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Release Notes for InduSoft Web Studio

Release Notes for Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 + Patch 1 (Wednesday, October 07, 2015)

2363IssueResolved issues with VBScript on WinCE devices when using certain FileSystem VB functions
3066IssueResolved an issue where users would be able to select Retentive Parameters for tag configuration on Embedded target applications, even though Retentive Parameters is not supported for Embedded applications.
3476IssueResolved issue with the X-Ref feature not finding tags configured on the "Execution" field of the Script worksheets
9568IssueResolved issue with the Alarm Rate feature not working properly.
9749IssueResolved issue where two instances of the runtime were executed in parallel when the first was running as a Windows service and the user also ran the normal runtime without Administrator privileges.
10783IssueResolved issue with the Print Orientation, in which after printing a screen using the PrintWindow() function in Landscape orientation, the PrintWindow() would no longer print in Portrait orientation.
10845IssueResolved issue with the Text Box object not properly updating its contents when the "Input Enabled" option was not checked.
11113IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration for RSLogix5000 related to Arrays and UDTs having arrays as members
11142IssueResolved issue with the Commands to Close() Screens no longer working on Web Thin Clients
11143IssueResolved issue with the ShowInplaceInput function not working if you have the Virtual Keyboard enabled
11149IssueModified the resource handler of the PDF printer to avoid race conditions
11166IssueResolved an issue where configuring array strings on the OPC-UA sheet and not using indexes to access specific elements of the array would cause the OPC-UA array to not be read properly.
11184IssueModified the FTPStatus() function to return the value "1" at least once when the FTPPut() is executed successfully
11212IssueResolved issue the Object Finder that the Index shows one extra position when using arrays in the RSLogix 5000 tag integration.
11224IssueResolved issue with the Multi-touch feature sometimes moving objects on the screen that were not selected
11261IssueResolved issue with the Mobile Access feature using too much CPU and sometimes not stopping properly
11308IssueFixed ISSymbol to be loaded properly on the web browser when safe scripting is enabled.
11445IssueResolved issue with trying to remote Alarm and Trend worksheets using the Project Explorer TreeView Treeview failing when the Collaboration feature was enabled
11565IssueResolved issue with duplicating objects on a screen using Ctrl+Click, causing the original object to move if you did not have the "Snap to Grid" option checked
11614IssueResolved issue with the Date when automatically sending alarms via email, depending on the time zone.
11653IssueResolved issue with Dialog and Pop-up screens being closed automatically when there commands calling 2 message boxes in a row
11665IssueResolved issue with the FileWriteFields() function not working properly with arrays when trying to access the last array position
11687IssueResolved issue with Screens Mobile Access not working properly where there were UNICODE texts on the screen objects
11689IssueResolved issue with the Grid Control object, when setting a grid column label to an empty string was no longer hiding that specific column.
11691IssueModified the assembly for ORAOLEDB on the StADOSvr.ini file
11705IssueFixed issue on OPC XML/DA where if the Time Stamp from the server was older than the client we would not update tag data
10236IssueResolved an issue where pasting a system symbol on a application more than once would ask the user to overwrite the application's symbol even without changing either symbol, also made sure that application symbols that erroneously link to system symbols are copied over to the application's linked symbol folder.
11843IssueModified the development environment to allow Linked Pictures to be used with OEMs using low tag count products.
11737Change RequestAdded the "Auto Screen Scaling" option for Mobile Access
11668Change RequestModified the OPC XML/DA to support the items with Item Path (see documentation for details)
9869Change RequestCreated an option to enable/disable the behavior of the “Ok” key from the Alphanumeric Virtual Keyboard (Project > Settings > Viewer > Virtual Keyboard > Enable multi-line text input).
9870Change RequestModified the Alphanumeric Virtual Keyboard to display the text with multiple lines, when applicable.
4496RequirementEnabled support for Mobile Access on the Runtimes for Windows Embedded Standard
5338RequirementAdded support to the cloud-based historian Wonderware Online
11304RequirementChanged the script shell to run the Remote Agent as a background service on IoTView
10357RequirementCreated a Setup file for the Studio Database Gateway

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 (Thursday, August 20, 2015)

1888IssueResolved issue with minimizing the Ribbon that was not working properly
2105IssueResolved issue where the Filter for the Grid Control object, when using Class Tags, was not working properly if the Column Name contained an underscore charater
2157IssueResolved issue with the popup text not being properly placed when the Viewer module was not maximized
2834IssueResolved issue with Memory Allocation on the Development Environment when opening screens with Open and Closed Polygons
2838IssueResolved issue with SetAppHstPath() function sometimes affecting the System Tag " Day" value
2852IssueModified the dialog window for the Global Replace feature to be resizeable
3158IssueResolved issue with the "Confirm" dialog for the Command animation "Require Confirmation" option, when using multiple monitors, always being displayed on the right edge of the first monitor.
