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Release Notes for InduSoft Web Studio

Release Notes for InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 3 + Patch 6 (Friday, June 26, 2015)

1329IssueModified the Windows CE runtime to properly handle touch screen events and reset the NoInputTime function
1720IssueModified the X-Ref to search for tags stored in the Event Logger
2854IssueResolved issue with the Alarm Control object not properly sorting its contents by the "Messages" column
3079IssueResolved issue with the translation of the word "Duration" on the Trend Control object returning to the original language when switching between screens
3386IssueResolved issue with the recipes not reading the XML files that did not have line break between the XML tags
3427IssueResolved issue with Alarm not being acknowledged on the Alarm Control object by double-clicking on one of the Custom Field Columns
5207IssueResolved issue with the Column width for Alarm Object Custom Fields
5302IssueResolved issue with Grid object having Data Source as Class Tags not working as it used to in previous versions
6772IssueResolved issue with a combination of modifier keys, such as Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and another keys, not executing the commands configured on the OnUp scripts when the modifier keys were being released first
6838IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration not being able to properly synchronize class members to Structure and UDTs that were modified.
7357IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object, that when clicking on the "Cancel Zoom" command, the pen line on the Trend chart was sometimes being plotted in random places
7488IssueModified the PrintWindow() function to no longer allow the user to try to print on the StudioPDF printer, which would cause the system to not work properly
7495IssueModified how linked symbols are saved in a project: when you paste a linked symbol into a screen, the symbol file will be copied to the project's Symbol folder if it is not already there. If that same symbol is already there, identical, and with the same name, the newly pasted symbol will link to the same file, otherwise, the user will be prompted if the new symbol should replace the existing one or not
8423IssueResolved issues related to the Mobile Access feature when there were multiple simultaneous connections and disconnections.
8487IssueResolved issue with the Secure Viewer and Web Thin Client taking twice the time configured to switch stations to completely connect to the second server when having server tags on the screen that is open
8491IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration for Rockwell PLC5/SLC500 using too much memory and processor
8588IssueFixed problems to run the Fluke DAQ application.
8676IssueLinked symbols that contain linked pictures will be properly compared when pasted to an application avoiding unnecessary overwrite operations.
8697IssueResolved leak of memory issue with the OPC Server module that was happening with some specific calls from OPC Clients
8777IssueResolved issue when opening a screen with mnemonics and class tags, on the Min and Max of the dynamic properties, such as bargraph, text, text box, position, rotate, size
8786IssueResolved issue with the Grid Control not working properly when switching the Date format using the SetDateFormat function on the Viewer module
8799IssueResolved issue with sending alarms via Email, having more Custom Fields enabled than what was actually configured on the Alarm Worksheet, that would cause the system to become unstable
8842IssueResolved issue with the Trend Annotation not working properly after executing the SetDateFormat() function on the Viewer Module
8848IssueModified the Trend Control object to update the Date Format on the X axis after the SetDateFormat() is executed
8865IssueResolved issue with the E-sign not working properly on Secure Viewer after disconnecting from the server and reconnecting to it.
8874IssueResolved issue with the ShowInplaceInput() function ignoring the following parameters: numStartXPos, numStartYPos, optNumEnablePasswordMode.
8877IssueResolved issue with the "Insert Copied Cells" command not working properly when used in the worksheet's blank cells replacing existing rows.
8878IssueResolved issue with the Text object with the Dynamic Position property, when the SetLanguage() function was being called, it would cause the translated text object to return to its original position until the Position value change or the screen is reopened
8885IssueOptimized the initialization of the Trend Worksheets when configured to communicate with the Wonderware Historian. Before this change, the Studio Database Gateway (StADOSvr.exe) would take too long to initialize and would cause a timeout with the runtime.
8890IssueModified the Database Interface Trace messages on the store and forward capability to display local time instead of UTC.
8891IssueModified the OPC Client modules (both the OPC DA 2.05 and the OPC XML/DA modules) to update the studio tag properties (TimeStamp and/or Quality) when receiving a message from the OPC Server, even if the tag value does not change.
8900IssueResolved issue with the Security System causing the user to lose its privileges when switching screens, in very specific situations, when running in LDAP mode
9012IssueResolved issue with the "Verify" command displaying message related to the Security System, even though the Security System was disabled, in some specific projects
9129IssueResolved issue with the Grid object not allowing the user to properly scroll through the rows once one of them was selected
9153IssueResolved issue with the OPC Server not runing as a Service if you configure the service to run with a user different than the one that is current logged on
9158IssueResolved issue with "Remove unused tags" functionality trying to remove class array tags that are actually being used in the projects when their indexes are VBScript variables
9191IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control having some points disappearing when it was in Run Mode and displayed on Web Thin Clients
9219IssueModified the EmbeddedView to run on devices where the image does not contain the basic c++ libraries.
9230IssueResolved issue with the Viewer displaying the background bitmap even after the user disabled it
9240IssueResolved issue with the TCP/IP Server task not being automatically enabled when saving screens as HTML for the first time, like it used to do
9315IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control not showing data properly when the database was configured to use Local Time + Time Difference
9328IssueResolved issue with the Development Environment turning very slow after some time due to temporary files being created
9332IssueResolved issue with the Security System not working properly in Distributed Mode when there were several Distributed Remote clients connected to that same server
9381IssueModified the Mobile Access Script Engine to properly handle cases where with a MsgBox call containing spaces before the parenthesis. Before this modification, screens containing expressions such as 'MsgBox ("Test" )' would fail to load.
9456IssueResolved issue on Windows Embedded (both Compact and Standard) with the Trend task having errors when trying to store to a database tags with bad quality
9518IssueResolved issue with the Scan configuration not working properly when the option "Screen" was selected on the Driver, OPC DA 2.05, OPC UA Client and OPC XML-DA runtime tasks
9565IssueResolved issue with the Filecopy function not working properly when the destination parameter is only the path, without the file name, and the user does not configure the optTimeout parameter
9570IssueResolved issue with the Tab Order on a screen being overwritten if an object had a dynamic property associated to it
9574IssueImplemented a new feature to save the Security System information every 5 minutes, to avoid that changes made during the runtime to be lost in case of an unexpectedly system failure.
9768IssueResolved issue with class member replace function not replacing the tag members properly in projects with arrays in scripts that were using VBScript variables as indexes.
9770IssueFixed the Wonderware Historian to properly parse strings in curly brackets for the Trend Task when using database.
9819IssueResolved issue with files being removed from the project when other applications, such as back up and anti-viruses, were locking these files at the same time that we were trying to write to them
9852IssueModified the Trend Control object to allow the user to use the Window Zoom to include the scale limits on the selection
9853IssueModified the Popup Input window to show the same value as the Text Object that called it when it is open
9854IssueFixed the grid control to properly print or send to PDF files when using the multiline option.
9873IssueResolved issue with the FindFile function no longer working properly when using the optTimeout parameter
9877IssueThe TagsDBGetAlarm function can now handle the maximum message alarm size.
9887IssueResolved errors when trying to open corrupted screen files
9982IssueResolve Tabulation issue with the Text Box control on Web Thin Clients
9990IssueResolved issue with Multi-touch functionality becoming unstable in certain specific situations
10014IssueResolved an issue with the Tag Integration for RSLogix 5000 where it did not properly import some array tags.
10017IssueResolved issue with the "Verify" command causing the system to be unstable when there were corrupted screen files on the project.
10217IssueResolved issues with the Trend Control not properly drawing the lines and having issues when scrolling through the period of time during the Daylight Saving change
7372Change RequestCreated a new log message that is displayed on the Output Window and LogWin when the Auto LogOff is executed
8335Change RequestModified the Mobile Access Tabular to be registered as the Launching User
8465Change RequestChanged the Security System AES initialization to prevent corrupting the Security System files
8614Change RequestEnhanced the Tag Integration for Schneider Unity Modbus to support %M addresses and for tags declared as DWORD.
9114Change RequestModified E-Signature window to do not grayout the User Name field by default when the timeout value has not been elapsed
9984Change RequestModified Security System in LDAP mode to use a different ping implementation
9993Change RequestEnhanced the Tag Integration with TwinCAT to support online retrieval of the variables configured in a runtime PLC instance.
7820RequirementImproved the Tag Integration for the TwinCAT provider to support TMC and TMI files.

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 3 + Patch 5 (Friday, March 20, 2015)

5671IssueModified OPC UA Client to display an error message in the log when communicating with unsupported items
5987IssueWhen deleting a screen using the Project Explorer treeview, now all the files related to that screen that were saved on the Project’s Web folder, such as the html, scc and ssma files are also deleted
6268IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object not working properly when using the Local Time + Time Difference option to save the data on the Trend worksheet
6938IssueModified the Mobile Access to prevent memory leaks when connecting and disconnecting clients. A small leak would eventually make the Mobile Access stop responding. In order to restore the user would have to reset the IIS application pool.
7362IssueResolved issue where the Visibility property was not working properly with ActiveX objects
7511IssueResolved issue with the Hardkey license not working properly when some other software packages such as Rockwell Studio5000 and Codesys v3.5 were installed on the same computer
7584IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration for RSLogix not working properly when some L5K files contained several levels of nested UDT
7725IssueResolved issue with the Screen Scripts Screen_OnOpen and Screen_OnClose procedures, that were sometimes being executed incorrectly on a startup screen when it was being reloaded.
7882IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control not properly handling the pens and duration after zoom was being used, and the user closed and reopened the screen that had that object, causing invalid values to be loaded on the limits and duration
7883IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object not properly drawing the pens when scrolling back and forth, when the Data Source is MS Access with a large amount of data saved
7884IssueResolved issue where the Virtual Keyboard was being opened in unusable places in the screen
7909IssueFixed a problem in Mobile Access where modifying a tag continuously (i.e.: Screen OnWhile logic) on the client would make the client stop receiving updates on the server.
7911IssueResolved issue with the Remote LogWin causing errors in certain projects running on Windows Embedded Standard 7
7913IssueResolved issue with RSLogix5000 Tag Integration when the L5K file had strings created with a certain number of characters as value causing a line feed
7956IssueResolved issue with deleting rows from worksheets after sorting by the Tag Name column
8023IssueResolved issue with the custom Watch Dog tag for the Secure Viewer Thin Client not working properly in redundant mode
8031IssueResolved issue with the HST2TXT function causing errors when the date format in the Thin Clients and the Server are different.
8043IssueModified the OPC UA Client to properly handle invalid configuration files.
8046IssueResolved issue where the “Test Screen” feature was enabling the background color on Text objects having the Text Data Link property and the Input enabled
8125IssueResolved issue with the built-in IF() function not working properly when it had mnemonics on the parameters, and when running specifically on WinCE devices, ARMV4I platform
8132IssueModified the EmbeddedView run-time to remove the requirement of having the C++ libraries in the embedded device image
8198IssueResolved an issue that was happening when we tried to close certain screens that were already invalid
8216IssueResolved issue with EmbeddedView OPC DA Client not properly handling TimeStamp values received from the OPC Servers
8242IssueResolved issue with the Remote Agent (CEServer.exe) not recognizing Hardkeys on Windows Embedded Compact (CE) and Windows Embedded devices with a brand new installation
8290IssueResolved issue with the StrFromTime() function not working as described in the documentation.
8331IssueModified the Mobile Access to properly evaluate the security level at the Main (root) node.
8441IssueResolved issue with the Class members editor that was allowing the user to create class members with invalid characters
8502IssueModified the OPC UA Client to properly check for good qualities. When receiving good quality different from OpcUa_Good the OPC UA Client was reporting them as bad quality..
8507IssueResolved issue with the FileCopy() function returning an error if source file has the read-only attribute set, even with the file being properly copied, when if you configure any value on the last parameter optNumTimeOut
8559IssueThe Viewer does not leak memory when switching screens with tags inside rectangles.
8575IssueModified Mobile Access to support access to the server through a router without having to configure the Web.Config file
8587IssueResolved memory allocation issue with the Text Box Control object
8589IssueResolved issue in the StudioToolkitNET with the UNTranslateEX function
8619IssueTag Integration: Resolved issue to enforce that all tags are properly mapped (between Studio and TwinCAT), even after modifying the configuration of structures (classes) in the TwinCAT program (e.g.: adding or removing members)
8649IssueResolved issue with the event logger feature not logging the first log on action on a Web Thin Client
8111Change RequestEnhanced the Register module to make the selected network card persistent when using Softkey and opening the “Settings” window.
8325Change RequestImplemented a new capability to dynamically change the Screen Background Image using {Tag} on the “Shared image” field of the Screen Attributes window
8332Change RequestModified the way that passwords are saved on screen files when protecting them with passwords.
8607Change RequestCreated new configuration in the app file to deny blank passwords when using the Security System in LDAP mode
8731Change RequestIncreased the length of the string that can be entered on the LDAP Query Filter configuration
9028Change RequestThe following entry in the "ApplicationName.APP" file has been created to disable a background thread for the LDAP connection, which may result in inconsistent results from certain LDAP Servers: Section [Options], parameter "EnableThreadLDAP=0"

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 3 + Patch 4 (Thursday, December 18, 2014)

5954IssueResolved issue with a a buffer overflow being generated when reading a corrupted screen
6395IssueResolved issue with some parameters of the Trend Control object not working properly when using the Open() function and mnemonics
6493IssueResolved issue with using a String Tag on the Trend Control Duration field and zooming in, out and cancelling zoom not properly rounding the values
6506IssueResolved issue with GetAppPath() function returning a value with 2 backslashes at the end after the project has been downloaded to a Window PC target system
6613IssueResolved issue when using the Portuguese MUI and not being possible to see the correct number of tags on the text field on the lower right corner of the Development Environment that shows the tag count
6652IssueModified the Mobile Access to support iOS8
6655IssueResolved issue with PanelBuilder Import wizard creating an invalid scheduler worksheet when importing projects without a tag assigned to the screen number
6656IssueModified the mobile access to support screen name with space when specifying the screen name in the query string (e.g.: http://localhost/ma?screen=Screen%20With%20Space)
6773IssueEnhanced the login page to display more precise information when the logon fails.
6803IssueFixed problem with functions GetTagValue and SetTagValue for Mobile Access. The functions were not working properly if the TimeStamp field was part of the tag name specified e.g.: GetTagValue( Tag->TimeStamp ).
6808IssueResolved issue with the Collaboration Tool not properly handling the Email information saved on the Alarm worksheets
6977IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object where the Cursor Output Value, in certain situations, was displaying a wrong value when the screen having this object was first open
7038IssueResolved issue with the print orientation not working properly when printing using the trigger on the Grid Control object
7179IssueFixed system error on Mobile Access when loading several clients simultaneously.
7210IssueModified the dialogs of certain objects on the Web Thin Client to no longer have the “Close” system menu, no longer be able to drag them and do not allow right clicking on them
7221IssueResolved issue with the Mobile Access that, on certain situations, when saving screens, the font object was being set to an invalid value.
7238IssueResolved issue with the Date and Time functions not returning the correct values depending on the Daylight Saving status and parameters
7293IssueResolved issue with Secure Viewer connected to redundant servers having issues when switching servers
7374IssueModified the Mobile Access to display '????' in the tag value when an invalid tag or an invalid array index is specified. Prior to this change Mobile Access would display System.Object
7380IssueFixed an issue with Mobile Access VBScript parser where function calls receiving array tag(s) as parameter(s) would not work as expected.
7430IssueResolved issue with the Auto-LogOff feature not working properly when the Security System is configured to LDAP mode
7440IssueResolved issue with the SetLanguage function causing errors on the TCP/IP Server task when called simultaneously from different Thin Clients
7458IssueResolved issue with the modifier keys causing commands configured on the “On Up” action of the Command animation to be executed
7465IssueResolved issue with Remote Management not being able to connect to PocketPC in ActiveSync mode
7504IssueResolved issue with the Security System, when switching between LDAP and Local modes, and restarting the software, causing the LDAP settings not to be retained
7522IssueResolved issue errors that were happening when we tried to close certain screens that were already invalid
7646IssueResolved issue with the SNMP agent not working properly
7747IssueResolved issue with Secure Viewer not displaying Linked Pictures addressed with absolute paths
6612Change RequestModified the Translation feature to no longer automatically import some of the Data from the Database configurations on screen control objects connected to Databases, such as Grid Control, Trend Control and Combo Box
7239Change RequestModified the GetHardkeySN() function to properly return the updated value when removing or replacing the Hardkey after starting the application
7353RequirementEnabled the ShowMessageBox function to work also when called by a Background Task

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 3 + Patch 3 + Hotfix 2 (Wednesday, November 12, 2014)

7458IssueResolved issue with the command animation, that when pressing and releasing one of the modifier keys (i.e. Ctrl, Alt, Shift), during the Runtime, could cause the commands configured on the “On Up” action to be executed even if they were not associated to keyboard shortcuts.

