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Release Notes for InduSoft Web Studio

Release Notes for InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio v8.1 + Service Pack 5 (Wednesday, October 30, 2019)

34799IssueMobile Access - Modified the Text Box when configured with Decimal format and the Input is disabled so it matches the way it works when the Input is enabled.
34805IssueResolved issue with the VBScript debug functionality that was not working well in certain computers, conflicting with other existing software installed on them.
35049IssueResolved issue with the Security System configuration that was not saving the 'Display list of users' settings.
35087IssueResolved issue with the FactoryTalk import Wizard that was duplicating the creation of some tags that were present on the Communication Drivers and Screens
35088IssueResolved issue with the Secure Viewer Thin Client not working properly with Redundancy Enabled when it is started and the Primary Server is not available.
35307IssueMobile Access - implemented the capability of accessing Tag Properties, also called Tag 'fields' for indirect Tags on Mobile Access.
35401IssueResolved issue with the DB/ERP built-in functions that would stop inserting data after processing a large dataset.
35465IssueResolved issue with the Security System where the auto logoff feature was no longer working when configured to use the 'user's last action' option.
35542IssueResolved issue with the SPC feature of the Trend Control object that was not properly using the number of points for the values calculation.
35741IssueResolved issue with the Driver task, related to the Main Driver Sheet, with the parameter "Scan" that was not working properly in certain specific situations.
36007IssueResolved issue with the ImportXML() built-in function that was not properly importing the Scripts from the Screens.
36017IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration feature for OPC (UA and DA) not working as expected.
36181IssueResolved an issue with screens containing a large number of tags that were not opening on the Viewer module during the runtime, but were opening on the Development Environment.
36356IssueResolved issue with the OPC XML-DA Client not being able to handle null timestamps received from the Server.
36462IssueResolved issue with the memory management of the VBScript engine.
36480IssueResolved issue with the Email configuration for the Alarm Worksheets that was no longer allowing the user to select the 'Use Alarm Message' option.
36486IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA and XML/DA Clients not stopping completely when the worksheets were saved in previous versions of the product and not updated to the current one.
36507IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Combo Box object no properly updating the Tag configured in the "Label" field.
36513IssueResolved and issue with the tag exchange between the Viewer module and the TCP/IP Server, due to a change in the generation of the list of Tags used in the screen.
36574IssueResolved issue with the Text Box that, eventually, would accept numeric values out of the configured range.
36580IssueResolved issue with the Grid Control object causing an instability for the runtime in certain specific situations when the user used the Insert Trigger functionality.
36603IssueResolved issues with the SNMP Agent.
36650IssueResolved issue with the HST2TXT.exe utility that was no longer working properly.
36662IssueResolved issue with the Encrypted TCP/IP channel in projects with a large number of Tags on a screen, changing values at the same, or being called by the TagsDBPreload built-in function.
36813IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA Client module erroneously processing invalid Timestamp values.
36829IssueResolved issue with the Database connectivity feature that would cause instability in certain situations when storing historical data, causing it to stop working.
36868IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA Client module that would not connect to the Server when the Server Endpoints had machine names that could not be resolved on the client side.
37082IssueResolved resources allocation issues with the X-Ref feature.
37099IssueResolved issue with the CEView runtime for Windows Embedded Compact where the Security System configuration, when a group was configured to Log Off minutes after the user's last action was not working on certain ARM-based devices.
37135IssueResolved issues with the OPC XML-DA Client was generating errors during a group (worksheet) reload process
37176IssueResolved issue with the customizations of the Virtual Keyboards.
37589IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Combo Box object, when configured with Data Source for Database, causing the screen to not work.
37662IssueResolved issue with the "Verify" process that was running into a System error when re-saving the Mobile Access file.
37685IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA Client Runtime taking longer than usual time during the startup process.
37821IssueResolved issue with the Custom Widgets that stopped working in certain scenarios.
38243IssueResolved issue with the logging capabilities of the OPC UA Client feature to include the item name and node ID in the messages displayed on the Output window.
38408IssueResolved issue with the FactoryTalk Import Wizard that was not converting certain objects containing captions with specific formats.
38506IssueResolved issue with the legacy Mobile Access Tabular functionality not working properly after upgrading to the latest product versions.
38558IssueMobile Access - Resolved memory management issue when the Translation features are used.
38601IssueResolved issue with Secure Viewer Thin Clients not being updated when the Server project has new tags.
38691IssueResolved issue with the validation of Tag Names when they are part of an expression on the Build-in language environment.
39289IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object unnecessarily redrawing parts of it when the Tags were changing in certain specific situations.
39930IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue that would cause the window to stop being updated if the browser was put on background for some minutes and brought back to the foreground.
39931IssueMobile Access - resolved issue with the Mobile Access task, when the user was opening the TCP/IP Server status dialog and choosing to manually disconnect the Mobile Access runtime, which caused the Mobile Access task to no longer reconnect to the runtime modules.
40119IssueResolved issue with the "Verify" command that would break Alarm worksheets with a large number of rows.
29698RequirementFixed stability issue when renaming tags in Database view
34532RequirementMobile Access - implemented support for images on the button object.
34758RequirementImplemented the capability of saving the contents of the Output Window to a file using a new check-box under the 'Settings' window.
34837RequirementModified the ITMEViewApp object in order to allow the users to change the Remote Directory.
34935RequirementImplemented the capability to have the screen always fitting completely when the built-in PrintWindow() function is used.
35162RequirementImplemented the capability of resizing the contents of a screen when the user resizes it during the runtime.
35171RequirementWhen creating a new Project, now the 'Resources' folder is created automatically under the 'Web' subfolder, and this is now the default folder for the browser action for the Linked Picture feature.
36143RequirementResolved issue with the Trend configured to save data into the InSight Historian not working properly with more than one Connection.
36160RequirementResolved issue with the built-in NCopy() function no longer working as String Expression between curly brackets
36381RequirementModified the license validation frequency for Softkey licenses.
36601RequirementMobile Access - eliminated unnecessary messages sent to the Output Window.
36602RequirementMobile Access - implemented support for Alarm worksheets saved in plain-text format.
36707RequirementResolved issue with the TagsDBRemoveClass() built-in function that would corrupt the Tags Database file.
36853RequirementEnhanced the Security System, when configured in LDAP mode, to have enhanced memory management, to allow local users to be the Default User when using Mixed Mode, and removed unnecessary excessive verifications after disconnections.
37155RequirementResolved issue with screens being corrupted after inserting certain ActiveX controls.
37206RequirementModified the ITMEViewApp object to include the option "Send values on connection". When "Send values on connection" is checked, upon connection, the tags are updated with the values coming from the attributes in System Platform. When this option is unchecked, upon connection, the attributes in System Platform are updated with the runtime Tag values.
37357RequirementModified the Security System when in LDAP mode to improve the performance when executing the Logoff operation
37377RequirementAdded a new functionality on the Security System, when in LDAP mode, which allows the user to configure whether the list of users will always be reloaded in every Logon operation or not. This new configuration will allow a better performance with larger Active Directory databases.
37647RequirementModified the Security System when it is configured for LDAP mode to no longer allow users that were removed from the LDAP Query to keep being able to Logon to the system.
37692RequirementMobile Access - Implemented support to all tags from the Tag Integration feature.
37844RequirementModified the way the Certificates are validated when using the Encrypted channel, to properly support the CA-Signed ones
37903RequirementModified the way the software handles some third-party libraries to resolve incompatibilities created in certain larger projects.
38031RequirementGeneral enhancements on the Import Wizard for FactoryTalk.
38125RequirementResolved issue with the Verify command that would become unstable when saving the Mobile Access configuration.
38577RequirementModified the FactoryTalk import tool to be able to handle screens containing objects configured with Custom Properties.
38580RequirementImproved the Tag Integration for OPC Tag Provider to allow importing tags that are classes and arrays.
38735RequirementImproved the FactoryTalk import tool to better handle the Numeric and String input objects.
38754RequirementUpdated the third-party files used by WiBu hardkeys to their latest version.
38764RequirementModified the Tag Integration feature for OPC DA to have a new option to ensure the cache synchronization enabled by default.
38809RequirementUpdated some icons used on the Virtual Keyboard.
39063RequirementModified the validation of expressions, on VBScript environment, that would result in a value with bad quality, to load that quality value to the Tag receiving the expression result.
39173RequirementModified the validation of OPC DA 2.05 Client worksheets to better handle certain characters.
39718RequirementAs part of the cybersecurity enhancements, the 3rd-party libraries used with OPC UA Client on IoTView were updated.
39765RequirementAs part of the cybersecurity enhancements, the encryption layer for the TCP/IP communications has been upgraded to TLS 1.3

