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A partnership with a focus on the exchange of ideas and knowledge!

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InduSoft is passionate about education of any kind. We love to learn, and we feel that the best way to do that is to get a hands-on experience. Nothing excites us more than facing the challenges of integrating with new technology and developing exciting solutions. We want to offer this same experience to educational institutions and research groups by allowing them access to licenses and training in our HMI/SCADA platform.

In addition to allowing new users to learn, we also hope to learn from them. We see the relationship between educators and researchers as a partnership where there is a mutual exchange of ideas that could not occur without offering institutions the use of our tools.

We offer licenses for InduSoft Web Studio free of charge for individual students, or a full class attending a course program that uses InduSoft Web Studio as a tool for teaching. We teach educators how to use InduSoft Web Studio, who are then able to teach classes how to develop and maintain HMI/SCADA systems.

We also offer licenses to research teams who wish to use our software to conduct research in the field of SCADA technology and monitoring. We will provide as many licenses as are necessary for the study, and in return, we use the data that the study produces to make a better, more robust software.

Educational institutions who also wish to use InduSoft Web Studio in practical applications on the campus are eligible for licensing privileges. This is ideal for universities, technical schools, or even high schools that want a way to monitor things like energy use, and share the data with faculty and students who are excited by the possibilities an HMI/SCADA system can provide.

InduSoft is currently being used in primary schools in Europe, and Universities worldwide.

Licenses: Licenses for workstations used in laboratories and classrooms.

Training: Training on the latest version of InduSoft Web Studio for professors and coordinators (subject to availability).

Real Applications: Licenses for the development of real world applications for universities and technical schools, which is a unique and innovative way to let students experience the development and use of InduSoft Web Studio in real projects while helping educational institutions increase efficiency.

Students: Temporary licenses for the development of educational projects.

Technical Support: Technical support free of charge for educational institutions.

Download the InduSoft Web Studio Educational Version

If you are a member of an educational institution:

Please contact us via email, educational@indusoft.com, to learn more about our educational program and start enjoying all the benefits today.

If you are a student or researcher and are developing a project for academic purposes, you may download the software today.

After installation of the InduSoft Web Studio Educational Version, please follow the steps below:

  • Start Menu -> All Programs -> Educational InduSoft 8.0 -> Register
  • Select softkey -> Check ...
  • Change License ...
  • Copy and send the Site Code to educational@indusoft.com along with your full name, a brief description of your project, and the name of the educational institution you are attending.
  • After consideration, you will receive a code that registers your temporary educational license for 1 year.

Important note: Using the educational version of InduSoft Web Studio, you will be able to develop applications, as well as open and convert real world applications developed using the commercial version. However, an application developed using the educational version or converted to the educational version cannot be deployed using the commercial version of the software InduSoft Web Studio.