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 3 + Patch 3 (Tuesday, October 28, 2014)

3696RequirementImplemented Tag Integration interface for the AutomationDirect DoMore PLC Family.
5394RequirementEnhanced the Mobile Access solution to support the Security System Auto LogOff feature
5859RequirementAdded support for General alarm fields for the TagsDBSetAlarm and TagsDBGetAlarm functions
5998RequirementImplemented capability to customize the Viewer icon on the Task Bar.
6061RequirementCreated a new built-in function, GetLastESignUser(), that returns the name of the user authenticated to execute a screen Command (animation) with E-signature
6262RequirementCOSYS Tag Integration: added ARTI3 support
4545IssueModified the interface between the development station and the target station in order to avoid errors when using the Get From Target command (Remote Management > Import) to import projects from the target station.
4713IssueResolved issue with the translation feature not working on the Combo Box object when using data source as Database
4726IssueChanged the way Development Environment handles the Fill Effects for rectangles when the system is targeted for an Embedded runtime
5032IssueResolved issue with the Import Wizard Tags Filter Dialog not working for any language other than English
5166IssueResolved issue with Remote Management, when connectign to a EmbeddedView system, if your target folder is not a Subfolder of the Remote Agent (CEServer), the selected target folder is not kept
5299IssueResolved issue with the Text Data Link dynamic property not being updated when the Screen Attribute parameter Hide screen instead of closing it was checked
5330IssueResolved an issue where an incorrect message was displayed when the project developer tried to insert the same System Symbol more than once.
5376IssueResolved issue with the Ctrl+F Find functionality ignoring the last row on any worksheet on the development environment, such as Driver, Scheduler, Math, and so forth
5616IssueModified the Protection Manager to allow you to select a MAC address when you change your softkey license. This is necessary because the license's site code is based on the computer's MAC address, and the computer may have more than one MAC address if it is connected to a VPN or otherwise using a virtual NIC at the time that you change your license.
5652IssueFixed a problem with the OPC DA 2.05 worksheet where the Div column would display a wrong label.
5666IssueResolved issue with the popup input for text object not being properly displayed when more than one monitor was being used
5804IssueResolved issue with Remote Management experiencing timeout problems when downloading projects to remote computers when the Remote Agent is configured with users and passwords on its Security System
5871IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object when enabling the Advanced-> Auto Save option, it would cause some tags configured in the fields to not work properly
5884IssueResolved an issue where the built-in function TagsDBAddTag would not accept new tag names beginning with the @ character.
5910IssueModified the OPC XML/DA to properly set the quality of the tags to BAD when the client fails to connect to the server.
5939IssueResolved issue with the Output Window and LogWin module no longer showing Database messages that would include important information such as wrong table or column names when using the Grid Control
5946IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object not accepting mnemonics on the Axes->Duration field
5976IssueResolved issue where opening the “Config” window of the Command property Object Properties, and clicking on the “Cancel” button, would delete the VBScript configured on it
5978IssueResolved issue with Alarm Control not being able to properly use the Filter Expression when it had Custom fields containing lower case characters or when the last Custom field was being used
5987IssueWhen deleting a screen using the Project Explorer treeview, now all the files related to that screen that were saved on the Project’s Web folder, such as the html, scc and ssma files are also deleted
5997IssueResolved issue with the Report task not working properly when some Asian characters were used
5999IssueResolved issue with the capability to save the alarm state whem the alarm is generated by the Driver and/or OPC, the alarm selected tag showed a string in the format #:#:#:# instead of the tag name.
6009IssueResolved issue with the tag not having its value properly displayed on some specific screen objects with animations.
6059IssueModified the built-in RunGlobalProcedureOnTrigger() function to work also when called from a Secure Viewer Thin Client
6060IssueResolved issue with the Security System when using Tags in the “Password Aging” and/or in the “E-signature timeout” fields from “Security System > Groups > [GroupName] > Advanced” dialog being reset to their “lowest value after running the application” when executing GetUserFullName()
6095IssueResolved issue with the Remote Management tool not allowing the user to select a non-empty folder as your target application when browsing for a target folder in the development environment
6107IssueModified the Database Functions to display an error message on the log when the maximum number of connections with the database is exceeded.
6140IssueResolved issue with the Virtual Keyboard not being properly placed when the user had more than one monitor
6167IssueResolved issue where it was not possible to configure mnemonics on the Trend Control > Axes > Duration field, even though we could configure a tag on the same field
6185IssueResolved issue with using the Print button on the Trend Control object was not printing values on the SPC columns when they are configured to be displayed (Min, Max, Avg, etc...)
6325IssueModified the Mobile Access scripting engine to properly handle line breaks and user functions with suffix MsgBox.
6432IssueResolved issue with the X-Ref tool wrongly showing that the tags would be present in certain documents where they were not
6453IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control using Data Source as Text and the X-Axis containing Date/Time information
6522IssueResolved issue with the Mobile Access interface where the Mobile Access Client would stop receiving tag changes from the server.
6582IssueModified the Mobile Access to prevent fatal error when closing a screen with Combo Box before the Combo Box can load its data.
6792IssueResolved issue with security system in distributed mode causing the TCP/IP server task to create unnecessary connections.

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 3 + Patch 2 (Friday, August 08, 2014)

2872RequirementModified the Trend task to make it easier to troubleshoot when historical data are not saved correctly.
3316Change RequestModified the message that is displayed when the project developer clicks Trust server certificate in the security settings for an OPC UA connection (OPC UA > Connections > Server Configuration > Security), in order to warn them when the certificate is self-signed.
4994Change RequestImplemented the new built-in functions TranslationLookupLoad, TranslationLookupGet, and TranslationLookupClose, which allow the project developer to create lookup maps between different languages. For more information, see the documentation.
4995Change RequestImproved the ADO.NET database gateway (StADOSvr) to make it possible to specify a locale (i.e., language and country) for database queries, rather than use the locale that is specified in the host's system settings.
5685Change RequestModified the built-in function CheckESign to take a security access level as an optional parameter. Previously, the function would validate against level 0, and level 0 is still the default, but this parameter allows the project developer to specify any level.
3989IssueResolved an issue with Linked Symbols that are configured to use Class tags imported via tag integration.
4025IssueResolved an issue with the built-in function FileWrite, where it did not properly handle the Visual Basic CRLF character (vbCrLf).
4372IssueModified the built-in function SetViewerPos to be able to take negative values as parameters. This is to make it easier to manage the Viewer on multiple monitors.
4461IssueResolved an issue with the Smart Message object not displaying the last configured message.
4545IssueModified the interface between the development station and the target station in order to avoid errors when using the Get From Target command (Remote Management > Import) to import projects from the target station.
4903IssueResolved issues with Runtime for Windows Embedded Compact not properly interacting with SQL CE 3.5.
5059IssueResolved an issue with the project security system where, if a project had been running for extended period (i.e., more than one week), creating a new user would generate errors.
5064IssueResolved an issue where the OPC UA Client task would sometimes crash if it attempted a read/write operation while it was disconnected from the OPC UA server.
5092IssueModified the ADO.NET database gateway (StADOSvr) to work even if Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is not installed on the computer that hosts the gateway. .NET Framework 4 became a requirement when support for Wonderware Historian was implemented in a previous release (see item 3423). This modification ensures that the gateway will continue to work for most database connections, but if you plan to connect to a Historian database, .NET Framework 4 is still required. For more information, see the documentation.
5099IssueResolved an issue with the EmbeddedView runtime where it did not show the window menus (File, Security, Tools) even if it was configured to do so (Project Settings > Viewer).
5185IssueResolved an issue where the Test Screen command would change the background color of Text objects that have the Text Data Link animation applied to them. (To access the Test screen command, right-click in the project screen editor.) See also item 5186.
5186IssueResolved an issue where the Test Screen command would change the size of some screen objects that have the Position/Visibility animation applied to them. (To access the Test screen command, right-click in the project screen editor.) See also item 5185.
5208IssueModified the OPC UA Client and OPC XML/DA Client tasks to set tag quality to BAD when the connection to the OPC Server is lost.
5210IssueResolved an issue where the project security system did not verify that a client request had been processed before the next request was sent. This sometimes caused the project to become unstable, when the client received responses to requests that had timed out.
5247IssueModified both the History-to-Text utility (HST2TXT.exe) and the built-in function Hst2Txt to improve their handling of Daylight Saving Time (DST).
5292IssueResolved an issue that was causing project file tagl.txt to be deleted under certain circumstances.
5313IssueResolved an issue with the Built-in Dialogs Scale setting (Project Settings > Web) where if it was set to anything other than 100%, it caused the User Name combo box in the Log On dialog box to be displayed incorrectly.
5330IssueResolved an issue where an incorrect message was displayed when the project developer tried to insert the same System Symbol more than once.
5351IssueResolved an issue where the built-in function GetOS would return incorrect values when called on Windows Embedded Standard.
5377IssueResolved an issue with the built-in functions PrintWindow and SaveScreenshot where, if the functions were used to print or save a closed screen that contained a Trend Control object, the object was not printed or saved correctly.
5378IssueResolved an issue where the run-time user could accidentally close the viewer on Windows Embedded if they clicked or tapped the top-right corner of the project screen.
5392IssueResolved an issue where a screen file sometimes became corrupted if the project developer deleted an ActiveX control from the screen and then saved it.
5455IssueResolved an issue with the Grid Control object where if it was configured to use Class Tag as its data source, it would show BAD quality for the wrong array elements.
5616IssueModified the Protection Manager to allow you to select a MAC address when you change your softkey license. This is necessary because the license's site code is based on the computer's MAC address, and the computer may have more than one MAC address if it is connected to a VPN or otherwise using a virtual NIC at the time that you change your license.
5634IssueImplemented safeguards to prevent memory overflow errors that sometimes occurred when using TreeView Control (TreeView.ocx) in a project screen.
5804IssueResolved issue with Remote Management experiencing timeout problems when downloading projects to remote computers when the Remote Agent is configured with users and passwords on its Security System
5884IssueResolved an issue where the built-in function TagsDBAddTag would not accept new tag names beginning with the @ character.

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 3 + Patch 1 (Friday, July 04, 2014)

4864Change RequestEnhanced Studio Mobile Access (SMA) messages to precisely indicate when compression is enabled (unsupported) or when the screen is not published. Also added instructions to the error message explaining how to open the browser console to get additional information.
3649IssueModified the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client interface to support connection to the server through routers.
3929IssueModified the Alarm/Event Control object to sort messages properly by Date/Time, even when the historical data is saved in an external database.
4349IssueModified the label Extern Translation to Enable Translation on the Object Properties > Messages dialog of the Smart Message object (on the development environment) for consistency.
4374IssueResolved issue with a form being displayed by the Studio Service Tray in some systems
4386IssueModified the graphic interface to support data entry for objects with mnemonics even when the Use popup input for text objects option from Project >> Settings >> Viewer is enabled (checked).
4426IssueModified the Driver task to support writing floating point (real) values with precision beyond the 6th decimal digit for drivers that handle real values as string
4509IssueResolved issue with the Text Object alignment of text being ignored when using the translation tool to switch to a different language during the runtime
4557IssueModified the Collaboration Server to make sure that the tags database main file (Tagl.txt) is converted to XML format when applicable, in order to avoid errors.
4585IssueModified the Tag Integration for the AutomationDirect Koyo provider to support CSV files with unassigned items .
4680IssueModified the OPC DA/XML task to recognize the data type of items that were not available for the OPC Server when the OPC DA/XML Client task was launched, but eventually become available (e.g.: connect the device to the network only after the OPC DA/XML task was launched). The new algorithm allows the OPC DA/XML Client to recognize the data type of items that become available during the runtime and, consequently, be able to write values to such items.
4681IssueImproved the performance of the Tag Integration for the RSLogix 5000 family provider when loading tag names from the L5K file. Moreover, the Tag Integration was modified to ignore Encoded Data blocks while importing the remaining tags available in the L5K file.
4728IssueModified the Trend Task to avoid missing samples when the format of the Trend worksheet(s) was set to Proprietary (*.hst files).
4752IssueModified the OPC XML/DA Client task to indicate bad quality for the tag(s), if any, associated with a blank or invalid item, while communicating properly with the remaining items properly configured in the same OPC XML/DA Client worksheet.
4753IssueModified the OPC XML/DA Client task to recognize changes implemented in the OPC XML/DA Client worksheets and saved while the task was running - online configuration.
4766IssueModified the TCP/IP Server to handle legacy alarm controls asynchronously, preventing possible system errors
4770IssueModified the Collaboration server to prevent it from displaying error messages when editing tags in a project without any classes (Project Explorer > Global > Classes).
4843IssueModified the ImportXML built-in function to handle the size (height and width) of polygons properly and avoid settings unexpected values for the object width when editing it with the development environment (screen editor) after importing the screen(s).
4890IssueResolved issue with the tag quality remaining Uncertain after the user attempted to enter values out of the configured min and max range
4942IssueResolved an issue with the alignment of Text objects in the screen worksheet, when the Text Data Link animation was applied to the objects and the Auto Size option was enabled.
5081IssueCorrected the Studio Mobile Access log system that was reporting a wrong line number when a script had a VBScript code line break ( _ character) inside a VBScript comment.
5101IssueModified the Trend Control to display the pens in Online Mode, even if the values are saved in an external database with TimeStamp set to Local Time (not UTC).
5116IssueResolved issue with disabling all objects that can receive focus in a screen during the runtime could cause unstable behaviors
5181IssueUpdate OPC OpenSSL to the latest version to address CCIRC Advisory AV14-031 OpenSSL vulnerability
5184IssueModified the Trend/Alarm database interface to prevent 100% CPU usage when inserting data on relational databases
5197IssueModified the asynchronous database insertion algorithms to prevent instability that could cause system errors
5213IssueImproved the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) script error information to allow better identification of the script that is preventing the screen from opening.
5215IssueImproved the Studio Mobile Access to support the VBScript code If $Tag Then $Function() Else $Function() End If all in the same line.

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 3 (Friday, May 2, 2014)