InduSoft Web Studio v8.1 + Service Pack 4 (Monday, April 29, 2019)

31360IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Trend Control object not properly displaying the Trend curves when the Tags were configured in multiple Trend Worksheets
31602IssueModified the OPC DA 2.05 Client to better manage invalid values sent by the Server
31650IssueMobile Access - Modified the text wrap in objects that have captions so it matches the behavior of the Viewer module
33081IssueResolved memory allocation management issue on both Standard Embedded and Compact Embedded runtimes
33187IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object when using the option to Save the Settings to a file, not properly handling the Date and Time information
33334IssueResolved issue with the Viewer module that was allowing the user to close it regardless of the Security System configuration.
33364IssueMobile Access - Implemented all the possibilities for the built-in Format() function
33382IssueResolved issue with the Dynamic Rotation not working correctly with Linked Pictures
33474IssueResolved issue with the Legend of the Trend Control object that was not updating the Description column when the pens were changed
33502IssueChanged the OPC XML-DA and UA Client to send to the Output Window the line number where an invalid or bad-quality item is configured and the Item path information. Changed also the OPC XML-DA and UA to log to the Output Window when the task starts, stops and when it removes and adds groups.
33505IssueResolved issue with the OPC XML-DA task that would cause some items to stop working if at least one item on the worksheet was receiving a value with a BAD Quality from the Server
33512IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object that would become unstable when user configured some indirect tags
33515IssueResolved issue with the Trend object showing some GAPs when configured for mySQL Database.
33551IssueResolved issue with the Trend object showing some GAPs when configured for Database, Local Time, and leaving the screen open overnight
33692IssueTag Integration - Resolved issue with Tag Integration feature where the tag field CommUrl was not getting updated when a Class Member from an Integrated Tag changed, causing communication errors during the runtime.
33698IssueResolved issues with the OPC UA and XML-DA Clients, related to the Redundancy and Tags configured in the worksheets with the Scan column set to "Screen"
33770IssueResolved issue with the Grid Control object when embedded in a Linked Symbol, that was not properly handling the "Read Only" option on the Data Source Settings.
33817IssueResolved issue with a situation when you had multiple Secure Viewer Thin Clients connected to the one TCP/IP Server, in which closing one Secure Viewer connection would cause all the other Secure Viewers connections to be dropped.
33823IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue that was causing the pages to be shifted to the right when opening for the second time
33852IssueResolved issue with the built-in Open() function that was no longer working when being called from Background Tasks when call included custom properties (optStrMnemonicList optional parameters)
33853IssueResolved issue with the built-in Open() function that was no longer working when being called from Background Tasks on Windows 7.
33856IssueResolved issue with the Alarm Control object that would not correctly display messages that included a hyphen.
33863IssueResolved issue with the PrintWindow function that was not working properly when the trying to print a Screen with a Trend Control that was generating new points
33877IssueDisabled the execution of some built-in functions as String Expressions (between curly braces), and updated product interfaces/dialogs that were executing functions as String Expressions unnecessarily.
33887IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA Client module that would have problems when a large number of worksheets were using the same Connection configuration.
33932IssueResolved issue with the Remote Management tool that was not automatically downloading a screen to the runtime system if the screen name included a dot "." character
33979IssueMobile Access - Modified the font size presentation on the text box object so it matches the behavior of the Viewer module
33985IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the caption in a Rectangle object showing a duplicated text when the multiline option was checked.
33987IssueMobile Access - Modified the Rectangle's caption to properly handle multiple lines when the character 0x0D (13d) is used as a line feed
33988IssueMobile Access - Modified the Dynamic Color animation to show the object's original color when the Tag/Expression value does not match with any of the configured colors. This behavior now matches with the Viewer module
33993IssueMobile Access - Modified the Text Object to have its text aligned the same way as it is on the Viewer module
34030IssueResolved issue with the input validation, during the runtime, when entering invalid values in a numeric field and then touching anywhere in the screen, that would call the "Invalid Entry" window to popup in a way that would block the system.
34054IssueOptimized the way the OPC XML-DA module reads the worksheets, enhancing the performance during the Runtime
34060IssueResolved issue with the CheckESign() built-in function that was causing the system to become unstable when being called from the background tasks.
34080IssueImproved the performance of the Built-in SetTagValue() function
34081IssueResolved issue with the Trend task that would create instability when inserting a large amount of data at once at the Historian databases.
34108IssueResolved issue with the Driver Task that would cause Tags configured with the Scan set to "Screen" only, to continue reading when they were used in a VBScript, and the screen containing that script was opened at least once
34111IssueResolved issue with the performance of the OPC XML-DA runtime tasks when the worksheet had a large number of items
34129IssueMobile Access - resolved incompatibility issues with Windows 10 build 1809 or later.
34173IssueImproved robustness to avoid (randomly) not displaying Linked Pictures in a group of objects.
34191IssueModified the Secure Viewer to show the Virtual Keyboard when the Log On window is first displayed
34286IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Trend Control object not working properly depending on the Operating System Localization settings, specifically when the Decimal Separator was different than "dot".
34321IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA Client task that was not properly obeying the Parameter "Send Last State", which is configured under the Project Settings, Communications, Drives and OPC.
34350IssueResolved an issue preventing tags from receiving values when their name have specifically 255 characters, and whose class type also had specifically 255 characters in their name.
34370IssueResolved race condition when having several Secure Viewer Thin Clients connected to the same server, and some of them not being able to reconnect to that server
34378IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA Client task that was not always properly reconnecting with the Server once the connection was lost
34408IssueResolved issue with the OPC XML-DA Client that was becoming unstable when there fields with empty values on the worksheet cells.
34416IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the actual Process Values update rate not being fully compliant with the value set in the Mobile Access Settings
34419IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the "Hide All Screens" parameters causing instabilities when there was a Custom Widget on the screen
34477IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the "Hide All Screens" parameter that would cause the Command property to stop working after opening screen with objects such as Alarm and Grid Control, and closing them
34496IssueResolved issue with the TCP/IP Server that would become instable when a large volume of data was received from different TCP/IP Clients
34513IssueResolved issue with the TCP/IP Client and Server tasks that would record a wrong Time Stamp value when the connection was broken and reestablished
34516IssueResolved issue with the TCP/IP Server that was not closing properly when stopping, and having several Clients connected with that Server