3361IssueThe translation worksheet now works properly with the TAB and double quotes (") character in its cells
4042IssueResolved issue with the Viewer module generating an error when trying to close a screen that called a MsgBox() function on the OnClose screen script
4265IssueResolved issue with the Smart Message behavior on the development environment when the "Check Expression on each message Line" check box was being used
4405IssueModified the Text Box and the Text Data Link animations to properly limit the input according to the specified mask
4527IssueModified the Execution Tasks dialog box to show the status of the task "Driver Runtime" as "Started" if at least one communication driver is running.  (To access the Execution Tasks dialog box: on the Home tab of the ribbon, in the Local Management group, click Tasks.)
4797IssueImplemented the following modifications on the OPC UA Client task: - Enhanced client to connect properly with OPC UA Servers that require authentication. - Added support for browsing items with "scape characters" from the OPC Server. - Modified the worksheet editor (development environment) to prevent it from displaying the error message "could not determine data type" when it was not applicable. - Enhanced client to connect with OPC UA Servers that support connection only through IP Address, but not through machine name. - Modified client to accept connection with remote OPC Servers, as long as the time difference between both stations is less than 25 hours (the previous limit was only 2 hours).
4825IssueFixed an issue with the Viewer where it would start in the background when another application was open in Windows XP Embedded
4893IssueModified Mobile Access to identify when the runtime is not running and display the proper error message.
4938IssueResolved issue that could cause a system error when pasting values directly on the Classes Configuration Editor
4962IssueFixed problem with rectange caption. When the caption text was too big, it was being written outside the area of ​​the rectangle.
5112IssueResolved an issue with the Grid object where you could not open the Object Properties > Advanced dialog box if it contained an invalid tag.
5146IssueResolved issue with Mobile Access failing to execute the screens scripts with MsgBox calls containing line breaks
5348IssueResolved issue with objects not on the visible area of the screen (screens larger than the Viewer resolution) and the Visibility/Position property would no longer work properly
5445IssueModified the OPC UA redundancy to properly restore a connection after received a watchdog timeout signal.
5807IssueResolved issue with the fill effects of the object properties color menu will not highlighting when hovered over
5890IssueModified the OPC UA Client to set the quality of a project tag to BAD when its associated Node Id / Browse Path is empty or invalid.
5985IssueThe Runtime dialogs and all other sections from the translation spreadsheet are now keeping their values and saving properly.
6166IssueA problem was corrected when reading and writing IEC data types in date and time format.
6353IssueResolved incompatibility issues when trying to print to the Windows XPS printer
6354IssueResolved issue with Rectangles on Mobile Access not correctly displaying the Rectangle Captions in certain Web Browsers.
6468IssueAfter an network connection interruption the OPC UA communication will be fully restablished.
6513IssueOn Windows 7, when an object is untouched it's handle is released.
6572IssueThe verify time synchronization will now be disabled by default in OEM's that use Full Integration.
6581IssueFixed an issue on Mobile Access to align texts on rectangles that are hidden when the screen is open but displayed after it is open.
6628IssueNow the user will always receive an option to save a Linked Symbol in the project folder, if it is not already saved there, every time a screen is saved.
6634IssueWhen you imported a project into Indraworks and then opened a worksheet, the development environment sometimes closed unexpectedly. That issue has been resolved. (See also item 7525.)
6640IssueFixed issue on Mobile Access where some objects would disappear after you zoom in
6644IssueFixed an issue where OPC UA Client would not reestablish connection properly if the option "Verify time synchronization" is enable and the Client station system time is ahead the Server.
6754IssueWhen you used the Send File command in Remote Management, the development environment incorrectly showed a message that all files in the project directory on the target device would be deleted. That issue has been resolved.
6755IssueIn Full Integration, when you selected an object that was larger than the screen that contained it, the development environment would close unexpectedly. That issue has been resolved.
6757IssueThe Full Integration SDK function GetDocumentDescription could not properly get the description of a script that began with a long comment (i.e., approximately 750 characters). That issue has been resolved.
6759IssueCorrected the German translation of the comment for the Screen_OnClose procedure in the Screen Script worksheet.
6843IssueFixed an issue where drag and drop of variables on a driver sheet would generate an exception.
7023IssueFixed an issue where Studio would crash setting and resetting a tag in a short period over OPC UA client under WinCE.