2785RequirementCreate a new tag integration interface for the Schneider Unity Modbus provider, which allows the user to share tags with the program for the Schneider PLC families M340 and Premium.
2861RequirementCreated a program (HardkeyWriter.exe) stored in the \BIN sub-folder of the program's (development environment) installation directory, so the user can upgrade USB Hardkeys (WiBu) for Windows Embedded Compact (formerly known as Windows CE) connecting the Hardkey on the PC.
3025RequirementLocalized the development environment for Simplified Chinese (zh-CN). To change the language of the development environment, either select the language during installation or use the Language command in the ribbon (View tab > Options group > Language).
3225RequirementImproved the Mobile Access web interface to allow you to link directly to a specific project screen. The screen name, user name, and/or password can be included in a custom URL, and then that URL can be saved as a bookmark. For more information, see the documentation.
3228RequirementEnhanced the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client to support a native Date/Time control on the web browser when filtering the period of time for the Trend interface.
3234RequirementEnhanced the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client to support the Release property of the Command animation.
3291RequirementImproved the Full Integration SDK, providing a function (GetScreenStyle) which returns the style of any screen from the project.
3296RequirementEnhanced the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Clients to support VBScript.
3319RequirementImproved the screen editor (development environment), allowing the user to configure properties of multiple selected objects (shapes or active objects of the same type) through the Object Properties dialog window.
3320RequirementImproved the screen editor (development environment), allowing the user to configure common properties of multiple selected objects (from different types) through the Object Properties dialog window.
3330RequirementImproved the Full Integration SDK with new functions that allow the user to get and set run-time parameters without accessing the project file(s) directly.
3359RequirementCreated new built-in functions GetAlarmCount and GetAlarmInfo , which allow the user to access information about the current list of online alarms during the runtime.
3423RequirementAdded native interface to save/retrieve data to/from the Wonderware Historian through the Trend task.
3432RequirementAdded support to PNG, GIF, TIFF, and EXIF for projects running on Windows Embedded Compact (formerly known as Windows CE). The image of the operating system must support the proper decoders for these formats as well.
3479RequirementImproved the OPC UA Client task to send an warning message to the Output window (LogWin) when it identifies a substantial time difference (2 hours or more) between the system time on the station running the OPC UA client and the station running the OPC UA Server.
3615RequirementImplemented new functions on the Full Integration SDK providing access to the VBScript breakpoints.
3880RequirementImproved the Alarm worksheet's email interface, allowing the user to include custom fields in the remote notification for alarms.
4139RequirementImproved the Thin Client error message displayed when server is not available.
4205RequirementCreated an interface for OEMs to define specific Key Codes (shortcuts) that can be configured in the Command animation. This interface allows OEMs to support keys from custom keyboards by configuring a CustomKeys.xml file in the \BIN sub-folder of the product.
4332RequirementImproved the Import Wizard > Studio XML Screen as well as the ImportXML built-in function to generate the published screen files for the Web Thin Clients and Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Clients when importing screens from XML files.
1429Change RequestImproved the Alarm/Event control allowing the user to retrieve the values from all columns of the selected row in the object during the runtime (Advanced > Run-time returned values > Selected row text).
1551Change RequestRemoved the message Message: SendTags::Error, tried to send tags without sending fields first from the ViewerDump files, since it indicates a normal condition - not an error/warning.
2076Change RequestImproved the Domain (LDAP) mode of the Security System to display a warning message in the Output Window (LogWin) when the number of objects retrieved by the LDAP query exceeds the limit supported by the Server (1000, by default).
2079Change RequestModified the Trend Control screen object to properly validate date/time ranges entered by the user and prevent queries for history data prior to January 1, 2010.
2626Change RequestModified the Trend control (Vertical Orientation) to display the scales in the Y axis using the same order displayed in the Legend.
2991Change RequestCreated a Cancel button on the Runtime Menu Options dialog from the development environment (Project Settings > Runtime Desktop > Options), so the user can close the dialog canceling the changes, if any.
3002Change RequestAdded the standard close button ([ X ]) on the title bar of the Verify Project dialog from the development environment.
3004Change RequestAdded ellipsis (...) to the caption of the Add... button from the Project Settings > Communication > Tag Integration dialog of the development environment.
3099Change RequestEnhanced the Remote Management interface from the development environment to prompt the user about creating new folder(s) in the target station (instead of just showing an error) when attempting to download the project to a path that does not exist in the target station.
3104Change RequestUpdated the API (PLCHandler 3.5.3) used to communicate with CodeSys runtime and to implement the tag integration with the CodeSys provider.
3109Change RequestModified the project security system so that when a user logs onto the development environment, it is also logged onto the local project runtime. Changes in the user's privileges (via Security System > Group Settings) apply to both development and runtime immediately .
3113Change RequestImproved the usability of the VBScript debugging interface.
3127Change RequestModified the Replace dialog (in Tag Integration) to make it resizable. This dialog is shown when a tag is changed or removed on the tag integration source.
3140Change RequestModified the development environment to prevent the user from renaming a project tag with the name (prefix) of an existing device configured in the Tag Integration interface.
3212Change RequestUpdated the Technical Reference Manual (Help) with additional information about Security System built-in functions, such as SetPassword.
3227Change RequestImproved the Linked Symbols to support Linked Pictures.
3230Change RequestModified the default directory to the Web\Resources folder when inserting new Linked Pictures on the screen editor (development environment)
3239Change RequestImproved the Output Window (LogWin) interface to provide additional filtering options when logging events from the OPC UA, OPC .Net, and.or OPC XML/DA communication tasks.
3240Change RequestModified the Translation Table editor so that it remembers the last target language selected and automatically selects it when the editor is opened again. Previously, when the editor was opened, it defaulted the first target language in the alphabetically sorted list.
3241Change RequestModified the screen editor to avoid duplicating objects when using the Ctrl+Click command without moving the object. In other words, the Ctrl+Click command will duplicate the selected object(s) only if the mouse pointer is moved after pressing Ctrl+Click.
3246Change RequestImproved the Full Integration SDK allowing the hosting environment to save and load VBScript debugging break points.
3252Change RequestEnhanced the worksheet editor of the development environment (e.g.: Math, Scheduler, etc), allowing the user to paste into multiple selected rows the content copied from a single row (analog to the functionality supported by the Microsoft Excel editor).
3254Change RequestImproved the Project Tags datasheet (development environment), allowing the user to rename a tag with the same name but different character case (upper case or lower case).
3256Change RequestImproved the screen editor to support width greater than 1 for dashed lines or dashed object borders. This option is not available for Windows Embedded.
3268Change RequestImproved the screen editor (development environment) to close the Object Properties dialog when the Esc key (shortcut) is pressed.
3273Change RequestModified the graphic module (runtime) to prevent .NET Controls from changing the current directory and inadvertently affecting relative paths used in other interfaces of the project.
3295Change RequestModified the execution Time Slice and Period for the driver task to optimize the run-time performance for Windows Embedded Compact (formerly known as Windows CE).
3304Change RequestCreated function to allow initializing the Full Integration SDK specifying compatibility settings
3342Change RequestModified driver task to support error messages with codes higher than 256.
3345Change RequestModified the runtime to execute the ImporXML built-in function, even when the development environment is not open. Moreover, this function can be executed with a runtime only license (development license is no longer required).
3348Change RequestEnhanced the Alarm task to update the applicable tag fields (Ack, Hi, HiHi, Lo, LoLo, etc) when the alarm is generated or normalized directly by the driver task.
3363Change RequestModified the development environment to disable the rotation animation when it is not supported by the current target platform.
3367Change RequestIncreased the performance (responsiveness) of the graphic interface, by sending the updated tag values, if any, immediately after executing each event (e.g.: On Down or On Up ) of the Command animation. Previously, all tag changes were stored in a queue and then sent to the Server periodically.
3389Change RequestImproved the Tag Integration for the Codesys provider to guarantee that the same version of the API (PLCHandler.dll) is shared by the communication driver and by the tag integration.
3397Change RequestEnhanced the Tag Integration for the TwinCAT provider, so it supports project (TPY) files from TwinCAT 3 and older.
3422Change RequestModified the Security System integrity checks in order to prevent the corruption of configuration files when the computer is not properly shutdown.
3431Change RequestIncreased the number of messages sent by the OPC UA Client module to the Output Window (LogWin) to facilitate troubleshooting during the runtime.
3630Change RequestEnhanced the Treeview.ocx ActiveX control to support Unicode characters
3636Change RequestModified the Grid control to support the value 0 for the Row Number property. In this condition, no rows are selected (highlighted) in the Grid control during the runtime.
3674Change RequestCreated option to disable the functionality implemented on item 2896. The functionality can be disabled by entering with EnableClientThread=0 in the [TCP] section of the project APP file.
3677Change RequestModified the Trend task to save the NaN value (i.e., not a number ; equal to -1.5E40) for strings when the quality is BAD. Previously, the actual string values were saved even when the quality was BAD.
3704Change RequestImproved the functions RunGlobalProcedureOnFalse, RunGlobalProcedureOnTrue, and RunGlobalProcedureOnTrigger so the tag that changed is passed to the procedure as an argument. For more information, see the documentation for those functions.
3777Change RequestModified the Mobile Access feature to load linked pictures that are located anywhere in [projectname]\Web. Previously, the Mobile Access feature could load only linked pictures that were located in [projectname]\Web\Resources. See also item 3067 in a previous release.
3786Change RequestModified the Database API to allow the usage of multiple configuration files.
3930Change RequestEnhanced the Grid object, allowing the user to configure tags to modify the width of each column dynamically during the runtime.
3996Change RequestEnhanced the Command animation to support the keyboard keys F21-F24 for the Key property (shortcut).
4593Change RequestCreated a new option to allow continuous screen redraws
873IssueModified the Trend control to use the Y axis font color (instead of the pen color) for the Y axis labels when only one pen is configured in the Trend control.
1071IssueModified the Alarm/Event control to support the Save (to PDF) and Print commands, even when the Multiline option is enabled.
2300IssueImproved the OPC DA and OPC XML/DA tasks to recognize the actual quality value and set it to the Quality field of the respective tag, even when the quality is different from 192 (Good) or 0 (Bad). Previous versions interpreted any quality value different from 192 (Good) as 0 (Bad).
2695IssueImproved the OPC XML/DA task editor to prevent it from refreshing the Project Explorer tree-view unnecessarily after saving a worksheet.
2930IssueImproved the Translation Editor from the development environment to support Unicode characters (e.g.: Chinese characters) on the Source column of the Translation worksheet.
2970IssueImproved the ribbon interface on the development environment to block commands that are not enabled for the user currently logged in the system, according to the Security System - Development settings.
2974IssueUpdated the Technical Reference Manual (Help) describing how to configure the [ApplicationName].APP to define a fixed position and size for the Virtual Keyboard (see topic The Development Environment - Virtual Keyboard ).
2984IssueModified the Grid control to set the quality of a tag to Good (192) when the user enters a valid value (within the Min/Max range) for the respective tag through the Grid control (Data Source = Class Tag).
2998IssueImproved the label displayed on the dialog Project > Preferences > Default Project path from Select Directory to Please select default project path .
3006IssueImproved the translation interface, adding support for text configured on title bars from the project screens or from the Viewer frame.
3026IssueImproved the Tag Integration feature so that when you use the Verify Project command and select the option Automatically add tag integration used tags , it properly adds multi-dimensional arrays from the tag integration source.
3027IssueImproved the graphic interface to display the correct line/border style (e.g.: dotted instead of solid), even when the screen is re-scaled during the runtime.
3033IssueRemoved the unnecessary warning message to the Output Window (LogWin) indicating that the RunVBScript built-in function is not supported on Web Thin Clients, since it is supported.
3055IssueImproved the Object Properties dialog from the screen editor (development environment) to display its content properly, even when the user uses it on a second monitor (extended desktop mode).
3129IssueModified the screen editor to avoid errors when copying screens from another project into the current project with linked symbol(s) that do not exist in the current project. The linked symbol(s) will be automatically created in the current project, even if they were configured in sub-folders of the default Symbol folder.
3137IssueModified the VBScript debugging interface to prevent it from ignoring breaking points in screen scripts.
3147IssueModified the graphic module to support screen objects (PMControl.ocx) that had been created by the PanelMate(TM) Import Wizard from previous versions of the product (development environment).
3149IssueModified the Report task to support Unicode characters.
3150IssueModified the Text object to support translation through the built-in Ext() function configured on its Caption field (e.g.: {Ext( Test )}) or on the Tag/Expression field of the Text Data Link animation (e.g.: Ext(Test)).
3154IssueModified the screen editor (development environment), preventing it from moving the objects inadvertently when right-clicking on them.
3162IssueModified the graphic interface (runtime) to execute the On Up event though keyboard shortcuts (Key property of the Command animation) even when the shortcut is configured with more than one key combination (e.g.: Shift+F5), regardless of the order as the keys are released. When any key from the combination is released, the On Up event is executed.
3165IssueModified the Trend control object, so it displays history data on the Web Thin Client station, even when the system time of the Server is not synchronized with the system time from the Web Thin Client station.
3166IssueModified the product to prevent it from corrupting the Security System configuration files when attempting to open a project that had been modified in an older version of the project.
3175IssueModified the Text object to support a keyboard shortcut (Key property) configured for the Command animation applied to the object.
3178IssueModified the Text Box object to prevent Graphics Device Interface (GDI) leaking when switching screens during the runtime.
3182IssueIncluded support for localization (translation) for native dialogs launched by the CreateUser and SetPassword built-in functions.
3185IssueResolved an issue with the Distributed mode of the project security system where, in certain circumstances, TCP/IP connections between clients and the server would become unstable.
3186IssueModified the built-in script engine to execute nested statements of the built-in IF function.
3187IssueModified the Security System to support the Counting from user's last action Auto LogOff feature properly on Windows Embedded Compact (formerly known as Windows CE).
3190IssueImproved the performance of OPC XML/DA communication task.
3203IssueModified the Command animation to guarantee that the On Up event is executed, even if the user releases the mouse pointer (or the touch screen pointer) from the corner of a rounded rectangle, as long as the Release property of the Command animation is enabled (checked).
3205IssueModified the graphic interface, allowing users to open a screen with a higher resolution (size) than its original configuration (Screen Attributes) and be able to visualize objects on any area of the screen during the runtime.
3210IssueImproved the screen editor (development environment) to prevent it from showing the border around the area of a Linked Symbol that has been deleted from the screen.
3211IssueModified the Linked Symbol Clock from the Symbols library > System Symbols > DateTime group, in order to display the correct time indication.
3224IssueModified how icon files (*.ico) are handled in memory, in order to resolve an issue where icons sometimes disappeared from buttons when switching screens.
3235IssueModified the Format function to support leading zeros configured in the strFlag parameter (e.g.: %08d ), even when configuring the optional parameters optStrDecimalMark and/or optStrThousandSep.
3236IssueModified the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client to display the border of objects (Ellipse and Rectangle) with the same width and coordinates, as configured on the development environment.
3237IssueUpdated Mobile Access interface to support Multi-Touch on Windows 8.
3238IssueImproved the VBScript interface to support the Force property of the Command animation.
3244IssueImproved the performance to open the Symbols interface (Graphics > Libraries > Symbols) when Collaboration is enabled for the project.
3247IssueModified the Full Integration SDK to make its handling of VBScript more robust. Previously, verifying a project that included VBScript caused system errors in certain situations.
3248IssueImproved the Intellectual Property protection interface of the development environment to support Passwords with UNICODE characters.
3250IssueImproved the Translation interface to avoid concatenating text configured in different rows into a single row of the Translation Table (Editor).
3255IssueModified the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client to support the Position Animation with the Gesture property enabled, even on devices configured with comma ( , ) instead of dot ( . ) as the decimal separator on the Regional Settings.
3262IssueModified the worksheet editor on the development environment to avoid missing data when copying and pasting rows in a worksheet with filtering enabled
3265IssueModified the graphic interface to avoid displaying a white border around Linked Picture objects during the runtime.
3266IssueModified the ClockGetDate and ClockGetTime built-in functions to return correct values, even when the Daylight Saving (Regional Settings) for the local station is disabled.
3269IssueModified the graphic interface (runtime) to display the rectangle shapes with their configured size, even when the Enhanced Graphics option (Project > Viewer > Enable Enhanced Graphics) is enabled.
3270IssueImproved the graphic interface (runtime) to apply anti-aliasing only to non-straight borders of shapes.
3271IssueModified the licensing mechanism so that running the local Viewer - that is, the Viewer module installed on the same computer as the development application - does not count against the number of Secure Viewer Thin Clients allowed by the license.
3276IssueModified the TCP/IP Client task to avoid communication errors in projects where the number of the TCP/IP Client worksheets are not in continuous order (e.g.: TCPCL001 and TCPCL003).
3277IssueImproved the Remote Agent (CEServer.exe) allowing the user to download MUI (localization) files (e.g.: CEServer-EXE-MUI.dll) even when the target runtime is running a translated project.
3278IssueModified the development environment to avoid errors when executing the Verify command on projects that use legacy translation files (*.TRA or *.CSV).
3279IssueModified the Full Integration SDK to set the quality of the tag to BAD (value 0) when the value assigned to the tag is equivalent to infinite (e.g.: division by zero, tangent of 90 degrees, etc).
3280IssueModified the Full Integration SDK to avoid freezing the development environment when executing the Save All As HTML command.
3281IssueImproved the performance to switch screens during the runtime, especially when the project is configured with the lines on the (Global Procedures scripts (Project Explorer > Global > Procedures).
3284IssueModified the Full Integration SDK to assign font size properly to Text objects.
3286IssueModified the Command animation to support the On Touch Completed event. Moreover, modified the Screen Script to support the sub-routine Screen_OnTouchCompleted .
3287IssueImproved the graphical multi-touch interface to support panning the screen during the runtime when the Outer Zoom is greater than 100%.
3288IssueImplemented an option to render some linked pictures at lower quality, so that scaling large image files to fit small screens will not decrease run-time performance.
3289IssueModified the graphic multi-touch (runtime) to support panning screens that are open with a different size (width and height) than the original settings (Screen Attributes).
3290IssueModified Full Integration SDK to enhance the MUI support
3298IssueModified the screen editor (development environment) to avoid errors when editing the value of the Link File property from the Linked Picture object.
3299IssueResolved an issue with the function Open where, if the function was called to open a screen at the current mouse position (e.g., Open(screenName,1)), it would generate a system error.
3300IssueModified the OPC XML/DA task to execute Asynchronous Read/Write commands properly when the number of items (rows) in the worksheet is greater than the Maximum group size configured in the worksheet. Consequently, the message invalid handle ID will no longer be sent to the Output Window (LogWin) in this condition.
3301IssueModified the development environment to avoid a crashing error when closing the development environment while at least one runtime module was still running. The error would occur only if at least one tag was being monitored in the Database Spy interface of the development environment.