34528IssueResolved issue with the OPC XML-DA Client task that was not working when trying to dynamically reload changes during the runtime.
34533IssueMobile Access - Modified the caption position within the Smart Message object, so it would match with the behavior of the Viewer module
34534IssueModified the HTML pages created with the "Save as HTML" and "Save All as HTML" commands to save these files in UTF-8 format, so it start supporting screens with Descriptions containing non-Latin characters
34540IssueResolved issue with the configuration window inside the Trend worksheets that, when selecting the Historian (InSight), sometimes the fields on the window would show out of place, depending on the computer resolution.
34559IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Mobile Access task not being able to reconnect with the TCP/IP Server task once the connection was lost
34662IssueResolved issue with the VBScript debugging feature that would cause the system to not close gracefully once it has been used.
34670IssueMobile Access - Modified the way that the Dynamic Properties are processed in order to improve performance and avoid trying to resolve expressions in fields that are not being used
34698IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA Client that would be cause instability when trying to reconnect to the Server
34787IssueResolved issue with the TCP/IP Server not closing gracefully when there are several Clients with Several points connected simultaneously with the Server
34829IssueResolved issue with a race condition with the Security System in LDAP.
34830IssueImproved the stability of the Database Gateway.
34838IssueResolved issue with the Calendar Custom Widget that was not getting the last state when the user was trying to navigate through the object.
34902IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with Arrays of Indirect Tags.
34931IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA Client module with Redundancy configured that was not able to switch between Servers when too many Client worksheets were connected to the same Connection configuration
34945IssueResolved issue with the Multi-touch feature that was causing the screen to redraw inconsistently when panning and zooming.
34946IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration imported Tags being used on VBScript within Linked Symbols.
35051IssueMobile Access - Some of the objects dynamic animations were optimized allowing a better runtime performance.
35072IssueResolved issue with OPC UA Client, when using one of the available security modes, that would become unstable when the OPC Server is no longer available.
35084IssueResolved issue with Hardkey Licenses not working as expected on EmbeddedView runtime.
35096IssueResolved instability issues related to Separators for Date and Time in certain objects, such as the time bar for the Trend Control.
35101IssueResolved issue with the OPC XML-DA and OPC UA Client not always stopping communicating when a Tag was configured in the "Enabled Subscription" field, and it changed back to 0.
35559IssueResolved issue with the OPC XML-DA and UA, related to the built-in redundancy, where if the user forced switching connections by writing to the Tag on the "Active Connection" field, it would not automatically create the new subscriptions for the Tags. This issue was happening only in large projects, such as with over 200,000 OPC items.
35571IssueModified the OPC UA Connections "Advanced" dialog window to remove the following deprecated parameters: "First Read Max Age(s)" and "Verify missing notifications (Republish)".
35597IssueResolved issue with the Development Environment becoming unstable when inserting some System Symbols in certain specific screens.
31910RequirementAdded additional Demo projects as part of the installation process
32501RequirementMobile Access - Implemented support for the SetLanguage and Ext built-in function, allowing the user to switch Project languages during the runtime, adding Localization capabilities.
33001RequirementMobile Access - Implemented the "Enable Focus" capabilities on dynamic properties for Mobile Access.
33005RequirementMobile Access - Implemented the Margin Property for the Button object.
33471RequirementOn the OPC UA Client Task, implemented support for configuring communication with Arrays and Classes/Structures using only a single line, as long as the Array size is the same on both Client and Servers, and the Client Classes match with the Server structures
33637RequirementResolved issue with the TCP/IP Communications that sometimes, in larger projects with several clients, would cause the Client module to send what seemed to be invalid commands to the Server
33663RequirementModified the "Save All as HTML" and "Save as HTML" commands to also enable Mobile Access using the default parameters. Before this change, the user needed to open at least once the Mobile Access configuration worksheet and save it, even without any changes, in order to use Mobile Access.
33688RequirementThe built-in function CheckESign has been enhanced and it now accepts two optional parameters: User Name and Password. When this function is called with these parameters, it will not open the E-Sign dialog, but use the parameters that were passed and check them against the optNumLevel.
33769RequirementModified the Tags Database manipulation, specifically when Indirect Tags are present
33790RequirementModified some of the existing Log Messages of the OPC UA Client module, to indicate the Group that generated the message, and added new ones to help troubleshooting projects
33814RequirementResolved issues that would cause the RunGlobalProcedureOnServer to become unstable under certain conditions
33938RequirementResolved issue with the built-in ShowMessageBox() function that was not working properly on Windows Embedded Compact 7 running on an ARM processor.
33966RequirementCreated a new option at the OPC XML-DA Client advanced worksheets that allows the user to select it to force a Read operation upon connecting with the Server
33982RequirementMobile Access - Added the "push-like" capability on Radio Buttons, now has the same behavior as the Viewer module.
34094RequirementMobile Access - Added Sort capabilities to the Alarm Control object, now has the same behavior as the Viewer module.
34151RequirementAdded a new functionality on the Security System when in LDAP mode, to be able to also have access to users that were created in Local Mode. This is an addition to the "Mixed Mode" feature, that worked as a backup if the connection with the LDAP Server was lost. You can configure this new parameter under the "LDAP Advanced Settings" tab, checking the "Include Local Users" option. This will allow the project to access both Local Users and LDAP Users.
34531RequirementMobile Access - Added the "push-like" capability on Check Boxes, now has the same behavior as the Viewer module.
34622RequirementImplemented an option to let the user decide whether or not to buffer images from Linked Pictures. If you do not configure anything extra, the images are saved in memory so they can be reloaded faster once the screen is open. If the user wants to configure the images to be always read from the disk, they can edit the .APP file, under [Options] section, entering AlwaysLoadImagesFromDisk=1
34658RequirementMobile Access - Added Support for the TranslationLoad built-in function
34659RequirementMobile Access - Added Support for the TranslationLookUpLoad built-in function
34660RequirementMobile Access - Added Support for the TranslationLookUpClose built-in function
34661RequirementMobile Access - Added Support for the TranslationLookUpGet built-in function
35241RequirementIncreased the limit of rows for the Event Logger configuration window to 96000.
35435RequirementResolved issue with Text object with Text Data Link property not hiding the text when it was configured to be in password style, in certain specific situations.
35571RequirementModified the OPC UA Connections "Advanced" dialog window to remove the following deprecated parameters: "First Read Max Age(s)" and "Verify missing notifications (Republish)".
35726RequirementModified the Text on the Remote Agent for Embedded Runtimes related to Licenses.
35759RequirementResolved issue that could cause the system to fail to start when certain 3rd-party libraries had problems with registry entries.

