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InduSoft Podcast : Interview with MSITec on Robotics and the Future of IoT and IIoT


This week we were lucky enough to have an opportunity to sit down with MSITec to talk robotics, IoT, and industrial automation. If you’ve been dying to check out some of the real-world applications of IoT, look no further than their demo with a Baxter Robot with UC-8100 and InduSoft Web Studio.

In this podcast we have with us:

  • Mike Barrett, Vice President of MSITec
  • Joel Moser, Robotics Product Manager
  • James Turner, Application Engineer
  • Aaron Monroe, Field Automation Engineer
  • Marcia Gadbois, President of InduSoft

We’ve provided a shortened transcript of the podcast, but we encourage you to listen to the full interview for more!

InduSoft Podcast : Thirty Years of Industrial Automation – from CRISP to InduSoft


This week’s personal interview was conducted with long-time expert in industrial automation’s evolution, Ernest Roland. Ernest was the co-founder of Crisp Automation, as well as InduSoft.

Crisp Automation was an early SCADA system that was eventually sold to Atlantic Ridgefield in 1979. Ernest graduated from the Aeronautic Institute of Technology in Brazil, and has a Master of Science and Engineering from Ohio State, and an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Here are some of our questions for Ernest, and a summary of his replies. You can listen to the full podcast here:

InduSoft Podcast: Factors that Affect Decisions When Choosing an HMI


In this new 15 minute podcast, Scott Kortier speaks about the history of the common HMI, and what factors are important in deciding what HMI software is best suited to your particular industry needs.

InduSoft at SPS/IPC/Drives Part II: Interview with Robert Lowe of CSIA


InduSoft interviews Robert Lowe, Executive Director of CSIA (Control System Integrator Association) to learn more about the organization and the challenges faced by System Integrators both in the United States, and worldwide. Robert has an opportunity to discuss future iterations of the Best Practices Manual for System Integrators, and how the organization can help system integrators offer competitive services.

InduSoft at SPS/IPC/Drives Part I: Interview with Thomas Burke of the OPC Foundation


InduSoft takes a moment to sit down with Thomas Burke, President and Executive director of the OPC Foundation.

Tom tells us more about the OPC foundation, the beginning of the organization, and the evolution of OPC from OPC Data Access to OPC UA. He discusses how OPC UA offers solution to the needs of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, and talks about the future of the OPC Foundation.

InduSoft Podcast: Symbols for InduSoft Web Studio


In the newest InduSoft Podcast, Scott Kortier discusses some best practices for creating symbols for InduSoft Web Studio that will speed up application development and allow symbols to be used over and over on multiple screens or across multiple projects.

Take a moment to listen to the ten minute Podcast, or get right to work with making symbols and symbol libraries for InduSoft Web Studio.

We’ve put together a Symbol of the Week series full of useful symbols that can be downloaded for free on our InduSoft Store.

Download Free Symbols for InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Podcast: Live from Pack Expo 2014


InduSoft took a trip to Pack Expo, and Bruce Howenstine, Scott Kortier, and John Dunlap have a round-table discussion to comment on some of the trends they noticed at the show this year.