3302IssueImproved the performance of the OPC XML/DA Client task, preventing it from executing read/write commands for items that failed to the added to the communication list when starting the task (e.g.: invalid items that do not exist in the OPC Server).
3303IssueModified the Alarm/Event Control screen object to properly acknowledge alarms generated by the Driver task.
3307IssueModified the Security System to support the Cash Size (Offline Cache Settings) property set to 0 (zero) with the Domain (LDAP) mode.
3313IssueModified the development environment to support configuring reports in RTF format (with the Report task), even when the operating system's User Account Control (UAC) setting is enabled.
3321IssueModified the Security System to automatically logging on the default user and retrieving the users/groups from the Active Directory when using the Domain (LDAP) mode.
3322IssueModified the Trend control, allowing the user to print or export the Trend's image properly, even when the Auto Screen Scaling and  Enable Enhanced Graphics options from Project > Viewer are enabled.
3324IssueModified the development environment allowing the user to open any Class worksheets (Project Explorer > Global > Classes), even in computers that have only one storage drive (e.g.: C drive).
3327IssueImproved the Remote Agent (CEServer.exe) to display a message indicating that it is disconnected from the Server when the user disconnects the development environment (Execution Environment) from the target station.
3333IssueModified the GetClock built-in function to return correct values according to the specified parameters.
3334IssueModified the Trend task to save the End Time for Batches in the history database according to the Time Stamp > Time Zone setting configured for the database connection (e.g.: UTC , Local Time , or Local Time + Time Difference ).
3336IssueModified the TCP/IP Server task to reject connections from older versions of Secure Viewer Thin Clients, which do not support new interfaces implemented in the protocol.
3338IssueModified the Alarm/Event Control object to display the messages properly, even when the system date format on the Thin Client(s) and on the Server are different.
3339IssueModified the graphic interface to display button objects on the screens, even on the following conditions: button style set to OS Like ; Project > Viewer > Enable Enhanced Graphics enabled; and operating system without any theme enabled.
3340IssueModified the graphic interface (runtime) to avoid inadvertently restoring the previous value to a tag which was changed through a slider (Position animation with slider enabled) while the same tag was configured in a Text Box in focus.
3341IssueEnhanced the development environment to update the tree-view on Project Explorer after adding a new driver to the project.
3344IssueModified the Grid Control screen object to properly convert timestamps (UTC / Local Time) when loading data.
3347IssueEnhanced the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client to support real values (floating points) properly, regardless of the character for decimal point configured on the regional settings of each Thin Client or Server.
3349IssueModified the development environment to reload automatically the tags linked to the project through the Tag Integration, and identify tags that no longer exist in the Tag Integration Provider (e.g.: deleted or renamed).
3352IssueModified the graphic interface (runtime) to properly display left-aligned text configured in the Rectangle's caption property, avoiding it to overlap the object's border, when the Project > Viewer >Enable Enhanced Graphic option is enabled.
3358IssueIncreased the maximum Alarm Group supported by the filter interface of the Alarm/Event control from 255 to 1000. This feature is important when generating alarms directly from the driver task (through an API), which can exceed the limit of 255 Alarm groups.
3362IssueImproved the XML schema and import tools for Studio XML Screen files to support multiple properties in Linked Symbols.
3368IssueModified the Thin Clients to restore communication with tags from the Server after re-establishing the connecting with the Server. In previous versions, re-establishing the connecting with the Server, the Thin Client would not receive values from tags configured in OPC Client worksheets with the Scan property set to Screen (instead of Always ).
3372IssueImproved the performance to switch screens during the runtime, especially for screens configured with the Command animation (with support for multi-touch events) applied to objects.
3374IssueModified the Alarm API, so the driver task can set the Selection as well as the Custom Fields for alarms.
3375IssueModified the Collaboration Server add-on to support the configuration file for class tags (\database\class.lst and \web\class.lst).
3377IssueModified the Performance Control dialog on the development environment (Project Settings >Options > Performance Control) to prevent the user from entering invalid values for the Minimum free memory limit settings.
3380IssueUpdated the localization (translation) for system strings used in the product (BIN\SystemString.txt).
3381IssueEnhanced the PanelMate(TM) Import Wizard to properly import addresses for communication through Modbus or Modbus Plus protocols.
3390IssueModified the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client, allowing the user to input values to tags through Text Box objects, even when the web browser is running on the Android operating system.
3391IssueModified the development environment to avoid GDI resource leaking when executing the Verify command.
3392IssueModified the Email interface of the Alarm task to send remote notifications properly, even from Windows Embedded, when using string tags (between curly brackets - e.g.: {EmailTO}) in the To , CC , or BCC fields.
3394IssueModified the graphic interface (runtime) to support events from .NET Controls.
3398IssueModified the OPC XML/DA and the OPC UA tasks, allowing the user to disable the communication for each worksheet individually through the Disable field.
3399IssueModified the OPC XML/DA task preventing it from updating tag values from the OPC Server when starting the task if the subscription (Advanced > Read action > Enable subscription) for the respective worksheet(s) is not enabled.
3400IssueImproved the editor (development environment) of the OPC UA worksheets, keeping the focus on the last selected row after browsing for items from the OPC Server (instead of selecting the first row of the worksheet automatically).
3401IssueModified the OPC UA task, preventing it from crashing when disabling and re-enabling a worksheet continuously during the runtime (i.e.: trying to execute a Republish method with the subscription set to NULL).
3404IssueImproved the TagsDB functions so that the project runtime is updated more quickly when the functions are used to add alarms and trends.
3405IssueImproved the Browsing interface of the OPC UA worksheets (development environment) to select, by default, the last path selected by the user.
3406IssueModified the OPC UA connection, allowing the OPC UA Client to connect to a third-party OPC UA Server (given a valid user name and password), even when the Security Settings Message Security Mode and Security Policy are set to None (OPC UA > Connections > Security).
3407IssueModified the Project Tags worksheet (development environment) to avoid overwriting tag names inadvertently, when pasting data into the worksheet while rows are being filtered.
3408IssueResolved an issue where the Mobile Access web interface failed to load in Internet Explorer when the computer's Region and Language setting was German.
3409IssueModified the Date/Time built-in functions (e.g.: GetClock) to avoid memory leaking when executing them during the runtime.
3410IssueModified the Alarm/Event control object to support filtering alarm messages dynamically during the runtime through tags configured in the Filters > Interval > Period properties of the object.
3411IssueModified the Trend Control object to handle timestamp properly when loading data from a Text File data source type.
3412IssueModified the SNMPGet built-in function to support a class tag configured in the strTagName parameter of the function.
3413IssueModified the Object Finder (development environment) to prevent it from showing cascading error messages when an invalid tag is configured on a Linked Symbol.
3414IssueEnhanced the Driver Task to update the tag configured in the Write Status field of the driver worksheet(s) with an appropriated error code after attempting to execute a Write Trigger command for drivers that do not support this type of command.
3421IssueModified the graphic interface (runtime) to display Fill Effects properly when the option Project > Viewer > Enable Enhanced Graphics is enabled.
3425IssueImproved the execution of the TagsDB functions, especially when editing a large number of project tags.
3433IssueImproved the quality (definition) of shapes when the Project > Viewer > Enabled Enhanced Graphics option is enabled.
3437IssueModified the setup to run the product in Evaluation Mode (when applicable), even if the user does not run it as administrator after installing the product.
3439IssueModified Import Wizard, preventing it from creating blank lines on the Main Driver Sheet.
3442IssueModified the ImportXML built-in function to set rectangle's borders properly, according to the settings in the XML file.
3444IssueModified the software installer to install and register the VBScript debugging libraries in the Common Files folder (i.e., in C:\Program Files\Common Files), separate from the rest of the software, so that other programs may safely link to them. Previously, the libraries were installed with the rest of the software, and when the software was uninstalled, other programs that had linked to the libraries also stopped working.
3448IssueModified the screen editor (development environment) to launch the Object Properties window instead of de-selecting the respective objects when double-clicking on the objects.
3451IssueImproved the Tag Integration for the TwinCAT provider to support different variations of TPY files.
3453IssueModified the behavior of the color box on the screen editor (development environment) to avoid launching the fill effects dialog automatically when opening the pallet of colors.
3454IssueModified the OPC UA and OPC XML/DA modules to avoid memory leaking when the Write On Tag Change command is disabled, and the project is configured to Send Every State instead of Send Last State (Project > Communication > Driver and OPC).
3457IssueModified the Trend Control to support refreshing the drawing of the pens on the screen (runtime) more often than once a second (Advanced > Run mode options > Update Trigger).
3458IssueModified the OPC Import Wizard to bring the correct data types when importing tags from the OPC Server.
3474IssueModified the built-in function GetSecuritySystemStatus to return the status of the connection from the project server (runtime station), even when the function is called from a Thin Client station.
3477IssueModified the Text Data Link animation to properly enforce the Minimum and Maximum limits during the runtime, even when these properties are configured with tags instead of constant values.
3495IssueModified the Trend Control to properly redraw the labels on the X-Axis when the number of labels changes dynamically during the runtime.
3526IssueModified the tags database engine preventing tags from receiving wrong values (e.g.: ###### ) when the Retentive Value property is changed on the development environment while any runtime task is running (online configuration).
3539IssueModified the DateTime2Clock built-in function to return the correct value, even when the daylight saving setting is enabled and the optTimeZone parameter is set to 1 (UTC).
3540IssueModified the GetAlarmInfo built-in function to return the correct value, even if the RunGlobalProcedureAsyncGetStatus function is executed after calling the GlobalProcedureAsync built-in function.
3580IssueResolved an issue where the project server used more system resources than it should when multiple Thin Clients (a.k.a. Secure Viewers) were connected and viewing project screens that contain Alarm Control objects.
3582IssueImproved the Trend Control to update the performance (frequency) of updating pen values (drawing) during the runtime.
3583IssueModified the Multi-Touch graphic interface to avoid errors when running on Windows 7 or Windows 8.
3587IssueImproved the Collaboration add-on, so the user can configure and select from multiple workspaces from Team Foundation Server (TFS).
3604IssueImproved the message displayed on the development environment when the user attempts to rename a tag.
3614IssueModified the Translation Table (development environment) preventing it from displaying the same text on more than one row of the Source column.
3624IssueImproved the in-browser performance of the Mobile Access web interface, especially when a project screen contains several objects.
3643IssueResolved an issue with the security system where changes were not saved if they were initiated by a project client (for example, if the function SetPassword was called on the client).
3658IssueEnhanced the screen interface to display scroll bars within the screen automatically when opening the screen with a smaller size (width and height) than the original size configured in the project (Screen Attributes). Therefore, the user can scroll through the whole screen during the runtime.
3659IssueModified the Trend Control to display the correct cursor value at any point of the curve (pen) when the data source is an external database.
3660IssueRemoved the Apply button from the Tag Properties dialog window, since it was redundant with the Ok button.
3662IssueModified the SetLanguage built-in function to prevent it from changing the language on the server when calling the function from a Thin Client.
3665IssueModified the graphic interface to make sure that the Key (shortcut) property of Command animations work properly, even when changing the focus of objects during the runtime through the TAB key.
3700IssueModified the script editor to remove break points automatically from deleted or empty lines.
3702IssueModified the German translation for screen groups in the development environment.
3708IssueModified the graphic interface to avoid errors (crashing) when loading screens with specific ActiveX or .NET controls.
3718IssueResolved an issue where hardkey licenses sometimes did not work properly with EmbeddedView running on Windows Embedded Standard.
3727IssueModified the Command dynamic to support shortcuts (Key property) with combinations of two or more keys.
3728IssueEnhanced the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client interface to avoid displaying vertical and horizontal scroll bars unnecessarily on the web browser when displaying a list of screens.
3732IssueModified the Alarm/Event Control to display the complete icon for the Ack required column on the header of the object.
3734IssueModified the Text Box object to guarantee that the value entered in the object by the user is assigned to the respective tag after clicking in any other area or object on the screen.
3736IssueResolved an issue with the Mobile Access web interface where active objects (e.g., buttons) in project screens were not properly dimmed when the objects were disabled.
3737IssueEnhanced the alarm interface to support comments, even when the alarm was generated directly by a communication driver.
3740IssueModified the Command animation on the development environment to prevent the user from closing the Object Properties window while its Configuration dialog (launched from the Config button on the Object Properties window) is still open, which could cause unexpected behaviors.
3742IssueModified the graphic interface (Viewer) to display the whole screen when opening it on a second monitor, in a scenario where more than one monitor is used in extended desktop mode. This modification prevents the Viewer from not redrawing portions of the screen, which were displayed as blank (white) rectangles during the runtime.
3751IssueImproved the performance when deleting tags from the tag integration.
3753IssueModified the Grid control to avoid duplicating the same record (data) in two rows.
3779IssueModified the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client to display all areas configured to the project (not only the first one), even after successfully logging into the system, preceded from an invalid attempt (e.g.: invalid user name or password).
3780IssueModified the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client to check the security system settings (access level) of each radio button and check box on the screen individually.
3794IssueEnhanced the performance to query data from external databases to populate combo box objects when opening screens. See also item 3674.
3808IssueModified the behavior of popup screens on the Web Thin Clients, so the user can click on objects (e.g.: execute Command animations) from any popup during the runtime, even when they overlap each other.
3841IssueImproved robustness and error handling in the Studio Database Gateway (StADOSvr).
3881IssueResolved an issue where emails that contained Unicode characters were not sent properly via TLS/SSL.
3920IssueResolved issues with the behavior of Check Box and Combo Box objects in the Mobile Access web interface.
3966IssueModified the Studio Database Gateway (StAdoSvr.exe) to avoid exception errors when it is configured to save log files (Monitor > Save to file) into a directory where the gateway does not have writing access.
3987IssueA new algorithm used to display Linked Pictures improved the quality of the images displayed during the runtime, but it dropped support to the legacy file format TGA. In order to keep compatibility to the TGA format (legacy projects), the user can re-enable the previous algorithm by configuring the parameter DefaultLinkedPictureQuality=0 from the [Viewer] section of the [ApplicationName].app file.
3994IssueModified the saving of Alarm history to improve synchronization between the primary and secondary databases, especially when the secondary database is set to Store and forward .
4005IssueEnhanced the warning message displayed when the user edits a script while in debugging mode.
4018IssueImproved the Secure Viewer and Web Thin Client to properly validate user/group privileges before processing a logon attempt. This resolves an issue where user logons sometimes failed after privileges were changed in the project configuration.
4019IssueModified the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client to display decimal values properly, including the decimal points (or any string after the dot - . - character).
4046IssueImprove the Alarm/Event control to display history messages properly, even when running the project on Windows Embedded Compact (formerly known as Windows CE) and using tags (e.g.: {MyTag}) to modify the alarm message dynamically.
4058IssueResolved an issue with the project viewer (Viewer.exe) where it sometimes sent incorrect messages to the log file (ViewerDump.txt) when it drew screen objects. See also item 4061.
4059IssueModified the screen editor (development environment) to avoid errors when trying to insert linked symbols stored in a network path (e.g.: \\MyPC\Symbols\Mysymbol.sym).
4061IssueResolved an issue with the project viewer (Viewer.exe) where it sometimes sent incorrect messages to the log file (ViewerDump.txt) when it opened or closed a screen that contained an Alarm/Event Control object. See also item 4058.
4065IssueModified the Web Thin Client to display images on the Smart Message and Button objects, when properly configured to do so.
4088IssueResolved an issue with NTWebServer where, in some cases, the user could perform a directory transversal and access files outside the web folder. You should not use this Web Server for real projects, use IIS instead.
4089IssueEnhanced security for FTP and SMTP configurations that are saved in the project file.
4125IssueIncreased the limit of simultaneous connections supported by the TCP/IP Server task from 1024 to 32767 simultaneous connections - typically from remote servers configured with multiple TCP/IP Client worksheets.
4137IssueResolved an issue with Web Thin Client where trying to load linked pictures sometimes caused errors. The issue was discovered after resolving another issue with memory leaks in Web Thin Client; see item 3711 in a previous release.
4194IssueResolved an issue with the functions RunGlobalProcedureOnFalse, RunGlobalProcedureOnTrue, and RunGlobalProcedureOnTrigger where, if the specified tag's quality or timestamp was changed by a communication driver or background task, that change was not properly passed as a parameter to the specified procedure. (There was no issue if only the value of the specified tag was changed, or if the tag was changed by a screen object or script.) See also item 3704 in a previous release.
4209IssueModified the product to recognize Hardkeys manufactured by WiBu when running the application on Windows Embedded Standard operating system.
4210IssueResolved an issue with EmbeddedView where stopping a project sometimes caused system errors.
4232IssueEnabled translation feature for the Text Box object.
4249IssueCreated a new parameter MaximumDatabaseBackupFiles in the [Options] section of the[ApplicationName].APP file, allowing the user to specify the number of backup versions (circular buffer) automatically created for the tags database file (Database\Tagl.txt), so the user can restore previous versions of the tags database when it is inadvertently deleted or modified.
4253IssueDisabled the Decimation option from the Trend Control when the X-Axis is configured as Numeric.
4262IssueModified the TCP/IP Client and TCP/IP Server tasks to communicate the correct timestamp value for tags configured in the TCP/IP Client worksheets.
4293IssueModified the graphic interface to make sure that button objects are properly released after executing a touch event (e.g.: On Touch) from the Command animation applied to the button.
4323IssueImproved the redundancy algorithm for Secure Viewer Thin Clients and Web Thin Clients, increasing the performance to open screens after switching from the Primary Server to the Secondary Server (when the Primary Server becomes unavailable).
4330IssueModified the Text object with the Text Data Link animation to handle focus properly when it is in a group of objects.
4331IssueModified the graphic interface to print ActiveX controls (e.g.: StudioTreeCtrl) and .NET controls (e.g.: DateTimeControl) properly through the PrintWindow or SaveScreenShot built-in functions.
4371IssueModified the Smart Message object to display the correct message associated with the Error state, instead of displaying the text #UNDEFINED# during the runtime.
4408IssueModified the product so if a tag is configured in a communication driver sheet to write values when the tag changes of value, the command is executed by the driver even when the tag value is modified through an external program linked to the project through the Tags Database Toolkit .
4448IssueModified the Alarm/Event Control object to prevent it from displaying the message Please wait a moment... continuously when the Alarm history is set to Database format and the project is running on Windows Embedded Standard.
4535IssueModified the Verify command to avoid resetting the transparency settings for linked pictures encapsulated in linked symbols.
4569IssueModified the Driver Toolkit IDrvTask interface to support multi-threading
4736IssueModified the Remote Agent to properly recognize Hardkeys when running on Windows Embedded Compact (formerly known as Windows CE) with XScale processors.
4756IssueModified the Remote Management to send the Web\SMA and the Web\Resources when sending a project.
4762IssueModified the Grid Control to display the data even when the option to enable client thread is disabled. See also item WI3674.