InduSoft Web Studio v8.1 + Service Pack 3 (Monday, January 28, 2019)

26651IssueResolved issue with the Tags configured to have Main Driver Sheet "Scan" setting configured for "Screen" and being used on Linked Symbols
26717IssueResolved issue with the Database/ERP task showing error messages after a certain interval of time without activity
27071IssueMobile Access - modified the Grid Control object to have the font color being changed upon a row selection, just like on the Viewer runtime module
27072IssueMobile Access - Modified the Grid Control object to allow hiding a column by creating it with a blank label, just like on the Viewer runtime module
27073IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Grid Control object not working properly when the Data source was configured as Database
27074IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Grid Control object related to the Selected Values and Row Number fields
29732IssueResolved issue with the Combo Box object displaying wrong values when they are part of groups
30379IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object not working properly on Windows CE runtime when trying to select a Date through the Legend
30619IssueModified the build-in functions EndTask and IsTaskRunning for Embedded runtimes for Windows Embedded Standard and Compact to allow the user to specify a driver name when handling the Driver runtime task, so now it works the same way as it does on full Windows Runtime
30686IssueUpdated translation text for some untranslated dialogs when selecting a language for the Development Environment different than English
30704IssueResolved issue with the SaveScreenShot function no longer working if the user omits the optional parameters
31105IssueModified the error message that is being displayed when the user opens the product but the project that was last open is no longer available on the same place.
31364IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Timestamp Tag Property not being displayed on Mobile Access
31365IssueResolved issue with the Built-in function GetUserNames no longer working when the results included users created on the Development Environment and during the Runtime
31416IssueResolved issue with the Runtime Menu option "Logon", that would cause the Tags configured with Server scope to stop updating while the Logon dialog was open
31486IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue that would cause the Mobile Access task to become irresponsive when certain commands were being sent through a URL
31521IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with Mobile Access generating an error message saying "Type Mismatch" when the project used expression with Strings
31581IssueModified the code to be more cyber-secure and avoid exploitations through DLLs replacements
31649IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Smart Message object not displaying the messages in the right place when the runtime was configured to show borders
31653IssueResolved issue with the built-in function ShowInplaceInput that was no longer working with the Virtual Keyboards
31689IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control that would become instable if the user entered a duration of 100 hours or more using the Toolbar
31710IssueResolved issue with the EmbeddedView runtime not starting properly due to the need of an external dependency
31739IssueResolved instability issue with the Remote Debugging Tools (Database Spy and LogWin) that would cause them to close when user tried to browse the target runtime for tags
31749IssueResolved issue with the Viewer module not being able to reload after the server ran scripts using some of the built-in Tags Database functions
31826IssueResolved issue with the Virtual Keyboards not working on Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE) runtime
31834IssueMobile Access - Added the Visibility dynamic animation to the Trend Control object
31900IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Trend Control object no working properly when the "Hide all screens" feature was enabled
31901IssueResolved issue with the Grid Control Object no longer updating text files and Databases when the column type was configured as Check-Box
31905IssueResolved issue with the built-in functions XGet and XRun no longer working
31911IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Logon screens not working when clicking on the green arrow
31969IssueResolved issue with the Secure Viewer Thin Clients receiving wrong values when new Tags were created during the runtime on the Server project
31976IssueResolved issue with the PrintSetup function that stopped working on the latest version
31978IssueResolved issue with the PrintWindow function not working properly when configured without the optional parameter that defines that orientation
31979IssueResolved issue with Linked Symbols no longer showing more than one Custom Property when they were configured in an expression
32027IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Trend Control displaying the context menu upon right-clicking on it
32033IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the command animation being executed twice when activated in devices with touch screen
32072IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Grid Control object not respecting the Row Number field when loading for the first time
32079IssueResolved issue with the built-in function SetKeyboardLanguage that was no longer reading the configuration files
32080IssueMobile Access - Resolved issues with the Trend Control related to the Legend fields (Selected item, maximum size and number of items) as well as Tag/Field and Fill Transparency
32083IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue on the Grid Control object where when there was an array tag in the Selected Values field and you click on a row, then all of the grid columns from the selected row were written to the array tag except for the last column
32125IssueResolved issue on Windows Embedded Standard where the Alarm Control object was no longer working
32166IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the dynamic animations Bargraph and Color not working properly when both were applied to the same object
32284IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Trend Control object causing instability when a date with an invalid value was being entered
32351IssueResolved issue with the OPC XML/DA Client related to the possibility of configuring arrays sizes on the worksheets
32353IssueResolved issue with the OPC XML-DA Client module that was preventing it from Writing to Array Tags.
32368IssueResolved issue with some PDF features, such as Report to PDF and the built-in PdfCreate built-in function no longer working
32431IssueResolved issue with the Alarm Task, when trying to configure it to automatically send emails, started to have the "Subject" field always set to "Use Alarm Message" and not allowing the configuration to "Custom" to work