7045IssueThe OPC-UA client task log has been modified to inform of all the write operations on the server.
7232IssueOPC UA unsubscribed tags will not be marked as bad when a connection breaks.
7469IssueFixed an issue where OPC UA Client would not re-stablish all communication points after a connection interruption.
7516IssueResolved issue with the StrFromTime and StrFromDate functions not working properly with certain values
7525IssueWhen you imported a project into Indraworks and then opened a worksheet, the development environment sometimes closed unexpectedly. That issue has been resolved. (See also item 6634.)
7696IssueFull Integration SDK will no longer crash when the user scrolls rapidly through the library's treeview.
7719IssueResolved issue with the FTP functions (FtpGet, FtpPut, FtpStatus) returning OK even with invalid parameters being configured
7737IssueModified the VBScript processor in the project runtime server so that it will no longer show message boxes when the project is configured to run as a service in Windows. Previously, attempting to show message boxes when the project was running as a service sometimes caused unexpected behavior.
7750IssueModified the mobile access to ensure IP protection for VBScript configured on Screen Scripts.
7940IssueEnhanced mobile access capability to handle tag changes at a high rate
7945IssueModified the Full Integration SDK to include the new program setting TestScreenRefreshCounter, which determines the screen refresh rate when you use the Test Screen command.
8429IssueWhen connecting to a server without the installed system files the version is not compared and a message is displayed.
8449IssueMessage Boxes that will warn the user of VB-Script errors will only appear once.
8707IssueEnhanced Mobile Access interface to support Tag Integration tags
8711IssueResolved issue with the Open() built-in function not working properly with Mnemonics file.
8715IssueResolved issue with message box being repeatly displayed when the Auto Log Off was executed on Web Thin Clients
8724IssueResolved issues with some configurations for the "Search Base" field for the Security System in LDAP mode
8845IssueResolved issue with trying to open the Advanced Properties window of the Grid Control, that has tags that were created as Class tags, but these members were changed
8977IssueResolved issue with the Translation feature not being able to translate texts inside the Grid Control object when the "Allow edit" option was selected
8981IssueResolved issue with the Grid control not showing data on Time - UTC and Date - UTC column types
8991IssueResolved issue with the Secure Viewer on Windoes CE showing the "LogOn" window even when the "Logon as default user" option is checked
9178IssueThe ChangeAllBreakPointStates function is now updating the runtime during operation.
9202IssueImproved Mobile Access to support non-array tags with index syntax (e.g., Second[0]).
9292IssueResolved issue with the screen animations such as Text data link no longer accepting valid values during the Runtime if the Max and Min did not have a leading 0 in front of the decimal places
9335IssueModified Mobile Access implementation to prevent memory leaks associated with mixed code.
9573IssueResolved issue with the "Undo" (Ctrl+Z) command not working properly when working with screens and trying to restore a group of objects after the user deletes it
9581IssueResolved issue with the Trend task not compressing files properly if the project path contains spaces
9635IssueIf linked pictures paths don't resolve the Web\Resources folder will also be searched, if the files are there the links will be updated to reflect this new location
9636IssueTags in an OPC-UA driver spreadsheet, configured without subscription or read trigger and that only writes on tag changes, with more than 50 items will no longer throw type mismatch when communicating.
9640IssueDrag and drop operation is no longer permitted on filter rows.
9848IssueModified the Ribbon interface, on the Position and Size settings of the Format tab, to properly handle different Regional Settings
10031IssueResolved issue with the Viewer module not using the Virtual Keyboard configuration files (e.g. VKEN.ini) that were placed on the project folder, and always using the one on the Product\BIN folder
10047IssueCancel button of the Dynamics advanced dialog shall no longer have any effect on the configured actions or scripts.
10093IssueResolved issue with the Translation Worksheet not properly removing lines when using the right-click pop-up menu "Delete line" option
10098IssueResolved issue with Inserting Line in the MDS, between existing rows, resulting in incorrect Scan action after saving, closing and reopening the document
10148IssueModified the behavior of the "Download" button on the Ribbon > Home > Remote Management group, to disable it until a project folder is actually selected on the remote Target system
10213IssueChanged the database gateway to not show the message "Error to remove obfuscation" when the user name or password is not specified.
10223IssueResolved issue with the Text Object cuting some pixels on the Left of its content while being displayed on the Viewer Module
10258IssueResolved issue with the DB/ERP Module not working properly when using the same tag as trigger for different worksheets
10305IssueResolved an issue with the wrong Object ID being displayed on the Output window after running the Verify command when an animation with an invalid tag was applied to an existing linked symbol
10346IssueResolved issue with the "Period" dialog of Trend Object not properly setting the time during the Daylight Saving period
10460IssueModified the Database connectivity feature to resolve issue with some Operating System Regional Settings
10469IssueResolved issues with the Trend Control object drawing addition lines when the period displayed was within the Daylight Saving
10560IssueWhen translating a text from the translation table that has no translation the original text is returned.