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 2 (Friday, July 19, 2013)

1126RequirementImproved the Position animation to allow changes in the object's visibility, from 0% (transparent) to 100% (opaque). The value may be changed during run time. This replaces Show on Condition , which only allowed the object to be either hidden or visible. To reflect these changes, the animation was renamed Visibility/Position. For more information, see the documentation.
2096RequirementIntroduced an option to create screens and their objects dynamically during the runtime.
2274RequirementImplemented the ability to debug VBScript in most scripting interfaces in the development environment. These debugging tools are based on the tools in Microsoft Visual Studio, so if you are experienced with Visual Studio, then these tools should be familiar to you as well.
2275RequirementImplemented sorting and filtering in the worksheet editors
2480RequirementImproved the Linked Picture screen object to include support for Enhanced Metafiles (EMF).
2481RequirementImproved the driver toolkit to provide an interface for sending alarm/event messages.
2498RequirementEnhanced the run-time graphics to apply anti-aliasing to shapes, buttons, and text, and to prevent alias effects when zooming a screen. These enhancements can be enabled or disabled (Project Settings > Viewer > Enable Enhanced Graphics) as needed for run-time performance. New projects will have the enhancements enabled by default; projects upgraded from previous versions will have the enhancements disabled by default. These enhancements are not supported on Windows Embedded.
2499RequirementImplemented tag integration for Allen-Bradley Ethernet devices (ABTCP). See also items 2519, 2520, 2785.
2519RequirementImplemented tag integration and import wizard for Koyo devices from AutomationDirect (KOYO). See also items 2499, 2520, 2785.
2520RequirementImplemented tag integration and import wizard for Productivity3000 Programmable Automation Controllers from AutomationDirect (PAC3K). See also items 2499, 2519, 2785.
2524RequirementImplemented a Database API to allow third-party applications to integrate with the project database.
2555RequirementAdded an import wizard to import screens created in XML format. Please contact your software vendor for more information on the Screen XML Toolkit.
2589RequirementImplemented new Tags Database functions to add and remove project tags during run time, as well as to configure alarms and other properties on project tags.
2617RequirementImplemented the option Background screen  in the Screen Attributes dialog. When the option is selected, the screen is not brought to the front when the operator clicks on it.
2699RequirementImproved the Mobile Access (SMA) feature to also show screens that contain shapes, animations, linked pictures, and simple active objects (e.g., Button, Text Box, Check Box, Radio Button). Advanced active objects and data objects are not yet supported. For more information, see the documentation.
2762RequirementUpdated the Remote API Toolkit with the latest runtime updates
2779RequirementModified the ISSymbol plug-in for thin clients to be able to resize project screens independently of the browser window.
2781RequirementImplemented the License Server feature, which allows you to set up a license server on your network that will manage all of the product licenses -- both engineering and run-time -- for your other computers. Please note that this feature only works with Wibu's hard keys and CodeMeter software, and that you must purchase the correct type of licenses. For more information, contact your sales representative or customer service.
2789RequirementImproved the method used to save and retrieve historical data, so that all data is now saved with a Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time stamp, and then implemented several new built-in scripting functions to set, get, and convert the time (UTC <-> local) during run time. See also items 2607 and 2908.
2814RequirementUpdated support for multi-touch gestures on Windows Embedded Compact 7. See item 2445 in the previous release.
2926RequirementAdded Chinese Traditional, zh-TW, localization to the product.
3023RequirementAdded Russian localization of the product, which you may select either when you install the product or later by using the Language command in the development environment (View tab > Options group > Language).
3045RequirementImproved how the Translation Table feature handles alarm/event messages that include tags in curly brackets (e.g., ALARM: The current value is {MyTag}! ). Previously, the value of the tag was retrieved and stored with the message BEFORE the message was translated, so you would need to provide a separate translation for each possible value of the tag. Now, the value of the tag is retrieved AFTER the message is translated, so you only need to provide a translation for the text other than the tag. For more information, see the documentation.
3070RequirementModified the ActiveX control ISSymbol.ocx (i.e., the Web Thin Client) so that it can be used to invoke Javascript from the web page that contains it during run time. To do this, use the built-in scripting function ExecuteCustomCall to trigger the event OnCustomCall on the control, and in turn, the event OnCustomCall will invoke the specified Javascript from the web page.  Please note that this feature does not work in projects running on Windows Embedded. For more information, see the documentation.
595Change RequestImproved the Linked Picture screen object to allow you to set a transparent color, through which the screen background and/or other screen objects placed behind the picture will be visible. To set the transparent color, either use the tracker tool to select the color in the picture or specify a color code via tag/expression. If you do the latter, then you may change the color code -- and therefore the transparent color -- during run time. See also item 2058.
897Change RequestModified the Alarm/Event Control screen object to add an option to disable the operator's ability to acknowledge an alarm by double-clicking (or double-tapping) the alarm message. This option may be used, for example, either to force the operator to click another button to acknowledge the alarm or to prevent alarms from being acknowledged on thin clients.
2214Change RequestModified the Tag Integration feature to allow the creation of array tags without the trailing underscore (e.g., MyTag_1 instead of MyTag_1_).
2276Change RequestAdded support for more languages (e.g., Chinese, French, Japanese) on the virtual keyboard.
2279Change RequestImplemented an option to automatically convert pasted bitmap images into Linked Picture objects and then save the images as separate files in the project folder. This should improve the project's download size and run-time performance. Previously, when you pasted a bitmap image into a project screen, it was placed as a Bitmap object and the entire image was embedded in the screen file. See also items 1802, 2062, 2967, 3067.
2294Change RequestModified the development environment to notify you when your project is configured for Windows Embedded target systems and you create a shape with a Fill Effect. Fill Effects are not supported on Windows Embedded. See also item 2654.
2429Change RequestImproved the Remove Unused Tags tool to include buttons to Check All and Uncheck All.
2482Change RequestModified the Alarms task to create a queue of alarm changes, so that they can be properly reported to third-party applications using the StudioToolkitNet API.
2504Change RequestImproved alarms and events to allow custom fields. For alarms, the custom fields can be configured in the Alarm worksheet. For events, the custom fields can be configured in the SendEvent function. The number of custom fields can be specified in the project settings (Project Settings > Options > Alarm History and Events). This feature does not work in projects running on Windows Embedded.
2535Change RequestModified the Collaboration feature to properly update the Project Explorer in the development environment and generally improve the user experience. See also issue 2600.
2554Change RequestUpdated the ControlLogix / RSLogix 5000 tag integration to support L5K files generated by RSLogix 5000 V20.
2559Change RequestModified the Tag Integration feature to automatically sync the tag list, so that it does not need to be reloaded every time you open the Object Finder.
2576Change RequestModified the error message that is displayed when an invalid array index is specified. The message now clearly states the problem is the array index, rather than saying only that it is an invalid tag.
2598Change RequestModified the Verify Project command to avoid showing message boxes when evaluating invalid files. The error messages are now shown in the Output window.
2600Change RequestModified the Collaboration feature to cache the status of files in source control and increase overall performance. See also item 2535.
2607Change RequestImproved the method used to save and retrieve historical data, so that data from devices in different time zones can be collated on a central server and then displayed again to thin clients. See also items 2789 and 2908.
2610Change RequestImproved the Alarm/Event Control screen object to allow specified alarm messages to blink. This feature does not work in projects running on Windows Embedded. See also item 2164 in a previous release.
2611Change RequestImproved the built-in scripting function Open so that when you use it to open a screen that contains Linked Symbols, you can specify an external mnemonics file that will be used to set the custom values on those Linked Symbols. This provides more flexibility than simply declaring the mnemonics within the function. See also item 2873.
2615Change RequestImproved the IndTreeView ActiveX control to add the method SetBackgroundColor, which allows you to set the background color of the treeview. See also item 2616.
2616Change RequestImproved the IndTreeView ActiveX control to add the method ChangeIcon, which allows you to change icons on nodes without reloading the entire treeview. See also item 2615.
2618Change RequestAdded the built-in scripting function TranslationLoad, which can be used to load additional translation files and append them to (rather than replace) the current translation file.
2639Change RequestCorrected the window title(s) for the Import Tool for PanelMate.
2677Change RequestImproved the Alarm/Event Control screen object to display labels in the Priority column, instead of the numbers only. The labels may be customized by manually editing the project file (projectname.APP). For more information, see the documentation.
2684Change RequestModified the status bar (at the bottom of the development environment) to display the correct line and column numbers when you are working in a VBScript interface. See also item 2683.
2686Change RequestModified the process for downloading project files to a target device so that if an error occurs while downloading, the error message includes the file path on the target device. This should make it easier to troubleshoot the error (for example, to make sure the file path is valid).
2687Change RequestChanged the default behavior of file caching on thin clients, so that downloaded project files are checked against the server and then cached. This should improve run-time performance and prevent thin clients from downloading unnecessary files. See also item 2570 in a previous release.
2694Change RequestModified the project security system to manage both engineering and run-time users in the same interface. Also, removed ExtUser.dll and ExtUser.exe from the installation and then removed all references to those files from the documentation.
2708Change RequestCorrected the name of a file in the installation.
2715Change RequestImproved the Smart Message screen object to support conditional expressions for each state, rather than only tag values or plain text.
2725Change RequestModified the Remote Management tool to display a warning that the contents of the selected folder on the target device will be deleted before the project files are downloaded to the device. The warning is displayed only if the selected folder is not empty, and it is to prevent you from accidentally deleting critical system files on the target device.
2733Change RequestUpdated the application's XML support to use Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) version 6.0. See also item 2821.
2739Change RequestUpdated the product installation procedure to use the C# executables instead of the InstallShield script.
2751Change RequestIn the Remote Management tool, Database Spy, and Remote Logwin, renamed Network IP to Host so that it is clear you can specify either an IP address or a host name.
2752Change RequestImproved the alert message that is displayed when you choose to delete a project tag.
2753Change RequestModified the development environment so that the graphics tools (e.g., Shapes, Active Objects, Data Objects) are disabled while you are setting the tab order of existing objects in a screen. Previously, the tools remained enabled even though you could not actually create new objects in that screen.
2760Change RequestModified the development environment so that if you press Esc while the Object Properties dialog is open and active, then the dialog is closed.
2764Change RequestImproved the Rotation animation to support fractions of degrees. More specifically, the degrees of rotation may now be expressed as a real number, whereas before they could only be expressed as an integer.
2787Change RequestImproved the OPC UA Client task worksheet, included an option to change the sampling rate.
2791Change RequestModified the OPC DA 2.05 Client task to properly write values with up to 20 decimal places. Previously, the task could only write values with up to 6 decimal places.
2793Change RequestImproved the tags database to support up to 16,384 classes and up to 4,096 members per class.
2794Change RequestModifed the Full Integration SDK to not update the Program Settings.ini when switching projects.
2798Change RequestImproved the Command animation properties to show indicators on the actions/tabs that have something configured. This should make it easier to see at a glance what is configured, without clicking on each tab.
2817Change RequestImproved the Verify Project command (Home tab > Tools group > Verify) with an additional option to create integrated tags automatically if they are not present on the Tags Database.
2823Change RequestModified the Database Gateway (StADOSvr) to use an updated time stamp when saving data to Microsoft SQL Server databases, so that milliseconds do not need to be stored in a separate column. Please note that this only works with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later; if you are using an earlier version of SQL Server, then you must edit the program settings to reverse the change. For more information, see the documentation. See also items 2890, 2913, 2914.
2836Change RequestModified the way that product licenses are counted so that you need only one license for each computer logged onto the project, even if a computer is running multiple instances of the client software. Previously, you needed a license for each instance.
2841Change RequestReviewed how encryption is used in the product, to try to resolve issues that may be caused by uninitialized variables (for example, the commonly seen Invalid tagl.bin error).
2844Change RequestModified the OPC UA Client's item browser to make it more responsive when the OPC UA Server cannot communicate with target devices. Previously, if the OPC Server could not communicate with the devices, then the OPC UA Client would also slow down and become unusable. See also items 2844-2849.
2845Change RequestModified the OPC UA Client's timeout settings to provide more options in case the OPC UA Server becomes unresponsive. See also items 2844-2849.
2846Change RequestModified the OPC UA Client's status messages to clearly indicate when it is communicating properly with the OPC UA Server. See also items 2844-2849.
2847Change RequestModified the Reload Trigger option on the OPC UA, OPC .Net, and OPC XML/DA worksheets to be reset to 0 when the reload is completed. See also items 2844-2849.
2848Change RequestModified the OPC UA Client to generate a detailed log file, which can be used to troubleshoot communication with the OPC UA Server. See also items 2844-2849.
2849Change RequestModified the OPC UA Client to avoid reading/writing invalid items (i.e., item name and node ID are empty) on the server. A log message will be displayed when an invalid item is selected and added to the client worksheet, but future read/write operations will not generate any more messages. See also items 2678, 2844-2849, 3047.
2857Change RequestImproved the Tag Integration feature to allow you to remove tags directly from the Shared Database worksheet.
2868Change RequestModified the nightly build process to sign the .Net assemblies that are used in the product, which should ensure the authenticity of the assemblies. For internal use only.
2873Change RequestImproved the built-in scripting function Open so that some screen attributes can be set when the screen is opened. See also item 2611.
2888Change RequestImproved the Object Finder so that you may select and import multiple tags from a tag integration source. Previously, you had to select and import tags one at a time.
2890Change RequestResolved an issue with the Database Gateway (StADOSvr) where, if you configured a database to store historical data and the database was not accessible, then the resulting timeouts might stack up and cause the project runtime to freeze. See also items 2823, 2913, 2914.
2894Change RequestModified the Alarms task to change the way that it queries for alarms during run time, which should prevent conflicts with other clients and improve run-time performance.
2896Change RequestModified the data objects (i.e., Alarm/Event, Trend, and Grid) to run their queries in separate threads on the project server, to make sure that the project viewer will not freeze while waiting on long query operations.
2954Change RequestImplemented an option to disable the prioritization of project clients. By default, project clients are prioritized in the order that they connect to the project server, with the first typically being the local viewer. The higher priority that a client has, the more quickly the server will respond to its requests and the better it will perform during run time. If you disable prioritization, then the server will respond to all requests in the order that they are received. For more information about this option, contact Support.
2979Change RequestModified the TCP/IP Client worksheet to add the option Send Values On Connection . When this option is selected and the project is run, the client will ignore the first tag values that it receives from the server and instead send its own tag values to the server.
2992Change RequestAdded support to parameters of AOIs (Add-On Instrunctions) for RSLogix5000 Tag Integration
2995Change RequestUpdate OPC XML/DA to use the API from the OPC Foundation
3015Change RequestModified the Min/Max feature of tags to provide more options for how to handle tag values that are out of range. To change how they are handled, manually edit your project file (projectname.APP) and adjust the settings WriteOutOfRange and CapOutOfRange. For more information about these settings and how they work in combination, see the documentation.
3039Change RequestReapproved the built-in scripting function Wait and added it to both the Object Finder and VBScript Intellisense. The function had been deprecated in a previous release, but it was not removed from the documentation.
3042Change RequestAdded localization for the Full Integration SDK components
3044Change RequestImproved the internal structure of the Tag Integration feature.
3049Change RequestChanged how runtime threads are named in dump files to make it easier to analyze them.
3067Change RequestImproved the Linked Picture screen object so that you may link to image files in sub-folders (e.g., Web\Folder1\MyPicture.jpg). Previously, you could only link to image files in your project's Web folder. See also items 2279 and 2967.
3082Change RequestModified the CloseConnection option to generate text-only log files instead of complete dump files when the run-time client's connection to the server is closed. This resolves an issue where generating dump files caused the system to freeze in certain situations. See also item 2770 in a previous release.
3085Change RequestModified the database interface to automatically index alarm and event tables by event time. Existing historical data (from projects created with previous versions) cannot be indexed in this way, so if you can afford to do so, then you may choose to delete the old tables from your database and create new ones. Doing so will improve run-time performance. For more information, see the documentation.
3088Change RequestUpdated the process for generating dump files to recognize the latest versions of Windows.
3111Change RequestImproved the Studio Database Gateway (StADOSvr.exe) to include a connection monitor, which can help with project debugging. The output of the connection monitor may also be logged to a file.
3119Change RequestModified the Trend Control screen object to implement a query timeout, which should prevent the project client from hanging on an unusually long data source query. The default timeout period is 120 seconds. You may adjust this by manually editing your project file (projectname.APP) to change the value of QueryTimeout.
3126Change RequestEnhanced the performance and stability of the VBScript editor, especially when editing scripts that have more than 1000 lines.
855IssueResolved an issue where the Development Environment would close unexpectedly if you tried to open an invalid Driver worksheet.
1170IssueModified debugging tools to properly indicate errors when undeclared variables are specified in the Graphics Script.
1377IssueResolved an issue with the Closed Polygon screen object where the object's Background (or Fill) settings would sometimes be lost if the object's Border (or Line) settings were changed.
1378IssueResolved an issue with the development environment where, if the screen editor was set to greater than 100% zoom, then you could not select Closed Polygon screen objects.
1602IssueResolved an issue where the SendEmailExt function would create an email with an invalid To header.
1741IssueImproved the project security system so that the LDAP offline cache will properly track recent users according to a first in, first out (FIFO) algorithm.
1745IssueModified the project security system to properly protect OPC UA, OPC .Net, OPC XML/DA, and DDE worksheets.
1802IssueResolved an issue where some BMP images (inserted using the Linked Picture screen object) were not properly displayed and/or caused system errors. See also item 2279.