32446IssueResolved issue with String tags and certain functions that no longer working with up 1024 characters.
32460IssueResolved issue with the legacy OPC DA 2.05 Client task that was not properly reading array values.
32527IssueModified the size of the LogOn window to allow the text to properly fit in all supported languages
32545IssueResolved issue with the Data Protection module that no longer allowed the user to change the password if one was already set.
32791IssueResolved issue with the Symbol Library not showing symbols that were created using images in the PNG format
32794IssueResolved instability issues in the communication between the Viewer module and the TCP/IP Server in certain large projects
32801IssueResolved issue with the Object Finder window not properly sorting the functions that were displayed
32811IssueResolved issue with the Alarm task that no longer was sending the Alarm messages to the printer
32986IssueResolved issue with the built-in function HST2TXT that was not working properly in certain conditions
33043IssueResolved issue that was preventing certain communication drivers that use authentication and certificates to work properly.
33045IssueResolved issue that was preventing projects with Custom Widgets on their screens to have them being downloaded via Remote Management to a remote runtime and working properly
33052IssueResolved issue with the Custom Widgets no longer working on Web Thin Clients
26389RequirementMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Combo Box object not writing the values to the Tag configured on the "Label" field the screen is first open
29295RequirementResolved issue with the Secure Viewer Thin Client having conflicts when more than 1 station tried to open screens at the same time.
30014RequirementModified the Output Window debugging tool properly display the object ID number when it contains an invalid Tag name
30409RequirementMobile Access - Added Focus capabilities to some objects
30742RequirementModified the built-in DeleteOlderFiles function to have it working the way it was working in previous versions, allowing the user to configure only a date, without the need to specify a time.
30825RequirementModified the Security System configuration window to display a message warning the user of the behavior difference that will be expected when changing this parameter
30989RequirementMobile Access - modified the way that the messages are exchanged between the Client and Server runtimes, moving some of the information that was being sent in the message header to be sent in the body, allowing the user to encrypt that information if they enable HTTPS
31014RequirementMobile Access - modified the way that the Texts are wrapped on the objects with Caption so it would match with the way it is on the Viewer module
31021RequirementMobile Access - modified the Button objects text alignment to match with the Viewer module
31024RequirementMobile Access - Resolved issues with the build-in functions SetBit, GetBit and ResetBit
31276RequirementModified the PanelMate Import Wizard to allow Dynamic Text Resizing for the Readout Indicators with Setpoint
31277RequirementUpdated the PanelMate Import Wizard Indicator object to support Dynamic Text Style
31278RequirementModified the PanelMate Import Wizard to allow users to configure the font type for the imported objects
31279RequirementAdded support to creating User Names on the proprietary Security System using special characters such as "@" and "."
31280RequirementImproved the performance of the Development Environment when handling screens with multiple Text and Combo boxes
31281RequirementImproved the Retentive Value feature for String Tags to support the pipe "|" character
31282RequirementImproved the PanelMate imported projects to have a better space distribution when using Dynamic Size
31283RequirementModified the Security Settings to enforce the limitations when trying to open documents displayed on the Find/Replace Results window
31286RequirementModified the Find Replace results Window to stop showing the contents of files when the logged user does not have access to them
31572RequirementImproved the development environment performance when handling screens with a large number of combo boxes and text boxes.
31584RequirementMobile Access - Modified the following objects to start accepting animations on Mobile Access: Grid Control, Alarm Control and Trend Control
31588RequirementImplemented a new Tag Integration Data Source to allow communications through OPC UA Client
31692RequirementImplemented a new Database Spy debugging Tool interface which is firewall-friendly and based on HTML5
31756RequirementUpdated the Database Gateway to start using the latest .Net framework version, allowing to make use of TLS1.2. Also, the Gateway settings were updated for the latest Microsoft SQL Server connectors
32000RequirementImplemented a new Tag Integration Data Source to allow communications through OPC DA Client
32044RequirementImproved the performance when loading Virtual keyboards on Secure Viewer Thin Clients
32081RequirementMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Grid Control object not working properly when the Query included certain specific characters such as greater than and less than
32115RequirementMobile Access - Added support for static GIF images on linked pictures
32327RequirementModified the PanelMate Import Wizard to allow the Readout object to show the Setpoint on the right place with a white background
32451RequirementModified the OPC XML-DA Client Task to allow the user to configure the Array position on the "Browse path" field
32642RequirementAdded additional by enforcing authentication in commands sent to the TCP/IP Server
32643RequirementModified the TCP/IP Server module to accept only Database Connection names when handling Database/ERP functions, no longer accepting a full path and file name.
32645RequirementAdded additional security by no longer allowing certain functions to work when configured as string expressions between curly brackets (braces) - the information whether the function is support or not in these conditions has been updated on the Technical Reference manual
32693RequirementResolved instability issues in certain situations with very large projects related to the TCP/IP Communications and the Viewer module
32697RequirementMobile Access - added support to rotated Linked Pictures
32704RequirementImproved the memory allocation management for the OPC XML-DA and UA Client tasks, specifically when the worksheets are configured only to read items, and when the Project Settings - Communication - Driver and OPC are configured for "Send Every State"
32736RequirementUpdated some text translations for multiple languages.
33345RequirementResolved vulnerability from Third-party license component by updating them to their latest versions
33377RequirementResolved issue with the Tag Integration for the Siemens TIA Portal that was not working properly in certain situations

InduSoft Web Studio v8.1 + Service Pack 2 (Thursday, October 25, 2018)

