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What’s coming in InduSoft Web Studio 8.1

Friday, October 13, 2017

What’s coming in InduSoft Web Studio 8.1

November 1

InduSoft Web Studio version 8.1 is coming in the first week of November. For this webinar, we’ll be exploring some of the exciting new additions to InduSoft Web Studio, as well as cover a few great features from recent updates you may have missed. Join us for a live demonstration of InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 and a look at some of the new tools and functionalities.

What to look forward to in InduSoft Web Studio 8.1:

  • Support for all native objects in HTML5
  • Take advantage of an improved Studio Mobile Access client that supports all native objects for web-based applications in HTML5 compatible browsers. Supported objects include Alarm/Event Control, Smart Messages, Pushbuttons, and Listboxes.
  • OPC UA Server
  • Support is now included for the OPC UA Server for InduSoft Web Studio, EmbeddedView, and IoTView.
  • Streamlined Licensing
  • There are no restrictions for the number of drivers, and no restrictions based on the type of thin clients. Licenses are now purchased based only on the number of concurrent thin clients.

Join us after the webinar for a live Q&A session about InduSoft Web Studio 8.1!

Those who attend the webinar and complete a short survey will receive a free webinar series t-shirt. Users who wish to demo or test InduSoft Web Studio in the meantime are free to download the software here.

When: Wednesday, November 1 at 8am CDT and 3pm CDT

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