1930IssueResolved an issue where if you used the Test Screen command on a screen that contained a Trend Control screen object, then the system would freeze.
1937IssueResolved an issue where the project viewer (Viewer.exe) would not actually start up in the target language that was selected in the Translation Table.
2002IssueImproved the validation of array tags in worksheets. Previously, if you typed anything other than a period (to indicate a class member; for example, MyArrayTag[1].classMember) after the array index, then that text was not validated.
2038IssueResolved an issue where SQL commands that took longer than 30 seconds to be executed would always time out, even if a longer timeout period was configured.
2058IssueImproved the Linked Picture screen object to allow you to insert images with transparent backgrounds, such as PNG files. See also item 595.
2062IssueResolved an issue where the Background Picture (set in Screen Attributes) would get distorted in some specific situations. See also item 2279.
2118IssueImproved how Alarm, Event, and Trend history are evaluated and removed (according to the History Life Time setting) when those tasks are configured to save their history to an external database.
2149IssueModified the OPC XML/DA worksheet and the associated Connection dialog to correctly show labels in the selected language (View tab > Options group > Language). See also items 2148 and 2187.
2150IssueModified the Service Configuration dialog (Project tab > Settings group > Service) to correctly show labels in the selected language (View tab > Options group > Language).
2169IssueResolved an issue where dialogs from the Trend Control run-time interface would not open until you pressed the Alt key on your keyboard.
2283IssueResolved an issue that prevented the decompression of historical trend files if the file path contained a hyphen.
2383IssueResolved an issue with TwinCAT tag integration not working properly if the original PLC project has empty structures.
2505IssueResolved an issue where Linked Symbols could be resized, even if they were not supposed to be (i.e., the Use linked size option was selected). Now, when a Linked Symbol is selected in the screen editor, the Size tools (in the Format tab of the ribbon) are disabled.
2515IssueResolved an issue where, if you used the Object Finder to insert a tag in a Main Driver Sheet, then the worksheet was not saved properly.
2544IssueResolved several outstanding issues with the product localizations.
2587IssueModified the project runtime to convert the boolean values returned by .Net Control methods, so that the values are compatible with the Boolean tags in your project.
2619IssueResolved an issue where the tooltip was not properly updated when the mouse hovered over individual objects in a group of objects.
2620IssueModified the Import command on the Translation Table to properly import a CSV file that has a dash separator in its file name.
2641IssueModified the Import Wizard for PanelMate so that all objects are imported at the correct size.
2649IssueModified the project security system to properly save group settings. This item was created by the resolution of item 2590 in a previous release.
2653IssueResolved an issue where the built-in scripting functions CreateUser and SetPassword would return errors if they were called from the Background Tasks while the Viewer was not running. The functions apparently tried to open dialogs for more input but could not because the Viewer was not running. The functions should not try to open dialogs if all of their parameters are provided. See also item 2972.
2654IssueAdded a new log message when screens that are created for Windows target systems and that contain shapes with Fill Effects are opened on Windows Embedded target systems. Fill Effects are not supported on Windows Embedded. See also item 2294.
2678IssueResolved an issue with the OPC UA task worksheet where, if you used the write trigger to write items and one of the items was invalid, then none of the items were written. Now, only the invalid item is not written. See also items 2849 and 3047.
2683IssueModified the status bar (at the bottom of the development environment) to display the correct line and column numbers when multiple lines are selected in a VBScript interface. See also item 2684.
2685IssueResolved compatibility issues with the Import Wizard for PanelBuilder.
2690IssueModified the development environment to properly handle screen objects that are off screen.
2710IssueResolved an issue with the Import Wizard for PanelMate where it would sometimes create invalid values for the advanced parameter Alarm Deadband Time. See also items 2711, 2712, 2713.
2711IssueResolved an issue with the Import Wizard for PanelMate where it would create a standard tag with the wrong name. See also items 2710, 2712, 2713.
2712IssueResolved an issue with the Import Wizard for PanelMate where it would not correctly import Modbus and Modbus Plus addresses to the Main Driver Sheet. See also items 2710, 2711, 2713.
2713IssueResolved an issue with the Import Wizard for PanelMate where it would not correctly import the routing settings for the Modbus Plus (MODPL) driver. See also items 2710, 2711, 2712.
2719IssueResolved an issue with the built-in scripting function RunGlobalProcedureOnServer where it did not work properly when you passed some specific parameters.
2723IssueResolved an issue with the German localization of the Trend - Points configuration dialog.
2732IssueResolved an issue with the Grid Control screen object where sorting the data was not working properly.
2734IssueResolved an issue where if the development environment window was open on a secondary display, then the Object Properties dialog would open on the primary display.
2745IssueModifed the Linked Symbols to properly accept negative values in custom properties.
2750IssueCorrected errors in the German localization of the product.
2756IssueModified the algorithm that detects file changes after you verify your project (Home tab > Tools group > Verify).
2759IssueModified the tag type selection to only display the class as an option if the class has at least one member.
2792IssueModified the way that the Tag Integration feature caches tags, to improve support for structures (classes) and avoid downloading big files to slow devices.
2800IssueModified the way the runtime handles alarm tag field changes to reduce the memory usage. A continous change of the field in a short time interval (ms) would use too much memory and possibly stop the runtime.
2821IssueResolved an issue with TwinCAT tag integration generating errors on computers that did not have Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) version 4.0 installed. Updated the application to use MSXML6. See also item 2733.
2826IssueResolved an issue with the Import Wizard for TwinCAT where it did not import some tags correctly. See item 2790 in a previous release.
2835IssueResolved an issue where Linked Pictures were not displayed in their correct positions on web thin clients.
2842IssueResolved an issue with creating and editing class members when the computer did not have a C: drive.
2843IssueModified the Tag Integration feature to properly replace the tags in screen objects when a tag is renamed on the PLC.
2850IssueCorrected the description of the system tag DayOfYear.
2851IssueModified the TwinCAT tag integration to accept arrays that have a lower bound of 1.
2853IssueModified the Trend Control screen object so that if the graph's Y-axis is configured to have both a logarithmic scale and a minimum less than or equal to 0 (which is impossible for a logarithm), then a minimum of 0.00000000000000000000001 will be used automatically during run time. This will not change any of the object properties. See also item 2556 in a previous release.
2858IssueResolved an issue with the Security System where if you selected the LDAP option and specified the server by host name (rather than by IP address), then the server was sometimes not accessible. See also item 2935.
2860IssueModified the TwinCAT tag integration to properly show the indices of arrays of structures. See also item 2943.
2871IssueResolved an issue with the project security system's Domain (LDAP) mode where, in some cases, the security level of a previously logged out user might be used to e-sign an event.
2875IssueResolved an issue with the BR_WS and COSYS drivers where if the Send last state option was selected, then the drivers did not read all of the worksheets.
2879IssueModified the Global Replace, Remove Unused Tags, and Cross Reference commands to include any tags configured in the Disable Commands box in the Screen Attributes dialog.
2882IssueResolved an issue where the function DBCursorColumnCount returned incorrect values when performing DBCursorOpenSQL queries on Views.
2884IssueResolved an issue with the Virtual Keypad (VK) where it was not being properly positioned when called from a pop-up screen.
2893IssueResolved an issue where VBScript Intellisense would not work in a line of script that contained a single-quote character (').
2895IssueImproved the VBScript interface so that it will ignore the word function when it is used inside a text string. Normally, function is a VBScript keyword and cannot be used for anything else.
2898IssueResolved an issue where the function SetPassword did not work properly in projects running on Windows Embedded, which caused changes to be lost when the device was restarted.
2899IssueResolved an issue where VBScript Intellisense sometimes did not show the parameters of procedures created in the Main Procedures worksheet.
2908IssueResolved an issue with the new method to save and retrieve historical data, where the project runtime would sometimes return an error when trying to save to the database. See also items 2607 and 2789.
2909IssueResolved an issue where the Color animation on a screen object was sometimes lost when the screen object was copied and pasted.
2912IssueModified the Tag Integration feature to properly handle write operations in projects with more than 65,535 tags.
2913IssueModified the Database Gateway (StADOSvr) to create a buffer for error messages. Previously, the Database Gateway could lock up if it received too many messages. See also items 2823, 2890, 2914.
2914IssueModified the Database Gateway (StADOSvr) to resolve an issue where the Viewer froze when trying to query data in a specific sequence. See also items 2823, 2890, 2913.
2916IssueIdentified an issue with the Trend Control screen object where, if a custom query is configured and decimation is enabled, then the trend may not show any data. To avoid this, the data must be properly sorted. For more information, see the documentation.
2918IssueResolved an issue where some .Net controls could no longer be customized. The issue was introduced in a previous version; before that, the controls could be customized as intended.
2919IssueResolved an issue with the Trend Control screen object where the Font Size settings sometimes could not be changed.
2920IssueImproved the Smart Message screen object so that you can specify a tag name in curly brackets (e.g., {MyTag}) for the source file path. This allows you to change the source file during run time.
2921IssueCorrected errors in the French localization of the product.
2924IssueResolved an issue with the function PrintWindow so that it prints properly in landscape mode.
2925IssueResolved an issue with VBScript execution where if a script was continuously writing values to a tag, then the runtime might freeze when you tried to stop it.
2927IssueModified the VBScript interface to properly validate tags that are created while editing a script.
2931IssueResolved an issue with the Trend Control screen object where, if the trend graph was configured with multiple X-axes but not multiple sections to separate the axes, then any zooming done on the graph could not be canceled.
2935IssueResolved an issue with the Security System where security levels sometimes did not work properly on Web Thin Clients. See also item 2858.
2938IssueImproved the handling of unregistered .Net controls.
2943IssueModified the TwinCAT tag integration to properly communicate with arrays of structures. See also item 2860.
2947IssueResolved an issue where you could not create or configure tags in the Advanced settings of the Alarm worksheet.
2948IssueResolved an issue where if you selected the option  Send Every State  (Project Settings > Communication > Driver and OPC) in a project running on Windows Embedded, then the project would crash when the maximum buffer size was exceeded. See also item 2681 in a previous version.
2951IssueImproved the Alarm History and Events database interface (Project Settings > Options) to allow a History Life Time up to 32,768 days.
2957IssueModified the Viewer module to prevent false identification of Multi-Touch devices. This issue could cause crashes on the Viewer startup when running on some specific embedded devices and on Windows 2008 RC2.
2966IssueResolved a memory management issue with the PMControl.ocx control.
2967IssueChanged how the Web Thin Client caches images files, to improve run-time performance. Previously, if the Web Thin Client opened a screen that contained multiple instances of the same Linked Picture, then it would re-download the image file for each instance. See also items 2279 and 3067.
2968IssueResolved an issue that occured when calling the built-in scripting function Open from the VBScript sub-routine Graphics_OnStart. Calling the function caused errors in some specific situations.
2972IssueModified the built-in scripting function CreateUser so that it will not execute in the Viewer unless it needs to open a dialog for user input. See also item 2653.
2975IssueUpdated the Studio PDF2 (novaPDF) installer to resolve a watermark issue. The Studio PDF2 printer is used by certain tasks and functions to print directly to a PDF file. See also item 3036.
2976IssueImproved the way that the project runtime handles write operations from thin clients. Previously, if a thin client ran a script that continuously wrote tag values back to the tags database, the frequency of communication would cause CPU usage to go to 100%.
2980IssueResolved an issue with the Import Wizard for PanelMate where it looked for a certain ActiveX control under the wrong name, causing the import to fail.
2981IssueModified the Driver task to prevent possible memory leaks when using tag properties (e.g., MyTag->AlrStatus) in Driver worksheets.
2982IssueModified the Driver task to avoid warnings and errors when two drivers are trying to write at the same time and the computer has a multi-core processor.
2986IssueResolved an issue where a screen's background picture was spontaneously modified under some specific circumstances.
2989IssueModified the development environment so that it cannot open multiple heavy screens (i.e., screens that contain large numbers of screen objects) at the same time. This was a known issue that caused the development environment to slow down or crash and for which a workaround had been provided; see item 2440 in a previous release. Now, the check is built into the development environment, so the workaround no longer applies.
2996IssueModified the ActiveX control ISSymbol to add the method ReadTagExt, which should be used in Javascript instead of the method ReadTag. The full syntax of the new method is ISSymbol1.ReadTagExt( tagName ).
2997IssueResolved an issue with the built-in scripting function Open not opening the screens at the specified size.
3014IssueResolved an issue with the Combo Box screen object where if it took a long time to load its labels from a text file or database, then the tag configured for Position (in the object properties) would incorrectly receive a value of -1 as a sort of timeout error.
3022IssueModified the Verify Project command so that it will properly import all tags when the option Automatically add tag integration used tags  is selected. Previously, if a tag name included a period (.) but the tag was not identified (in the symbol file exported from the source) as a class, then the tag would not be imported. This was due to differences in tag syntax between products.
3028IssueCorrected some labels in the French localization of the product.
3036IssueUpdated the Studio PDF2 (novaPDF) installer so that it will install properly on Windows 7 64-bit. The Studio PDF2 printer is used by certain tasks and functions to print directly to a PDF file. See also item 2975.
3037IssueResolved an issue with the built-in scripting function SendMailExt where it did not return the correct error codes.
3038IssueResolved an issue with the built-in scripting function PrintWindow where it would not obey the Visibility setting on some screen objects.
3041IssueModified the Alarm/Event Control screen object so that when you select an alarm message in the control and then new alarms are displayed, your selection stays with the MESSAGE that you clicked rather than the ROW that you clicked. This is to ensure that  Selected tag (Alarm/Event Control > Object Properties > Advanced) works as documented.
3043IssueModified the project security system so that the option Project Settings (Security System > Groups > Engineering Access) also covers Mobile Access configuration.
3047IssueModified the OPC UA Client to avoid browsing invalid items (i.e., item name and node ID are empty) on the server. See also items 2678 and 2849.
3050IssueIncreased the maximum number of Standard Driver Sheets to 9,999 and also implemented other changes, to resolve a numbering/grouping conflict between the Standard Driver Sheets and the Main Driver Sheet.
3051IssueResolved an issue where if a project was modified during run time, then screens would sometimes open with scroll bars.
3054IssueModified the security system's logon procedure so that the Virtual Keyboard is always displayed on devices without physical keyboards.
3058IssueImproved the performance of the Multi-Touch features on slower devices.
3060IssueResolved an issue with memory corruption in the .Net control Indtreeview.ocx. The control is used in the Business Intelligence Dashboard Template.
3061IssueCorrected errors in the Spanish localization of the product.
3063IssueResolved an issue with opening the same screen more than once so that it will always be opened in the correct size and position.
3068IssueModified the TwinCAT tag integration so that it can properly read strings with custom lengths.
3069IssueModified the soft key licensing method so that it may be used on devices that have only Wireless Ethernet (WiFi).
3071IssueUpdated the documentation to make it clear that the built-in For...Next loop may only be used in Math worksheets and not in Command animations.
3075IssueResolved an issue where the built-in scripting functions FileCopy and FindFile were generating errors when they included the parameter optTimeout. This issue was resolved before, but only for projects running on Windows; see item 2332 in a previous release. Now, it has also been resolved for projects running on Windows Embedded.
3076IssueModified the ActiveX control ISSymbol.ocx (i.e., the Web Thin Client) so that it will work properly when running multiple instances inside the same web browser.
3077IssueModified the Object Properties dialog for the Smart Message screen object so that the Type and Value type lists will work correctly regardless of which product localization you use. Previously, the alphabetization of the different languages caused an issue with how the lists were sorted.
3080IssueImproved the method for tag validation in order to prevent inescapable Invalid tag alerts in certain situations.
3083IssueModified the Secure Viewer so that it can download properly from HTTPS.
3090IssueModified the product uninstaller to properly remove all system files.
3091IssueResolved an issue with the Web Thin Client installer (ISSymbolVM.cab) where it tried to install itself several times.
3101IssueResolved issue of Virtual Keyboard not working properly on Web Thin Clients
3114IssueCorrected the documentation for the built-in scripting function WinExecIsRunning. Previously, the documentation had incorrect descriptions of the function's error codes.
3115IssueModified the OPC UA Client task to always increment the value of Read Count (in the task worksheet) even if a read fails.
3116IssueResolved an issue with the OPC UA Client task worksheet where the read/write triggers (in the worksheet's Advanced settings) were not disabled even when the worksheet itself was disabled (using the Disable setting).
3118IssueModified the built-in scripting function Format so that specifying another decimal mark and/or thousands separator will not conflict with the operating system's Region and Language settings. See also item 2196 in a previous release.
3120IssueResolved an issue where using the Test Screen command would cause system errors if there was an invalid Global Procedure script in the project.
3121IssueModified the Output Window (LogWin) so that when a tag value is changed by a Global Procedures script and that change is logged, only the file name of the script file is included in the log message. Previously, the entire file path of the script file was included.
3122IssueClarified the alert message that is displayed when a linked picture is not supported in a project running on Windows Embedded.
3131IssueResolved an issue with the implementation of OPC UA.
3143IssueImproved the worksheet editor to reduce the time it takes to delete a row from a worksheet.
3146IssueModified the Studio Database Gateway (StADOSvr.exe) to implement a timeout for non-query operations. For more information, contact Support.
3147IssueResolved an issue where, if a project was created with an earlier version of the software and it included imported PanelMate objects, that project might not work with the latest version of the software. The specific issue was with the implementation of version support on PMControl.ocx.
3153IssueImproved the project security system's Distributed mode to make it more robust.
3157IssueIdentified an issue where the built-in OPC Server (Studio.Scada.OPC) would not start in EmbeddedView. To resolve this issue, you must download the OPC Core Components Redistributable from the OPC Foundation website and then install it on your Windows Embedded Standard device. For more information, see the documentation.
3161IssueResolved an issue with the Multi-Touch functionality where touch did not work properly with Linked Symbols that include more than one Button object.
3162IssueModified how key events are handled so that only one key may be pressed at a time. Specifically, the second key's On Down event is not processed until the first key's On Up event has been processed.
3168IssueFixed an issue where the number of drivers was not displayed correctly for some specific license types
3261IssueModified the project security system so that the option Project Settings (Security System > Groups > Engineering Access) also covers Mobile Access configuration.
3264IssueImproved the Smart Message screen object so that you can specify a tag name in curly brackets (e.g., {MyTag}) for the source file path. This allows you to change the source file during run time.

