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Upgrade to the latest version of InduSoft Web Studio!


Why Upgrade?

InduSoft works hard to make certain that upgrading to the newest version of our HMI/SCADA  software is hassle-free. Backward compatibility means that applications designed in older versions of InduSoft Web Studio can still be opened, edited, and easily configured to incorporate new features and graphics. You may keep both versions of the software installed simultaneously and work in either version.

Security for HMI and SCADA projects is an increasingly important consideration. InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 offers a wider range of security tools, like a distributed security system and LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory integration with password expiration. The newest version of InduSoft Web Studio also supports authentication and encryption of the MQTT protocol, which is becoming a standard in IIoT.

Connectivity is also important, as many devices become integrated within a smart network, or older equipment is replaced. InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 HMI/SCADA software offers OPC UA Client/Server connections in the full runtime, EmbeddedView, and IoTView in addition to the 240 native drivers already included. To further improve connectivity, the drivers for the electrical industry (DNP, IEC) are now native within the software and are not considered add-ons.

With InduSoft Web Studio 8.1, you’ll have access to training videos and dozens of sample applications that showcase useful features that can be incorporated into your HMI projects.

To see what's new in InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 click through the presentation below:


To upgrade your application, please call or email us at info@InduSoft.com.

How to upgrade:

As InduSoft continues the rollout of InduSoft Web Studio 8.1, we’ve put together a guide on how you can upgrade your license from your current version.

Send in a PO to orders@indusoft.com requesting an upgrade.  The PO needs to include your NS# (How to find your NS#).  This is so that we make sure we upgrade all add-ons on your license. Also please include an email address of where you would like the activation key sent.

Once we receive your PO we will process and send you an activation key to upgrade your license at your convenience. Internet access will be needed to use the activation key. When ordering an upgrade there will be no shipment.

Before you can use your activation key, you will need to download InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 from our website. This download is free, but you must register on our website first.

Once you have downloaded IWS you need to generate a site code from IWS. To do this:

1. Select Windows Start button > Programs > InduSoft Web Studio > Register to launch the Protection Manager.

2. Select the Softkey option, and then click the Check button to launch the Softkey Settings dialog.

3. Click on the Change License button to launch the Change License – Softkey dialog.

4. Copy the code from the Site Code field, leave the register module open and then go to the following link:

5. http://www.indusoft.com/license-activation-commercial This link will take you to the License Activation – Commercial page

6. Plug in your Site Code

7. Plug in the Activation Key that we sent to you:

8. Click Get Site Key

9. Enter this Site key into the register module and click authorize.  You should be good to go.

When no charges are involved you can send your NS# and your request to license@indusoft.com

They will send you the activation key and you will follow the steps from there.

The only difference from InduSoft Web Studio v 6.1 is if you have a hardkey, you will need to purchase a new usb.

All your existing InduSoft Web Studio add-ons will be transferred to your version 8 license, including the Business Intelligence template, additional drivers, Studio Mobile Access, etc.