10562IssueResolved issue with the Event Logger not working properly when the database was configured for Local Time + Bias
10591IssueResolved issues with the OPC XML-DA not finding some specific servers.
10613IssueResolved typo issue with Tag Integration configuration window for AutomationDirect DoMore
10663IssueResolved issue with the Output Window showing an incorrect message when saving a screen that has objects with the VBScript commands containing Array Tags with VBScript variables as index
10704IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration for RSLogix5000 related to Arrays and UDTs having arrays as members
10749IssueResolved issue with the SaveScreenShot() builti-in function not working properly depending on the attributes configured on the Target File Folder
10757IssueResolved issue with the "Replace Tag" command on a screen not properly replacing tags that were being used on Command animation if the Command animation was applied to a Linked Symbol
10808IssueResolved issue with the Command Property not properly executing the commands configured on the "OnUp" tab using shortcut keys
10847IssueResolved issue with the FileCopy() built-in function not creating the target file with its correct name when the optTimeout parameter was being used
2019Change RequestModified the development environment to allow the user to delete tags from the project tags worksheet even when the worksheet is sorted
2582Change RequestAdded the capability to resize screen objects programmatically when using the Full Integration SDK.
2818Change RequestModified the built-in function ShowMessageBox to support localization of the message, button labels, and title.
3180Change RequestReviewed the Collaboration Tool to be more user-friendly
3283Change RequestThe translation spreadsheet has been upgraded to receive the insert line message from full integration SDK toolbars.
3703Change RequestImproved the performance of the VBScript editor.
4808Change RequestCreated an option in the \BIN\Program Settings.ini file ([OEM] HideTagIntegration), allowing the user to hide the "Tag Integration" interface from the development environment (Project > Settings > Communication > Tag Integration).
5031Change RequestResolved minor issues found on the Collaboration Tool and Implemented new "View History" feature.
5479Change RequestNow the OEM companies have the option to remove the "do not display this dialog box again" option from the Global Replace dialog which appears when you change a tag name.
6130Change RequestThe ShowMessageBox function's buttons and parameters are now translated on the CE environment.
6571Change RequestIf the Virtual Keyboard from a CE device is disabled through a registry setting the CE Server will enable it to interact with the security system and disable it again when the interaction is done.
7702Change RequestWhen you dragged and dropped an Indraworks process variable into a communication worksheet (e.g., Driver, OPC Client), the worksheet unexpectedly scrolled to the first row. That issue has been resolved.
8437Change RequestImproved overall security with the addition of the Authentication to the TCP/IP Server task
9269Change RequestModified the extension for screen files to prevent problems with anti-viruses
10230Change RequestRemoved the Import Wizards for RSLogix5000 and TwinCAT. Tag Integration for RSLogix 5000 and TwinCAT is now the way to integrate with these PLC families.
10318Change RequestEnabled OPC XML-DA for all product types and licenses
10736Change RequestModified the OPC UA Log message when writing and reading logical TRUE and FALSE for Boolean Tags / OPC items.
2659RequirementImplemented automatic redundancy on the OPC UA module
3217RequirementAdded support for MDI for Mobile Access
5012RequirementModified OPC UA client settings to allow the user to enable and disable the OPC time difference.
5600RequirementImplemented the ability to execute Math script expressions in the platform-agnostic runtime (IoTView).
6959RequirementModified the Mobile Access implementation to support multiple tabs in the web browser. The tabs are considered as part of the same session so they do not require extra license counts.
7572RequirementImplemented support for other Web Servers when using the Mobile Access. There is a CGI generic implementation which supports several web servers. To support other Web Servers and technologies targeted to OEMs also became very simple and easy.
7876RequirementModified the Wonderware Historian implementation to require a license.
8177RequirementThe Full Integration SDK now has an event that fires every time a user pastes a value in a spreadsheet
8200RequirementCreated Mobile Access Task, which integrates with the development environment and provides better debugging tools for Mobile Access applications.
8204RequirementImproved the Mobile Access installation to allow multiple versions to be installed on the same computer.
8471RequirementNew SDK Functions that allow all breakpoints from a specific file to be deleted or transferred to another file.
10434RequirementModified Mobile Access to support the Index tag field.
10992RequirementDeveloped a new, lightweight, platform-agnostic runtime (IoTView).