26403IssueResolved issue with the Viewer module being reloaded after changing retentive Tag properties during the runtime
26651IssueResolved issue with the Tags configured to have Main Driver Sheet "Scan" setting configured for "Screen" and being used on Linked Symbols
26690IssueResolved issue on the Development Environment with Linked Symbols accidently being resized after saving all documents at once
26738IssueResolved issue with the Custom Properties not properly handling numeric values
26739IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object not updating the Cursor Output information with negative values
27102IssueResolved issue with the Text Box object when using multiple lines and an array tag
27107IssueResolved issue with VBScript MsgBox function when using Custom Properties
27268IssueResolved issue with password protection length for individual project documents
27330IssueCorrected an issue that incorrectly granted a user, under certain conditions, elevated permission for the e-sign.
27432IssueResolved issue with the Trend Task not saving the value 0 to the Database when the 'Save on Tag change' option was selected
27458IssueResolved issue with Data objects (Alarm, Trend, Grid) not working as expected on EmbeddedView
27459IssueResolved issue with the Combo Box position on the Development Environment when Title bars were configured for the Screen and for the Viewer runtime
27613IssueCorrected an issue that prevented visibility animation on text box grouped objects when more than one object was on the screen.
27718IssueResolved issue with the Secure Viewer Thin Client not closing the runtime when using the windows "Close window" button
27929IssueResolved issue with the Development Environment, when editing screens, allowing certain dialogs to remain open once their parent windows have been closed, causing instabilities.
27944IssueResolved issue with the Linked Symbol wrongly showing a Compile Error message on the Output Window in certain situations
27982IssueMobile Access - resolved issue with Indirect Tags pointing to Tags configured with Local scope
28004IssueResolved issue with the built-in SaveScreenShot() function no longer working as expected
28020IssueResolved issue with the Mobile Access feature and the Tags update priority when there are tags in the Graphics_Script being constantly updated
28453IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the GRID Control object not being able to update the Data Source when the user writes a new value
28574IssueResolved issue with the Output Windows/LogWin showing the wrong information for the OPC UA Client module when it was configured without the "Browse Path" information.
28849IssueResolved issue with the GRID control, on the 'Condition' field, where the 'LIKE' and 'NOT LIKE' fields were not working consistently in all different Data Sources
28926IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA Client module having problems to write after some time communicating with over 500k point
29136IssueResolved issue with the Trend task where the "Dead Band" feature stopped working
29202IssueResolved issue that was being caused when calling the X-Ref command and the Mobile Access configuration worksheet, on the Process Values section, had blank lines between other rows with Tags configured on them
29205IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Alarm object and font colors depending on the alarm state
29257IssueRemoved developer debug messages that were being presented on Remote LogWin when connected to a EmbeddedView runtime
29299IssueAdded support for non-Latin characters on the Security System combo-box that shows the configured users
29409IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue that prevented the Custom Widget from being loaded after being turned into a Linked Symbol.
29444IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Image List custom widget was not updating upon property changes
29458IssueMobile Access - resolved issue with the Alarm object, where the filter was not accepting wildcards.
29539IssueMobile Access - Improved enforcing objects Security level settings
29763IssueResolved issue with the TCP/IP Server task that was getting an error when the system was shutting down while processing items from the work list
30376IssueMobile Access - resolved issue with the built-in SendEvent() function causing instability on the runtime when sending messages with too many characters
30923IssueResolved issue with memory handling issues when saving the Security System
25712RequirementResolved issue with Secure Viewer and Web Thin Client taking a long time to start when configured to have a secondary Server and that server is not available
25789RequirementChanged the way that the Database Spy information is saved, so it can improve performance in certain low end Windows CE devices, making the project APP file smaller
25903RequirementImplemented the capability to rotate Linked Pictures on the Development Environment for projects not targeted for Embedded or Mobile Access
26414RequirementMobile Access - Improved the synchronism for Tag changes and objects
26437RequirementImplemented a feature to validate the security system integrity and warn the user in case it is found to be corrupted
26438RequirementImproved the OPC UA Client Log messages when using redundant group
26485RequirementChanged the default configurations for sending automatic emails from the Alarm task
26538RequirementImproved TCP server to change to use the primary URL in case the backup URL is empty on the primary server but is not empty on the backup server. This can happen due to configuration changes while the application is running.
26552RequirementImproved the Web Thin Client performance when using the Web Tunneling Gateway.
26634RequirementChanged the way that the Trend task saves data when it starts on Windows Compact Embedded (WinCE) runtimes
26992RequirementResolved issue with the Trend Control object not working properly when loading values from batch files
27036RequirementModified the built-in HST2TXT() function to work also with intervals that do not contain values
27055RequirementModified the PanelMate Import Wizard to automatically perform a "Verify" operation once the Import process has been finished
27056RequirementModified the PanelMate Import Wizard to have the "Indicator Style" set to "Dynamic Text Size"
27057RequirementModified the PanelMate Import Wizard to have improvements on the StudioReadout object
27064RequirementModify the Mobile Access to execute commands and writes in the same order that they happen.
27144RequirementAdded a new message that now warns the user to close and restart the program when the Quality Feedback Services settings are changed
27145RequirementAdded the capability to configure the software to generate more than 3 Dump files if needed
27146RequirementRemoved legacy tasks from the Development Environment for new projects (DDE, ODBC, OPC .Net)
27186RequirementEnhanced support for other languages on IoTView
27334RequirementImplemented support for gestures on Custom Widgets when they are hosted on the Viewer module
27631RequirementImplement the security field for all the objects.
27672RequirementModified the Virtual Keyboard to be able to comply with the settings configured on the .App files, for both bigger and smaller sizes
27832RequirementResolved buffer overflow issue with specific functions
27847RequirementModified the Pushbutton object status behavior to make the "Pressed" state match with the tag values
27855RequirementEnabled the connectivity to Wonderware Historian without the need for special license settings
27931RequirementImplemented support for Engineering Units and Description fields as OPC Attributes.
28076RequirementChanged the behavior of the Enter key when using the Log On window to prevent multiple log on attempts when Enter key is held down.
28147RequirementModified some of the text on the Import Wizard for FactoryTalk
28405RequirementModified the Security System when using LDAP Mode to count the number of invalid attempts.
28735RequirementMobile Access - implemented support for Token Authentication for certain applications
28935RequirementModified the behavior of the built-in function CheckESign() so it would use that information also on the Event Logger and on the rest of the Script that is being executed
29164RequirementMobile Access - improvements on the object properties serialization for all objects
29165RequirementMobile Access - Added more features that were present only on the Viewer module before
29176RequirementMobile Access - Implemented more security on Authentication when using the URL to logon
29237RequirementModified the TCP/IP protocol to enhance security
29238RequirementImproved the overall product security by removing outdated functions, APIs and errors.
29415RequirementImproved performance when opening the Virtual Keyboards even on slow network connections
29508RequirementMobile Access - increased the number of supported built-in functions
29538RequirementImproved the TCP/IP modules to better handle large TCP/IP Client Worksheets
29701RequirementMobile Access - Implemented support for the Alignment configuration and Background color
29740RequirementModified Copyright Text on the Help-About Window
29801RequirementResolved conflicts when having a Hardkey from a different vendor connected to the same computer where a Studio Hardkey license is installed
29841RequirementMobile Access - Resolved issue with differences when viewing screens on iOS and Android devices
29908RequirementImproved the TCP/Server to avoid socket exception when the system is being shutdown and/or a socket is being closed while processing items from the TCP/Server work list.
29932RequirementModified the projects creation wizard to have the user configuring the Security System, which is now enabled by default
30085RequirementModified the TCP/IP Server in specific areas to differently handle system shutdown and closing sockets.
30203RequirementModified the projects creation settings to no longer have the project translation enabled by default
30436RequirementModified the Output Window, X-Ref, and Find Results window to allow copying their messages
30445RequirementResolved vulnerabilities related to DLL Hijacking
30468RequirementResolved vulnerability issues related to string copy
30856RequirementMobile Access - improved performance of Tag updates after executing a command

