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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a method to measure three distinct Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The best SCADA software includes this functionality without requiring additional modules or add-ons to be purchased. In top SCADA software all the tools necessary for OEE management are built-in. Here are the three KPI:

Performance: Performance is the percentage of units created on a machine in relation to the expected output. If the specifications of the machine indicate that it can produce 1,000 units per hour, and produces 800, then the machine has an 80% performance KPI rating.

Availability: The percentage of the time the machine is online when it is scheduled to run is its availability. For a machine scheduled to run for ten hours, with three hours of downtime has an availability of 70%.

Quality: A machine's quality indicates the percentage of goods accepted in quality assurance. A machine producing 1,000 units an hour with 200 rejected has a quality KPI of 80% .

Why have an OEE application?

OEE is an important tool for a SCADA software user. By studying KPIs, plant managers can determine which machines or parts of the process are weak links. In a machine with performance is at 100%, but quality at only at 54% might trigger an alert telling a plant manager that they are off-target. Evaluating the OEE in SCADA software can help an operator visualize results. If performance is at 80%, and quality rises to 99%, it might be a good idea to slow production slightly for a better product. By reading the OEE dashboard when one machine operator is running the machine versus another operator, supervisors can determine which operators are producing more, and which need additional training.

Why aren't many SCADA software users taking advantage of built-in OEE?

Before SCADA software was able to include OEE technology, many users had to perform OEE checks manually, often by recording information by hand, or in a database. For many, habit prevents use of this additional technology. For other users, the machine may not possess the necessary sensors to record this data. For most, the main hurdle to implementing an OEE solution is the investment of time and cost.

While there is a full featured OEE solution available within InduSoft Web Studio, not all users have the time or the knowledge to fully implement it. For those users, a certified SCADA integration team can be a big help in setting up OEE dashboards. The InduSoft technical support team is also available to assist users in setting up a customized OEE solution within their SCADA software. Integrating a full OEE solution for a machine generally only takes around 40 hours. This is truly a small investment for such a powerful tool.

Produce more with your existing resources (both equipment and personnel) by simply monitoring OEE, understanding your process and adjusting!

The InduSoft consulting team has built many successful applications that utilize the full potential of OEE dashboards. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to implement an OEE or KPI monitoring solution for your control room.