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 1 (Friday, February 1, 2013)

2445RequirementAdded support for multi-touch gestures in project screens. Available gestures include: zoom/pan for screens; two-handed control (i.e., recognizing two different touches on the same screen); pre-configured gestures and inertia for the Position, Resize, and Rotation animations; and configurable touch events for the Command animation.
2546RequirementAdded a Spanish localization of the development environment. You can select Spanish either when you install the program or by using the Language command (View tab > Options group > Language). See also items 2730 and 2784.
2597RequirementRevised documentation for Bring to Front  and Send to Back commands.
2622RequirementImproved the OPC XML/DA client to allow you to configure a dead band.
2763RequirementAdded an option to set the color of the header text in Grid screen objects. To set the color, manually edit your project's APP file and change the GridHeaderTextColor setting. You must specify the color in hexadecimal format -- for example, FF0000 is red. The setting is empty by default, which means the header text is the same color as the body text.
2804RequirementVerified that KBDBlock.dll, which is used by the project security system, works on Windows 8.
2510Change RequestImproved the speed of downloading project files to target stations running Remote Agent (CEServer.exe) version 7.5. See also items 2539 and 2634.
2536Change RequestModified the behavior of the OPC UA Server Configuration dialog to avoid showing unnecessary or confusing messages to the user.
2549Change RequestUpdated the demo project (PC Demo) to showcase the new features in this version and to resolve outstanding issues from previous versions.
2553Change RequestImproved the Alarm worksheet to accept tag references (i.e., {Tag}) in the Selection column of the worksheet. Please note that the tag name is limited to five characters, because the Selection field is limited to seven characters and two of those are used by the curly brackets ({}).
2556Change RequestImproved the Trend Control screen object to show logarithmic grid lines when the Y-axis is configured for logarithmic scale.
2563Change RequestResolved an issue where a tag configured in an OPC worksheet would not scan if it was set to scan when used in a screen and the only place it was used in a screen was in a Grid object.
2580Change RequestResolved an issue with the pre-made Meter symbols, in the Symbols library, where the symbol captions (defined by #Label) were not translated by the Translation Table.
2590Change RequestModified the thin client solution to run faster on network environments with high latency.
2643Change RequestImproved the alignment of numeric displays and numeric entries in projects imported with the Import Tool for PanelMate.
2652Change RequestResolved an issue where the SendEmail and SendEmailExt functions sent emails with time stamps that were not properly adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (DST).
2669Change RequestUpdated the Web Thin Client and Secure Viewer with a new signed certificate.
2703Change RequestModified the ISSymbol control to log the tag name in the Viewer log file when the tag is read synchronously.
2704Change RequestAdded an option to make all screen objects with E-sign clickable, regardless of the user's privileges. The E-sign is recorded as normal when the user clicks the object, but the object does not actually perform its function unless the user has sufficient privileges. This makes it possible log all of the user's clicks without changing either the user's privileges or the objects' security levels. To select this option, manually edit your project file (projectname.APP) and change the DisableGrayOutForESignature setting.
2729Change RequestResolved an issue with the OPC UA and OPC XML/DA clients where the read and write counters would show incorrect counts when using triggers.
2749Change RequestAdded an option to load tag values asychronously in the While... sub-routines in the Graphics Script and Screen Scripts. To select this option, manually edit your project's APP file and change the LoadOnWhileScriptTagsAsynchronously setting. By default, tag values are loaded sychronously, but that decreases run-time performance in some projects.
2769Change RequestResolved an issue with the OPC UA client where the client sometimes forced the server to read values from connected devices, which could cause problems if the server was busy communicating with modems.
2770Change RequestAdded an option to create a dump file every time the run-time client's connection to the server is closed. To select this option, manually edit your project's APP file and change the CloseConnection setting. For more information about what the dump file contains and where it is saved, see the documentation.
1667IssueResolved an issue where, if a Trend worksheet was configured to compress its history files, then the resulting compressed files (*.HSZ, as opposed to *.HST for uncompressed) might not be deleted after the specified lifetime.
2035IssueModified the built-in function RunGlobalProcedureOnServer to give an error if it is called within a procedure that was itself triggered by RunGlobalProcedureOnServer. This is to prevent a possible memory leak caused by nested or recursive function calls.
2151IssueResolved an issue where writing a value to the DisplayValue tag field (i.e., tagname->DisplayValue) on a thin client would incorrectly change the actual tag value on the server. The issue was caused by a conflict between the units configured on the thin client and the units configured on the server -- for example, °F on the thin client versus °C on the server.
2364IssueResolved an issue where the Cancel Zoom command on the Trend Control screen object did not work properly when using the horizontal zoom.
2440IssueAdded a note to the documentation about when and how to edit the Windows Registry to increase the limit on GDI Objects. It might be necessary to increase the limit if opening heavy project screens (i.e., screens with many complex Linked Symbols) causes the development environment to slow down or crash.
2507IssueResolved an issue where the HST2TXT function would sometimes abort and return an error if it could not find the first history file for the specified period. Now, the function will proceed with the remaining history files that it can find.
2511IssueResolved an issue when using Tag Integration arrays with the Combo-Box screen object.
2528IssueImproved the Database/ERP functions to support SQL queries more than 2048 characters long. (Such queries are typically formed by concatenating multiple string tags.) Also, improved the Database worksheet to support up to 2048 columns (i.e., up to 2048 rows per worksheet).
2539IssueResolved an issue where, if you used the Remote Management tool to install system files on a target station running Windows Embedded, then some of the files might not install or register correctly. See also items 2510, 2634, and 2667.
2550IssueResolved an issue where one instance of Secure Viewer might time out while communicating with the Server and cause the Server to stop responding to other instances of Secure Viewer.
2557IssueResolved an issue with the Trend Control screen object where auto-scaling sometimes did not work properly if SPC was not also enabled.
2558IssueResolved an issue with TwinCAT tag integration where arrays were not communicated properly.
2560IssueImproved data communication in general between the Secure Viewer client and the project runtime server. This was initially to resolve an issue where, if an operator using Secure Viewer repeatedly clicked/tapped a button on screen, then Secure Viewer might hang momentarily and stop sending tag values to the server.
2566IssueResolved an issue with the DB/ERP feature where exectuing the INSERT function (using either the Database worksheet or the DBInsert function) with a large amount of data would cause the Viewer to hang momentarily.
2569IssueImproved communication between the Viewer and the Server to prevent keyboard lag on screens containing certain objects.
2571IssueResolved an issue where OPC XML/DA would sometimes prevent the project runtime from stopping quickly.
2572IssueResolved an issue with Web Thin Clients where the Timeout for switching stations setting (Project Settings > Web > Advanced) was not being honored in certain situations. For example, if the Web Thin Client was executing DB/ERP functions and then lost its connection to the primary data server, it might hang for up to 60 seconds while it tried to finish executing the functions rather than switch to the secondary data server after the specified timeout.
2573IssueResolved an issue where the Viewer would not work properly with project screens containing dashed lines with weight greater than 1.
2574IssueResolved an issue where the Thin Clients folder (on the Graphics tab of the Project Explorer) was not displayed when the language of the development environment was set to German.
2579IssueResolved an issue with the Alarm/Event Control object where, if the object's Type (in the Object Properties) was set to Alarm History and History Format (Project Settings > Options) was set to either Proprietary or Binary, then the types of alarms (e.g., HiHi, Hi, Lo, LoLo) were not included in the history file.
2583IssueImproved line scrolling and cursor movement in the VBScript editor.
2594IssueResolved an issue with Linked Symbols on Windows Embedded where, if a symbol contained more than one image, then only the first image was drawn during project run time.
2596IssueImproved the German localization of the development environment. You can select German either when you install the software or by using the Language command (View tab > Options group > Language).
2602IssueImproved the RSLogix tag integration, especially when using L5K files.
2603IssueResolved an issue with RSLogix tag integration where, if the leading part of the tag name matched the data source name, then the Object Browser did not allow you to insert an array index when configuring a tag/expression.
2604IssueResolved an issue with TwinCAT tag integration where long class and member names might cause instability problem.
2605IssueResolved an issue with the Trend Control object where extracting compressed history files sometimes caused the program to crash.
2606IssueImproved the drawing of Button objects with images and transparencies on Windows Embedded.
2608IssueModified the OPC XML/DA client to fail more gracefully if its connection to the OPC server times out.
2621IssueResolved an issue with the Full Integration SDK where it would sometimes open the Security System configuration wizard even after project security had been configured. (Normally, the wizard is opened only the first time you need to configure security for a project. Every time thereafter, you should be taken directly to the security settings.)
2625IssueResolved an issue with the Event Logger where it was not properly logging Security System messages.
2634IssueImproved Remote Agent (CEServer.exe) to maintain compatibility with older versions of the development application. See also items 2510 and 2539.
2637IssueResolved an issue with the Text Box screen object where it might become invisible when duplicated.
2651IssueResolved an issue with the project security system where it would send multiple Logoff messages (recorded in the Events database) whenever the user started or stopped the project runtime.
2666IssueResolved an issue with the OPC UA client where you could not write negative values to REAL-type items.
2667IssueResolved an issue with Mobile Access Tabular (SMAServer.exe) on Windows Embedded where it would not run in certain situations. See also item 2539.
2672IssueResolved an issue with the Text Box screen object where sometimes, under very specific conditions, the entered value would not get written to the associated tag.
2681IssueImplemented a limit on the size of the buffer that holds tag value changes waiting to be sent when the Driver or OPC Client task is executed. For more information, see the description of Send every state (Project Settings > Communication > Driver and OPC). To adjust the buffer size, manually edit your project's APP file and change the DriverAndOpcBufferSize setting.
2693IssueResolved an issue with the TCP/IP Server task where the status window (which can be accessed by right-clicking the TCP/IP Server icon in the Windows notification area) did not properly show the names of connected users.
2698IssueResolved an issue with the OPC XML/DA Client where, if the number of items configured on the client worksheet was greater than the Maximum Group Size for writing, then the write failed.
2701IssueCorrected a misspelling in the tooltip description of the Save All command in the application menu.
2706IssueResolved an issue with the Viewer module where it might become unstable when the Security System logged some specific error messages.
2718IssueResolved an issue with the OPC XML/DA client where it did not properly display all of the available servers in the Host Name list in the Server Connection dialog.
2720IssueResolved an issue with the Translation Table where, if the development environment was set to the German localization, then the Translation Table would format dates as TMJ (Tag, Monat, Jahr) instead of DMY (Date, Month, Year). This could cause problems in other parts of the program.
2724IssueModified the layout of the Driver Settings dialog to make room for labels written in other languages, such as German.
2728IssueResolved an issue with the OPC XML/DA client where Read Status and Write Status seemed to always have values of 1, regardless of the actual state of the client. Now, Read Status and Write Status are properly updated to show the results of the last read and write actions.
2741IssueResolved an issue with the Grid screen object where it would automatically convert ANSI text files to Unicode if the user edited any cell in the grid. Now, text files are always saved in the same format in which they were opened.
2772IssueResolved an issue where the X-Ref command was not finding the tags configured in OPC XML/DA worksheets.
2773IssueResolved an issue with the OPC XML/DA where at least one read operation was required before write operations would work. See also item 2786.
2776IssueResolved an issue with the Web Thin Client where, if it lost its connection to the TCP/IP Server and then tried to reconnect, it would sometimes start sending requests before it had finished initializing and caused the TCP/IP Server to become unstable.
2784IssueCorrected various errors in the Spanish localization of the development environment. See also item 2546.
2786IssueResolved an issue with the OPC XML/DA client where, if the client used triggers for communication and became disconnected from the server, then it might not be able to reconnect. See also item 2773.
2790IssueResolved an issue with the TwinCAT Import Wizard where it did not correctly import nested structures (i.e., classes whose members are also classes).
2801IssueResolved an issue with the Viewer module where, on some specific computers, it would lock if the user pressed ALT+TAB or F10.
2815IssueResolved a buffer overflow issue in NTWebServer.
2828IssueResolved an issue with the Virtual Keyboard running in CEView, where the keys did not scale correctly when the Virtual Keyboard window was resized.

