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CSIA Webinar Series 2013-2014

Announcing System Integrator Specific Webinars

The Control System Integrators Association is hosting a series of webinars specifically tailored to meet the needs of our system integrators. The CSIA Webinar Series is specifically designed to provide information that you need to help grow your business and keep you current with information on a variety of topics that you may find both timely and useful.

 You may want to consider joining the CSIA in order to get discounts on various activities and for the networking and promotional opportunities available through the organization. Here is a link to the CSIA website and webinars (both upcoming and archives): http://www.controlsys.org/integrator/news-events/events/webinars

The next two years will be a very exciting time for businesses around the world, including system integrators. While there will be many changes, there will be one overriding issue: the rate of change will be faster than we have ever seen before. This will present huge opportunities for those businesses that can process change quickly and make good strategic decisions to capture opportunity. For others, it will be overwhelming. Businesses that are nimble will do very well; those that are not will be left behind.

We heard the forecast for rapid change from both Alan Beaulieu and Nick Setchell at the 2013 Executive Conference. Strong leadership will be critical for success. Now is the time to be investing, to be able to harvest the opportunities of the near future. CSIA leaders have listened and are responding.

To help our members cope, CSIA has developed a seven-part webinar series called “Proactive Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Landscape”.

The 2014 CSIA Executive Conference is the final chapter of this webinar series. Since a 45-50 minute webinar provides limited time to cover a topic, the topics will be expanded with a deep-dive at the conference. We hope you’ll join us for this educational opportunity to develop leaders and a leadership strategy to reap the rewards of rapid change! Following is the webinar schedule and highlights for each session. Gather your leaders and management team for this educational webinar series and prepare for what’s coming.

All webinars will be at 11:00am Eastern Time US (New York) and are hosted on WebEx by Software Toolbox, a CSIA Partner member.

Presenter Biographies:

Nick Setchell

Nick Setchell is CEO of Practice Strategies, a business improvement consulting firm that defined and developed RealTime CEO and “Fiscal Focus®”. Nick has analyzed in excess of 1,000 businesses and worked with hundreds of CEOs and executives around the world to help them better understand their business performance and make better business decisions.

Practice Strategies has presented in excess of 500 workshops to CEOs and executives in the Australia, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand.  Nick has also run numerous coaching workshops for commercial bankers in Australia and the US.

Nick has held senior executive positions in business management since the 1989.  For the past 12 years Nick has been running his own international consulting practice primarily working with CEOs and senior executives.

As a speaker and presenter, Nick has been internationally recognized and has been awarded the “Mick Robertson Award” from Tec Australia, “Speaker of the Year” from TEC Australia and Vistage UK “International Speaker of the Year” Award.  In the 2 years that Nick lived in the USA he was one of only 3 people to be recognized by Vistage USA on their best speakers list 2 years in a row.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Adelaide and a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Nick is married to Iréna and has 2 children, Felix and Jasmyn.  In his spare time he enjoys golf, tennis, theatre and collecting wine.


Ken Edmundson

Ken Edmundson is a multi-level business thinker. He is the founder, Chairman and CEO of an international consulting firm recognized with unique skills in the development of mid-market business strategy, leadership and management training, as well as customized individual assessments for companies across a multitude of industries.

Ken is also the creator and Chairman of ShortTrack CEO, the first business management system designed by CEOs for leadership teams of mid-market companies. The ShortTrack program is designed to put a CEO on the fast track to reshape their strategy to build tangible, measurable and lasting value in their company.

For seven years Ken held the highly respected position of Chair for Vistage International, the world’s largest member organization for CEOs.


Gina Coleal

Gina Coleal has worked at TEC Systems Group, a CSIA integrator member, since 2010. She has been working as a Human Resources Manager and is now transitioning to a broader Business Strategy role with the company. Her primary focus has been the implementation of Human Resources Business Systems that are designed to improve employee capability and company performance. She has 15 years combined experience in HR, Operations and Safety.  She has experience in the following industry sectors:  manufacturing, healthcare and engineering services.  She holds her MBA from Concordia University, St. Paul, MN.


Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller is the director of project management at Interstates Control Systems in Sioux Center, Iowa. He directs the day-to-day operations of the company’s project management and automation support teams and he has successfully led his company through four CSIA certification audit cycles. Jeff is currently the treasurer on the CSIA Board of Directors and has served on the CSIA Best Practices and Benchmarks committee for the past 12 years including 4 years as chair of that committee. During his time with the committee he has helped the committee develop revisions 3 and 4 of the Best Practices manual.

Jeff has obtained his Project Management Professional certification and is actively involved in the Project Management community through the Sioux Empire chapter of the Project Management Institute. He has done presentations for the chapter events on many different project management topics.