InduSoft Web Studio v8.1 + Service Pack 1 + Patch 1 (Friday, April 20, 2018)

27334RequirementImplemented support for gestures on Custom Widgets when they are hosted on the Viewer module.

InduSoft Web Studio v8.1 + Service Pack 1 (Friday, March 30, 2018)

23105IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the TextBox "Input Enabled" option.
24890IssueResolved issue with the Automatic Download of custom ActiveX from Web Thin Client pages
24910IssueResolved instability issues in the Development Environment after deleting certain lines in the Alarm Worksheets
24927IssueResolved instability issue with password-protected OPC XML-DA worksheets when the user clicked on the "Cancel" button.
25102IssueResolved issue with the SendEvent() function not working properly when called from Secure Viewer and Web Thin Clients
26661IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with Font Colors on the Alarm/Event Control
26685IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the Mobile Access feature not working properly if the Security System User's Group used to LogOn to it had Spaces.
26687IssueMobile Access - Resolved issue with the ComboBox object when connecting to database as the Data Source.
26688IssueMobile Access - Resolved performance issue when writing to tags by using ComboBox object.
18166RequirementImproved the automatic backup procedure of the Security System files
18952RequirementImplemented the capability of finding Text and Tags even on password protected documents. The file name only is displayed, not the contents.
20103RequirementAdded support to Save Tag Values from a IoTView runtime to Wonderware OnLine using JSON/CSV
22073RequirementOn the OPC UA Client worksheets, under the "Advanced" window, a new option has been created called "Accept Tag Name in the NodeID column". If this option is checked (default), and tags or expressions are configured between curly brackets in the Node ID column, they will be resolved during the runtime. If this option is unchecked, the runtime will not resolve the expressions between curly brackets, and they will be used as part of the NodeID
24154RequirementImproved the performance of the Development Environment when editing screens with a large number of Text Boxes and Combo Boxes.
24396RequirementChanged the OPC UA Server to properly start in case the guest user is not present in the Security System.
24647RequirementResolved issue with the CheckSecurityLevel() built-in function not working properly when configured to use custom properties and mnemonics.
24726RequirementOn the Security System, a new setting can be configured to set a number of Security System automatic back up files, which can be used for troubleshooting purposes. In the APP file, find the [Options] section and add the following entry with the number of desired backups (in this example, it will generate 10 backup files): MaximumSecurityBackupFiles=10
24830RequirementMobile Access - Improved the performance for the ComboBox object when loading values into tags.
24920RequirementImproved the Security System stability by changing some internal operations related to saving the security files
24982RequirementImproved the TCP Server stability when handling dead sockets.
25077RequirementModified the Ribbon interface in the way the Tag Properties Window selects the Array position, now keeping the user selected option.
25122RequirementModified the Tag Property/Field "Blocked" to hide all types of alarms
25133RequirementModified the Screen Editor to have a more consistent behavior related to an object position when switching screens and there is an object that is selected.
25169RequirementModified the Trend Worksheet Header to place the "Save on Trigger" checkbox in a different position to show the relationship with the "Trigger" field.
25170RequirementChanged the New Project Wizard to no longer show the "Template" window
25173RequirementModified some development environment windows and interfaces that were not formatted correctly
25303RequirementResolved issue with the Security System files being corrupted in certain situations. Also, added the possibility to configure the number of Security System backup files that are created automatically.
25427RequirementResolved issue with EmbeddedView runtime that was causing instability if the startup user was not configured with "Start Project" permissions on the Security System.
25563RequirementRemoved the ODBC functions from the IDE GUI. Existing projects that use these functions still work but all new projects should use the DB/ERP functions
25569RequirementResolved issue with the built-in Shutdown() function not working properly when called from the Viewer module.
26358RequirementChanged the Web Tunneling Gateway to work with the security system enabled on specific conditions
26656RequirementMobile Access - added support to the "Show ???? when quality is not GOOD" option.
26657RequirementIncrease the Custom Widget update rate on Viewer from 8 fps to 45 fps.
26658RequirementMobile Access - Added support for Proprietary and Binary Alarm History formats
26659RequirementMobile Access - The Alarm Control object was enhanced to support Alarm and Events Custom Fields.
26660RequirementMobile Access - Added support on the Alarm/Event Control object for Foreground and Background colors configured on Alarm Worksheets
26663RequirementImplemented support for Viewing PDF files when using Custom Widgets that are hosted on the Viewer module.
26664RequirementImplemented support for Viewing MP4 video files when using Custom Widgets that are hosted on the Viewer module.
26665RequirementImplemented support for UTF8 characters when using Custom Widgets that are hosted on the Viewer module.
26666RequirementImplemented support for transparency color on Viewer when hosting Custom Widgets.
26667RequirementCreated a new TreeView custom widget, available in the Custom Widgets Library.
26668RequirementCreated a new Calendar custom widget, available in the Custom Widgets Library.
26669RequirementCreated a new ImageList custom widget, available in the Custom Widgets Library.
26670RequirementCreated a Custom Widgets Library, available in the Custom Widget Object Properties "Import" button. 

