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(Also known as "Enhanced SMA")

Mobile Access is another "Thin Client" available from InduSoft. Mobile Access allows you to securely view information and (optionally) interact with your main project.

Based on HTML.5 it can be used on most current tablets, phones and desktops, such as iPads, Android tablets and phones, and Chrome or Safari browsers.

InduSoft Enhanced Studio Mobile Access allows users to develop screens, useful widgets, and animations in InduSoft Web Studio that can be deployed to mobile devices such as Android tablets and smartphones, or iOS iPads and iPhones.

InduSoft Web Studio is the only SCADA/HMI platform that offers a single development environment for deployment everywhere, and the Enhanced Studio Mobile Access client is the only SCADA/HMI Web Thin Client able to visualize screens, animations, and widgets using current web browsers without the need to install or maintain mobile applications for each platform.

Efficiency: Being able to securely access a machine remotely or view dashboards across a plant floor give machine operators and process managers a chance to make adjustments even when they're not able to be physically at the machine. This may include stopping a machine when certain values are not met, or knowing at a glance whether or not an entire plant is operating at the expected levels. A mobile SCADA solution is particularly valuable to anyone with remote facilities in hard-to-access places.

Preventive care: A mobile solution can not only make things more efficient, it can also help guard against disaster. If machine operators and managers are notified of problems immediately wherever they are, it's possible to take action before product is wasted, or the machine is damaged. Regular alerts can also let users know when it is time to perform preventive maintenance on machines such as lubrication or filter replacement.

Acknowledge alarms and maintain traceability: Some regulations, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, require that alarms be acknowledged and traced to the user who acknowledged them. A solution such as InduSoft's Mobile Access will allow this to occur on any HTML5 enabled device, whether it's an Android phone, an iPad, or desktop computer.


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Mobile Access (Tabular)

The Mobile Access feature included in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software allows browsers on any device, to display alarms and process variables. This feature allows any web enabled mobile device, not only those running Microsoft operating systems, but also BlackBerry®, iPhone™, iPad, Android phones and tablets, or other devices with built-in browsers to display necessary information.

You can monitor the active alarms and acknowledge them from the mobile device. Mobile Access allows operators to be more efficient and keep the process/machine running at its top performance without the need to be at the immediate location. All of this with security in mind.


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