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InduSoft Web Studio 8.0 + Service Pack Two Overview

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

InduSoft Web Studio 8.0 + Service Pack Two Overview

May 24

This May, InduSoft Web Studio 8.0 + Service Pack Two was released to users. In this month’s webinar, we will offer an overview of the new features available and offer some insight into how these new features can be used in SCADA/HMI projects. Stay tuned after the webinar for a Q&A session about the new features of InduSoft Web Studio.

Here is some of the new functionality offered in this service pack:

  • OPC UA Client for IoTView: The platform-agnostic runtime edition IoTView provides a built-in OPC UA Client interface in addition to native communication drivers for increased interoperability across multiple platforms, including embedded devices running Linux on IIOT / Industry 4.0 architectures.

  • Password Aging and User Password Support: Service Pack Two offers the ability to set user passwords directly from the runtime user interface (application) and support for password aging, even when the Security System is linked to the Active Directory through the built-in LDAP interface, increasing flexibility and functionality for the Pharmaceutical industry or any other projects that require compliance with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

  • Encryption and Authentication for MQTT Driver: Native support for encryption (SSL) and authentication for the MQTT communication driver are supported, improving security for communication with cloud-based (or premise-based) MQTT brokers.

  • Improved Import Wizard for FactoryTalk™ and Import Wizard for PanelMate™ (Add-Ons): Minimize migration costs from FactoryTalk™ ME/SE and/or PanelMate™ to InduSoft Web Studio by automatically converting legacy projects with these improved tools.

  • Improved EmbeddedView Licensing: Improving portability across different platforms, InduSoft EmbeddedView runtime edition is now supported on Windows Embedded 8, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating systems, in addition to Windows Embedded Standard 7.

  • Grid control for Studio Mobile Access Thin Client: Improving mobility, the native Grid control with Database data source is now supported on the HTML5-based Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Clients.

Want to download Service Pack Two for InduSoft Web Studio 8.0 before the webinar?
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Those who attend the webinar and complete a short survey will receive a free webinar series t-shirt. Users who wish to demo or test InduSoft Web Studio in the meantime are free to download the software here.

When: Wednesday, May 24 at 8am CDT and 3pm CDT

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