InduSoft Web Studio v8.1 + Patch 1 (Friday, December 1, 2017)

23353IssueResolved incompatibility with the "Confirm" windows from the dynamic properties when running on Web Thin Clients
23890IssueResolved issue with the columns width on the Alarm Control not being resized the first time that we open a screen that has that object, if using the "Auto Screen Scaling" feature and the resolution is bigger than the original one from the project
23921IssueResolved issue with the Email functionalities not working properly when the Data protection feature was enabled
24239IssueResolved issue with the EmbeddeView and CEView runtimes enforcing the old limitations on number of concurrent drivers depending on the license size
23033RequirementResolved issue on EmbeddedView runtime with the Trend task not properly saving data when the project had configurations for proprietary and WW Historian
23072RequirementResolved issue with the Translation tool that was losing rows in certain specific situations
23143RequirementModified the OPC UA Client Write Counter field to also increment when the Write Triggers are used
23355RequirementImplemented the capability of the Hint/Tooltip to follow an object in the screen when it has the Rotation Dynamic property
23908RequirementResolved issue with Custom Fonts not appearing on the Fonts selection Dialog
23914RequirementResolved memory management issues found on the Viewer module when using Custom Widgets
24138RequirementResolved issue with the Security System, when in Distributed mode, where the client would fail to reconnect with the Server when the Server machine was not available
24174RequirementOn the OPC UA Client, added compatibility with certain specific OPC UA Servers

InduSoft Web Studio v8.1 (Tuesday, October 31, 2017)

18579IssueResolved issue when opening a screen that has mnemonics, Checkboxes and Radio buttons did not receive the parameters from Custom Properties unless placeholder Tag was configured
20363IssueResolved issue with the Trend Task, when configured to use Redundancy, the Synchronization was not working as expected when there were more than 1024 records to be synchronized.
20646IssueResolved issue with the Redundant Database option for Alarm History, where the automatic synchronization was not working properly when the secondary DB became unreachable and, after coming back up, it was leaving out the Record that triggered the Synchronization.
21307IssueResolved issue with the Alarm Control object not working as expected depending on the "Selection" field configuration for the Alarms
21308IssueResolved issue with the Database Gateway *StADOSvrCE.exe" not working properly on Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE)
21848IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration for Siemens TIA Portal that was not working with user defined structs containing arrays of nested structs.
22019IssueResolved issue with the "Condition" field on the GRID Control object, which was not working when we use the NOT LIKE comparison option
22045IssueImproved the TCP Server and Clients communications reliability to avoid communication problems when messages are discarded by the client and the server send a late response.
22069IssueResolved issue with the TwinCAT (TWCAT) Tag Integration which did not save a use a custom TCP port different than 851
22126IssueResolved issue with the runtime Viewer module when starting several instances at the same time
22463IssueImproved stability and performance of all the Tag Integration data sources
22472IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration for TwinCAT (TWCAT) creating an extra array position and causing communication errors
22475IssueResolved issues with the Siemens TIA Portal Tag Integration functionality when using user defined structs that contain arrays of structs or structs of arrays
22507IssueResolved issue with the Alarm/Event Control that was not properly filtering the messages depending on the Start Date and Time and the Time Zone
22703IssueResolved issue with the Alarm Configuration for the Rate type which, after saving an Alarm Worksheet containing that Alarm, it would overwrite any Rate setting to 1/s
22764IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration for RSLogix 5000 (ABCIP) configuration window not accepting host names, only IP Addresses
23284IssueResolved a Stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability
18121RequirementImplemented support to the Smart Message native object in the Mobile Access solution
18122RequirementImplemented support to the List Box native object in the Mobile Access solution
18123RequirementImplemented support to the Push Button native object in the Mobile Access solution
18142RequirementImproved the Trend Control in the Mobile Access solution with the addition of the "Auto Scale" capability
19936RequirementAdded the Alarm and Event Control objects to the Mobile Access solution
20102RequirementImplemented OPCUA Server on IoTView, Embedded View and Windows Runtime.
20105RequirementImplemented a new unified way to license Thin Clients
20380RequirementImproved the Tag Fields usage on the Mobile Access solution to allow a behavior similar to the Local Viewer
20479RequirementUnified the OpenSSL versions across the different Requirements
20679RequirementModified the Insert Linked Picture command to allow keeping the image original size
20821RequirementResolved issue with Retentive Values being lost sporadically on the FullIntegrationSDK and on Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE) runtimes
21055RequirementModified the "Reset Tags Database" command to also reset the Tag Quality to GOOD (192)
21226RequirementModified the Event Logger to start creating records when an invalid user is entered when trying to Log On
21390RequirementImproved the VBScript debugger to have a better performance including popping up variables and tag values when hovering the mouse over them
21549RequirementIncreased the stability when stopping the OPC-UA client task.
21822RequirementRe-implemented the System Tag "LastCodeChar_"
22098RequirementImproved the Mobile Access solution to add support for the built-in Grid object
22099RequirementMigrated the Windows OPC UA Client to use OpenSSL 1.0.2k
22144RequirementModified the "Previous" column on the Event Logger Control to start collecting also the first time that a tag value has changed
22390RequirementImplemented an option on the App file so that the built-in $Open() function, when resizing objects, do not resize the fonts
22713RequirementImproved the Trend Control object to increase the precision of the Cursor Value property,
22841RequirementImproved the RSLogix5000 ABCIP Tag Integration to implemented support for StringFamily Tag Family Types
22948RequirementImprovements on the PanelMate Import Wizard related to Wrapping the Captions inside the imported objects
22953RequirementModified the Development Environment to stop capitalizing the letters of screen names when they were being added to Screen Groups
23178RequirementImproved the TCP/IP server protection against clients connecting with a different version of the tags database.
23427RequirementImproved the Studio Database Gateway to always close all the open database resources avoiding denial of service on projects that require substantial database queries.
23460RequirementImplemented the WriteOutOfRange custom parameter to work also on Web Thin Clients
23908RequirementResolved issue with Custom Fonts not appearing on the Fonts selection Dialog

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