12

The world of Machines involves complex interactions between various systems like fluid system, pneumatic systems, electric drives units, connected mechanics, sensors and control units. Precisely how these components interact constitutes the expertise of the machine manufacturer. Today’s technology platforms provide invaluable and precise data that can be used by the manufacturers to offer successful condition monitoring by considering machines and systems considered as a whole and bring higher value to the users of the machines/equipment.
Partnering with a machine/line manufacturing, Axcend Automation created additional level of intelligence in  condition monitoring  by looking at information that is normally ignored to drive value. This intelligence improves the ability to monitor machine/equipment health, trigger alerts and enabling issue fixes operationally in a dynamic manner. The outcome is increased  service life of the component subsystem, reduced maintenance cost, and increased machine uptime etc. Such capabilities enable Machine/Equipment OEMs an opportunity to create new sources of revenue on the basis of new services or business models.

Join us this month as InduSoft explores intelligent predictive maintenance with Axcend Automation to learn more about the ways intelligent machine condition monitoring solutions can help both machine builders and end users. Stay tuned after the webinar for a live Q&A with Axcend Automation and InduSoft.

Sign up for the webinar as soon as possible! Those who attend the webinar and complete a short survey will receive a free webinar series t-shirt. Users who wish to demo or test InduSoft Web Studio in the meantime are free to download the software here.

When: Wednesday, July 12 at 8am CDT and 3pm CDT

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Topic: IoT Powered Production Analytics for Machine Builders and Users

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