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 (Thursday, June 21, 2012)

725RequirementAdded a method to the Full Integration SDK which exports a list of the project tags used in a specified screen, worksheet, or script.
971RequirementIntroduced a new Text Box screen object with multi-line and wordwrap capabilities.
1348RequirementImplemented workgroup collaboration and version control, which allows you to check your project files into Team Foundation Server (TFS) from within the development environment. (Requires Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010.)
1489RequirementCreated the ISSymbolCEReg.exe utility, which registers the ISSymbol plug-in on Windows Embedded Compact devices.
1776RequirementCompiled a new version of CEView optimized for XScale processors. It is located at Redist\WinCE 5.0\XScale.
1946RequirementModified the customer feedback to support more debugging information
1949RequirementAdded OPC UA support for projects running on Windows Embedded Standard and Windows Embedded Compact.
2142RequirementAdded support for full tag integration with RSLogix5000 databases. You can now use your PLC Tags inside your project without having to manually type them.
2164RequirementImproved the Alarm Control screen object to allow the modification of alarm message colors during run time, based on priority, selection, group number, and alarm state.
2204RequirementMigrate the Full Integration SDK to the latest release
2247RequirementCreated capability to import texts translated from old releases into the new one
2262RequirementAdded support for tag integration with OPC UA servers.
2269RequirementModified the Full Integration SDK to allow better integration and error detection for communication items
2270RequirementAdded the Built-in Dialogs Scale setting (in Project Settings > Viewer), which can be used to scale the LogOn, E-Sign, and Virtual Keyboard windows during runtime. Using this new capability you can optimize the Built-in Dialog size according to the device you are targeting.
2272RequirementAdded the SetChangeCallBack function to the Full Integration SDK. This function sends notifications and/or displays alert messages when the user attempts to modify files from the development environment.
2277RequirementImproved the option to customize the size of Check-Box and Radio Button objects, so that it also works in projects running on Windows Embedded Compact. Previously, the option only worked in projects running on Windows and Windows Embedded Standard.
2292RequirementAdded the GetDocumentDescription function to the Full Integration SDK. This function returns the description of a specified document.
2321RequirementUpdated memory allocation and VBScript handling to improve runtime performance in the project viewer (both Viewer.exe and ISSymbol.ocx). Also, introduced the following: the GetPermormanceMetric function, which can return a wide selection of performance metrics during runtime; the Performance Control settings (in Project Settings > Options), to control memory allocation; and the Performance Optimization settings in the screen attributes, to control how a specific screen is handled in memory.
2335RequirementImproved the OPC UA, OPC .Net, and OPC XML/DA modules to support reading from and writing to individual bits on OPC items.
2347RequirementImplemented an all-new, graphics-rich Mobile Access feature for accessing runtime data from tablets and smartphones. The existing Mobile Access feature has been renamed Mobile Access Tabular. Using this interface you can get access to your plant data and interact with it using devices running iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
2368RequirementImproved installer customization capabilities
2403RequirementAdded a new setting to the program settings file (Bin\Program Settings.ini) which prevents the development application from automatically opening the last opened project.
2405RequirementAdded the CloseApp function to the Full Integration SDK, which can be called to close the currently open project.
1654Change RequestModified the file format to add spare fields to allow file compatibility between different versions in the future
2020Change RequestModified the Remote Agent utility to automatically minimize itself when you start a project by clicking the Start button.
2083Change RequestCreated interface to allow the user to specify the tab order
2084Change RequestModified the LogOn window to display as a modal dialog box rather than a standard pop-up window, so that it will stay on top of all other runtime windows until the user logs on.
2085Change RequestResolved an issue where the user could right-click an object in the screen editor and then accidentally move it. Right-clicking an object should only open the shortcut menu for that object.
2098Change RequestRemoved the Auto Translate button from the Translation Table worksheet, because Google has made the Google Translate API a paid, limited service. Also, updated the documentation with alternate instructions for using the Google Translate website.
2196Change RequestImproved the Format function to allow you to specify the thousands and decimal mark separators. This provides better support for non-English languages.
2202Change RequestUpdated the OPC UA Client to use the latest stack from the OPC Foundation.
2206Change RequestImproved the OPC UA Client to make security configuration and certificate management easier.
2211Change RequestImproved the OPC UA Client item browser to start from the current node path and to show the data types of selected items.
2215Change RequestResolved an issue with the Scheduler task where an event trigged by a change in a tag bit field (e.g., TagA->B1) was not properly executed when the whole value of the tag changed.
2224Change RequestImproved the ISSymbol plug-in for Internet Explorer to accept the Open function's optional parameters specifying screen size and position. Previously, the ISSymbol plug-in only accepted the screen name. See also item 2225.
2225Change RequestImproved the ISSymbol plug-in for Internet Explorer to open a project's startup screen at the size and position that are specified in its screen attributes. See also item 2224.
2231Change RequestImproved the LDAP query customization (Security System > Domain (LDAP) mode > LDAP Server Settings) to accept tags in the User Entity Identifier and Group Entity Identifier fields. This allows the settings to be changed dynamically during runtime. See also items 1812 and 2049.
2243Change RequestModified the Linked Picture screen object to cache loaded pictures. This improves run-time performance on Windows Embedded Compact devices.
2250Change RequestResolved an issue where the Numeric Input symbols from the symbol library did not correctly accept numbers that were entered with a comma as the decimal mark (e.g., 3,12 ). This was a problem for non-English languages.
2255Change RequestAdded an option to update alarm messages configured with tags in curly brackets ({}) only when the alarm becomes active. This prevents the alarm from having different messages for Active, Ack and Normalized. The option is controlled by the AlwaysUpdateMessage setting in your project file (projectname.APP).
2259Change RequestImplemented the ability to log changes in the project security system. This is for troubleshooting purposes only, and it should only be done under the guidance of Technical Support.
2268Change RequestImproved the Tag Integration feature so that if you change the device name (e.g., PLC1 to PLCX ), the change is applied immediately rather than the next time you verify your project. Please note, however, there is now a brief wait while the change is applied.
2271Change RequestImplemented drag-and-drop copying of text in and between project worksheets, as well as in Object Properties dialogs. To copy text from one location to another: press Ctrl, click the text, and then drag it to the desired location. Please note the text is only copied; it is not cut from its original location. Also, the text is validated when you drop it, to make sure it is formatted correctly for where you drop it, and if you use the text as a tag name, then it is checked to see if the tag exists.
2273Change RequestModified the Configuration dialog (Button/Command object > Object Properties > Config) to be larger and resizable. Also, if you resize it, then the new size will be saved and used for all Configuration dialogs, not just for that specific object.
2286Change RequestUpdated the PanelMate Import Wizard to improve compatibility with PanelMate Power Pro.
2290Change RequestIncreased the maximum number of rows on the Translation Table worksheet from 4,096 to 100,000.
2293Change RequestImproved the performance of the Verify Application command, especially in projects with large tag databases.
2295Change RequestImplemented the capability for the DBCursorOpenSQL and DBExecute functions to execute SQL statements with more than 1024 characters. The functionality requires breaking the SQL statement into fragments, storing those fragments in String tags, and then using tag pointers to reference those tags. Example: DBOpenCursorSQL( MyConn , {Tag[1]} {Tag[2]} {Tag[3]} {Tag[4]} ). For more information, see the documentation for the DBCursorOpenSQL and DBExecute functions.
2333Change RequestModified the default buttons for the Remote Management and Add/Remove Drivers dialogs.
2351Change RequestModified the Command animation to make the Release option (i.e., execute the On Up event when the user drags the cursor out of the button area) selected by default.
2366Change RequestUpdated the CoDeSys Tag Integration feature and the COSYS communication driver to use CoDeSys PLCHandler Added support for using different ports (other than the default port 1217) with CoDeSys 3.x. And changed the way tags are imported when using more than one tag integration source of the same type, in order to improve performance.
2377Change RequestOptimized the internal buffering to improve TCP/IP communication performance. See also item 2378.
2378Change RequestImproved the performance of the TCP/IP Server module. See also item 2377.
2398Change RequestAdded a new setting to hide languages from the Translation Table worksheet instead of deleting them completely. If this setting is enabled, then when you select a language and click Delete, the language is archived in the project file but it is not shown in the worksheet. Furthermore, if you try to add the language to the worksheet again, then the archived version is retrieved. To enable this, edit the HideTranslateOnDelete setting in Program Settings.INI.
2400Change RequestModified the runtime to run the Fluke DAQ application
2402Change RequestRemoved the Japanese localization of the development enviroment (View tab > Language).
2408Change RequestChanged the behavior of the SplashWndTime setting in Program Settings.ini so that when it is set to 0, the splash window is not displayed when the development application is run. Previously, when SplashWndTime was set to 0, the splash window would never be closed.
2430Change RequestAdded the bIgnoreAuxWindows parameter to the ConvertResolution function of the Full Integration SDK. This parameter, when set TRUE, ignores a window's title bar, menu bar, and border when converting the window's screen resolution.
2435Change RequestCreated a new .Net API to allow third-party applications to retrieve alarm and trend information from a project during runtime.
2471Change RequestUpdated License Agreement
2475Change RequestModify the OPC UA Client module to support matrix of one dimension and treat them as arrays.
2488Change RequestUpdated copyright information, see Help->About
2502Change RequestRemoved the shared tags option from the tag integration
891IssueModified the execution environment to download the project to the correct folder on the target station
894IssueFixed an issue where Evaluation Mode would sometimes not work on Windows Vista or Windows 7 without running as an administrator.
1143IssueModified the Trend Control screen object to accept class tag members as indirect tags.
1149IssueResolved an issue where some alert/error messages were displayed in English on Windows Embedded, even when another language was selected.
1192IssueResolved an issue where deleting an Alarm or Trend worksheet did not also remove the corresponding alarm/trend properties on individual tags.
1208IssueResolved an issue where the Virtual Keyboard would not open at the X,Y position that was specified in the project file (projectname.APP). Updated the documentation to include the new size and position settings.
1677IssueModified the OPC Client task to work properly when the pooling option is enabled.
1755IssueResolved an issue where, if you created a new project with the same name and location as an existing project, then it failed to overwrite/delete certain configuration files from the existing project.
1964IssueModified the Alarm worksheet to alert you if you try to configure more than one alarm of the same type (e.g., HiHi and HiHi) on a given tag.
1975IssueResolved various issues with OPC UA interoperability.
2003IssueResolved an issue where, after input validation was implemented in an earlier release, text input fields no longer accepted scientific notation during runtime.
2021IssueImproved support in the Full Integration SDK for declaring custom properties without associated tags (e.g., #Var1: ). Previously, if you tried to declare a custom property without an associated tag, then it tried to create a new tag with no name.
2060IssueResolved an issue where the FileWrite function failed without an error message when it was used to write a string that contained double quotes ( ).
2148IssueModified the Register utility (a.k.a. Protection Manager) to correctly show labels and descriptions in the selected language (View tab > Language).
2162IssueModified the OPC UA, OPC .Net, and OPC XML/DA modules to properly set the tag quality when the communication fails.
2181IssueResolved an issue with the Recipes task where, if the name of a class member in the recipe file included Return (e.g., UnloadBatch.ReturnUnloadBatchToOffset_Vel), then the value of the class member was not loaded correctly.
2187IssueModified the Database Configuration dialog box to correctly show combo-box items in the selected language (View tab > Language).
2192IssueResolved an issue with the OPC Client module (UA, .NET, or XML/DA) where the client and server values might get out of sync.
2194IssueResolved an issue where, if the Server IP setting (Security System > LDAP Server Settings > LDAP Advanced Settings) was configured with a tag rather than a literal value, then the GetSecuritySystemStatus function did not return the correct status.
2195IssueResolved an issue where the ImportSecuritySystem function sometimes failed to import the specified security configuration.
2198IssueResolved an issue with the last service pack where, if any language other than English was selected in the installation wizard, then the Select Features page of the wizard was still shown in English and the program publisher's name was not registered correctly.
2201IssueModified the OPC XML/DA client to support writing to arrays even when multiple arrays are configured on the worksheet.
2207IssueResoved an issue with the OPC UA Client worksheet where the selected connection was not properly saved.
2208IssueResolved an issue where, if the HDA OPC Server task is started and an external client browses it, then the server reports that it supports filtering even though it does not. See also item 2209.
2209IssueResolved an issue where, if the HDA OPC Server task is started and an external client sends a query with endtime=starttime and bounds enabled, then the server does not return the expected value. See also item 2208.
2210IssueModified the OPC UA Connection interface to not search for local servers if the connection already has an endpoint properly configured.
2217IssueModified the Studio Import Wizard to import custom project symbols correctly, along with the rest of a selected project.
2218IssueResolved an issue with bit field manipulation in the Viewer module. Previously, using a screen script to read a bit on a tag (e.g., TagA->B8) might reset the reset of the bits on the tag.
2223IssueResolved an issue with the SetCurrentLanguage method on the ISSymbol plug-in.
2257IssueResolved an issue where, if you ran two different instances of the Viewer on two different displays, then the Virtual Keypad always appeared on the first display regardless of which Viewer actually invoked it.
2261IssueResolved an issue where, if you attempted to stop a project on a remote Windows CE 6.0 device, then the device appeared to hang while the remote monitoring tools (i.e., Remote Database Spy, Remote LogWin) showed that the project actually continued to run.
2267IssueModified the development environment to take the CTRL+C command even when the CTRL key is released a few milliseconds earlier
2278IssueImproved the performance of OPC UA write operations.
2281IssueImproved the German translation of the Alarm Control screen object and of the Translation Advanced.
2287IssueResolved an issue with the Reports task where RTF report pages printed in landscape mode were sometimes incorrectly formatted for portrait mode.
2302IssueCorrected the tooltip description of the Height setting (Ribbon > Format tab > Size group > Height).
2303IssueResolved issues with memory leaks on OPC DA 2.05.
2305IssueModified the Tag Integration feature to prevent increasing the array size of tags that are imported using the Full Integration SDK.
2306IssueResolved an issue with linked symbols where, if you configured a custom property with an expression in parentheses (e.g., #Prop:(Expression) ), then error messages were displayed in the Output window even though the expression was valid.
2315IssueResolved a buffer overflow issue on the ISSymbol plug-in. See also WI 2319.
2316IssueResolved an issue where, if the application language was set to Portuguese, then the Project Explorer did not show the Connections folder in OPC XML/DA.
2318IssueResolved several related issues with the new Security feature in Remote Agent. Previously, if the feature was enabled on a remote device, then you might have problems connecting and downloading projects to the device.
2319IssueResolved a buffer overflow issue on the ISSymbol plug-in. See also WI 2315.
2331IssueResolved an issue where, if the project security system was set to Distributed-Server mode, then the CreateUser function might appear to fail even when it actually succeeded.
2332IssueResolved an issue where the FileCopy and FindFile functions were generating errors when including the optTimeout parameter.
2334IssueResolved an issue with the legacy Trend screen object where it retrieved data multiple times in certain situations.
2337IssueResolved an issue where internal application files were sometimes modified when an existing project was opened.
2340IssueResolved an issue where certain communication drivers that read directly from the tags database always returned 0.
2341IssueResolved an issue where invalid expressions in a linked symbol would corrupt the screen file.
2346IssueResolved an issue with the Viewer module where, if the computer name was more than 15 characters long, then switching screens caused the Viewer to freeze.
2352IssueModified the tooltip description of the Trend command on the ribbon bar. The command insert the new Trend Control screen object, which is different from the legacy Trend object.
2379IssueResolved an issue on OPC XML/DA module when writing values to boolean tags.
2380IssueResolved an issue with OPC XML/DA not properly saving users and/or passwords in the Connection Settings dialog box.
2385IssueFixed an issue where the alarm filters would not work properly on some specific computers in the first time you enter the screen.
2386IssueImplemented new log messages for the OPC XML/DA Client task when communication with the server fails.
2387IssueResolved an issue where the system would become unstable if you stopped the project runtime while the OPC XML/DA Client was sending log messages.
2393IssueResolved an issue where the OPC XML/DA Client task did not set tag quality to BAD when communication with the server failed.
2399IssueModified the VBScript worksheets (i.e., Script tasks and Global Procedures) to allow Ctrl+A for Select All.
2404IssueResolved an issue where the project files would remain locked even after the project was closed and another project was opened.
2407IssueModified the development environment to prevent flickering while starting up.
2427IssueUpdated the import wizards to display correctly in the selected language (View tab > Language).
2428IssueFixed an issue with the shortcut menu on the Grid Control screen object in the Full Integration SDK.
2431IssueImproved the algorithm used by the Convert Resolution command.
2436IssueModified the Tag Integration feature to properly read array tags that are used only in screens and not in any background tasks.
2437IssueModified the Object Finder to enable filtering on the Tag Integration list.
2439IssueResolved an issue where the GetSecuritySystemStatus function did not work properly when the project security system was in Distributed-Client mode.
2442IssueModified the KBDBlock utility so that it will install correctly on Windows Server 2003 (64-bit).
2443IssueResolved an issue where projects with background images in some format other than BMP would not download correctly.
2450IssueResolved a memory leak issue on Windows Embedded Compact when using alarm tag fields (e.g., TagA->HiHi) in a script that runs continuously.
2455IssueResolved an issue with unregistering the SMA Server.
2456IssueResolved an issue with the confirmation dialog box not being displayed in some specific situations.
2458IssueResolved an issue where the Add and Configure buttons in Tag Integration (Project Settings > Communication) were improperly made unavailable in some situations.
2465IssueResolved issue with Security System on the Auto Lockup feature not working properly on Viewer
2474IssueModified the RunStartup.exe to accept application paths longer than 256 characters
2476IssueModified the tag replace when renaming tags to prevent unnecessary warning message
2479IssueFixed an issue where the Viewer module would not run on some specific devices
2487IssueFixed a problem when trying to open a project from the recent projects list that contains a long path and one of its folder has been renamed.
2489IssueFixed an issue where changing the user logged on the client station would affect the server station
2491IssueResolved issues with SNMPSet function and SNMPGet error codes
2508IssueResolved issue of incompatibility between the Database Gateway and some real values
2517IssueTranslated strings from the OPC UA worksheet into other languages

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + Service Pack 3 + Patch 6 - Known Issues (Friday, June 26, 2015)

1748IssueImport Wizard does not import Opc Ua, Opc Xi and Tag Integration configuration files [WORKAROUND]: Copy the Opc Ua, Opc Xi, and Tag Integration settings manually from the source project.
2033Issue CEServer for EmbeddedView v7.0 does not properly handle when there is a MAC ID in the Registry [WORKAROUND]: The workaround is to manually clear the following registry key: This is the Registry Key: SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Class\\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002bE10318}
2134IssueValidation of the Custom Resolution fields happen when creating new projects even if you have selected one of the pre-defined resolutions [WORKAROUND]: Change the resolution back to Custom and write a value between 240 and 10000 on both fields. Then, choose one of the pre-defined resolutions on the Combo box
2534IssueThe Mobile Access legend is not properly redrawn on some specific conditions [WORKAROUND]: Toggle the cursor to for the legend redraw
4821IssueIf you modify a tag field that applies to the entire array Mobile Access will not synchronize the value to all the array elements [WORKAROUND]: Because the field has the same value for all indexes, you should use one index for all the locations where you need the field.