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Introduction to InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 + Service Pack 2

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Introduction to InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 + Service Pack 2

December 11

Introduction to InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 + Service Pack 2

Want to get acquainted with the new features and tools available in InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 Service Pack Two? Join us for a webinar this month where we’ll go over each of the updates in detail and offer some demonstrations of some of the functionality these new features can bring to your InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI projects.

Some of the new enhancements added in Service Pack Two include:

  • New Remote Support tool adds Team Viewer-like remote capabilities without third party applications
  • Cybersecurity enhancements
  • PanelMate Import Wizard improvements
  • Rotate Linked Pictures (Development Environment)
  • New built-in Exec() function compatible with IoTView on Linux
  • Improved screen switch performance on SMA Thin Clients (HTML5)
  • Native Thin Client Apps for Android and iOS

Join us for the webinar, and stay tuned for an interactive Q&A session afterward!

Those who attend the webinar and complete a short survey will receive a free webinar series t-shirt. Users who wish to demo or test InduSoft Web Studio in the meantime are free to download the software here

When: Tuesday, December 11th at 8am CST

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Topic: Introduction to InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 Service Pack Two

Date and Time: Tuesday, December 11 at 8:00 am CST

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*Please note there will NOT be a 3:00PM CST session. The morning session will be recorded and uploaded to the website. We apologize for the inconvenience*