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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

InduSoft Web Studio Drives Automotive Production in Indonesia

Figure 1: PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia is a manufacturer of brake systems for automobiles and motorcycles, and supplies some of the largest automotive companies in the world. The efficiency of their plant operations is critical to their success.


The Automotive industry is a pillar of the Indonesian economy. As Southeast Asia’s biggest economy, Indonesia is poised to become a major exporter of automotive products, ranging anywhere from OEM parts to full fleets of cars from the industry’s top automotive manufacturers.

Indonesia’s government is making investments to improve the manufacturing infrastructure necessary to make Indonesia a competitive market for car parts, which are set to outpace sales growth of vehicles in coming years. The relative location to massive markets such as China and India make Indonesia an ideal base for manufacturing operations.

To answer the challenge of modernizing and increasing the efficiency of automotive parts manufacturing, PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia contacted MOSCADS to assist in developing an Andon system that would enable them to respond quickly to plant situations.

PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia is a manufacturer of brake systems for automobiles and motorcycles, and supplies some of the largest automotive companies in the world, with a 75% share of the automotive market, and a 40% share of the domestic motorcycle market. The efficiency of their plant operations is critical to their success.

MOSCADS is an InduSoft Web Studio Certified System Integrator serving the Southeast Asian Market, and they accepted the challenge of designing and installing an Andon System for the brake manufacturing facility.

Figure 2: The system also displays OEE values for machine operators.

The Challenge

Before the new system was installed, an old Andon system in the plant used a PLC to trigger a recorded sound when the status of the line changed. Due to noise levels on the plant floor and a lack of visual display, alarms could be missed or misinterpreted, and it was difficult to distinguish between types of alarms.

PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia contacted MOSCADS to develop a new Andon system that could help improve plant efficiency by offering more granular information for each alarm and a large format display at the plant. In addition to the speaker system, the new application would require visual information, as well as critical details such as which line the problem was occurring on.

Another key requirement was the sound ability to translate information into the Indonesian language so all operators and plant managers could respond to events without language barriers.  Each operator and member of maintenance staff had to be able to hear the computer generated speech and see the information displayed on the LCD screen to respond to the plant problem.


Figure 3: Individual line information allows operators to visialize and meet production goals.

The Solution

The application operates in two plants within the facility. It monitors line stops on machine production lines and provides local data to operators. When a problem with the line occurs, an operator is able to quickly press a button indicating the type of problem, which may include material supplies, quality control issues, finished goods, engineering problems, or maintenance requests. The ability to differentiate the type of issue allows the correct team to be dispatched to correct the machine issue and get the line operational again. For example, if the issue is a lack of spare parts for production, the operator can press the ‘Material Supply’ button to trigger text which is then broadcast to the plant floor via a speaker system on the central flicker board. Once the correct team arrives, they can set the alarm to silent mode, but the issue will still be shown on the board until the problem is resolved. Line downtimes are recorded in the system.

MOSCADS developed the Andon system using InduSoft Web Studio, because the software offered critical benefits such as the ability to trigger a text to audio output in the Indonesian language. This allows the system to broadcast a text-to-speech readout of the issue without relying on pre-recorded audio files for each individual issue and line number.

The system does more than display alarms. Local line operators can also take advantage of OEE tools built into the system which display target production metrics and actual production data of the machine line. This enables line operators to ensure that they’re meeting production goals for each line.

The application uses Modbus drivers native to InduSoft Web Studio to communicate with the Push Button and Sensors. In addition to the text-to-speech capability, the application also enables remote viewing of plant information. Line data can be viewed from the plant floor, the main office, and at multi-touch panels at the plant.

MOSCADS implemented security protections to safeguard the data. Maintenance, Managers, Staff, and guests all have different levels of access through username/password authentication. For example, operators can only view the information, but cannot silence or end alarms, and production staff only have access to production data. Guests can view the Andon system, but do not have access to granular data.


Figure 4: The data enables operators to see at a glance whether or not they are meeting production targets.

The Results

There have been many notable results of the new Andon installation based on InduSoft Web Studio. The flexible platform and availability of thin clients and remote capabilities make line data available anywhere in the plant. Each department can respond quickly to line stops, and get the lines operational much faster than before. The text-to-speech function and large 55” central display allow each department to hear and see line issues quickly. Production lines can also use the OEE features of the application to make sure that they are safely hitting production targets.

Another plant within the same facility has a similar Andon system in development. The new application will gather production data from each plant and display the results for the main office.

Figure 5: The large-format displays and text-to-voice system make notifications visible  and audible anywhere in the plant.

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