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Release Notes for InduSoft Web Studio

Release Notes for Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 + Service Pack 2 + Patch 1 (Thursday, July 27, 2017)

18997IssueResolved issue with the Mobile Access (HTML5) feature not showing the Text Object when it contains the Text Data Link property but no Tag or Expression associated to it.
19461IssueResolved issues with the single document "Replace" feature, when using the "Replace by Parts" options not working as expected on VBScript interfaces when there were Tags and variables as Arrays.
19888IssueResolved issue with Copying and Pasting symbols between screens with different sizes
20023IssueResolved issue with the SetViewerPos() built-in functionthat was causing an error when receiving a call with only the first 2 parameters, and being called during the Startup script or Graphics_OnStart()
20236IssueResolved issue with the Linked Symbol having Custom properties in VBScript no longer working as expected
20239IssueResolved issue with the Linked Symbols not being able to retain properties with negative numeric values.
20240IssueResolved issue with the Open function passing mnemonics parameters, that were not working properly when they were Arrays in certain Screen Active Objects
20378IssueResolved issue with the Remote LogWin not having all the menu options working properly when the remote Runtime System had the Security System enabled
20445IssueResolved issue with the Built-in functions PrintWindow() and SaveScreenShot() that were no longer printing ActiveX embedded in a Screen.
20554IssueResolved issue with the Report tool for RTF format that was not working properly when creating new report worksheets
20645IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration for RSLogix5000 ABCIP that was not being able to process certain specific large L5K files.
20676IssueResolved an issue with renaming a class members when the Class datasheet view is open and sorted
20705IssueResolved an issue with the connectivity between the Trend Control object / Trend Task and the WW Historian
20799IssueResolved issue with the OPC UA Client on Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE) that would stop sending requests for subscription after certain specific errors.
20856IssueResolved issue with the Trend functionality in Batch mode not working as expected on Windows Embedded runtimes (both Standard and Compact)
20941IssueResolved issue with Resizing up and down Screens, for fonts and text objects, as well as line weight, when using the built-in Open() function, passing screen coordinates and setting it to resize
21157IssueResolved issue with the Security System, when in LDAP mode, not being able to allow the user to change a password if the user primary group was domain users and the group was not not listed
21344IssueResolved issue with the Visibility Dynamic Property that was not working well when applied to a Group of objects that included Linked Symbols, when the project was created in certain previous versions of the product
21424IssueResolved vulnerability issue that would allow a user to execute arbitrary commands in certain situations
18798Change RequestResolved issue on the Development Environment, that if you had configured a group of objects, and then configured a tag between curly brackets {Tag} on the "Hint" field of the "Object Properties" window, you no longer could close the "Object Properties" window
19790Change RequestResolved issues on the Development Environment when using Arrays indexes on VBScript, including Linked Symbols and Single Document Replace features
19851Change RequestModified the TCP/IP Client module on Windows CE to better handle the disconnection from the Server in certain specific devices.
19988Change RequestMobile Access (HTML5) - Updated the functionalities on the Grid Control object to allow writing to the Data Source (Database)
20017Change RequestModified the Tag Integration for PLC5/SLC500 to allow the user to import Input and Output addresses that are in slots different than 0
20193Change RequestResolved issue with the Event Logger that was recording 2 messages on the event that a User from the security system was blocked due to reaching the number of invalid attempts.
20261Change RequestImplemented the capability of using the "Rotate" commands on the Development Environment for Text objects when the Target system is Embedded
20379Change RequestResolved issue with the "Verify" command showing a popup error depending on the Security settings of the logged user, and when the project was configured to use the Tag Integration feature
20647Change RequestImproved the Multi-touch performance in certain devices
21027Change RequestResolve issues with the CEF functionality, which allows the user to have Custom Widgets on Screens being displayed on the Viewer module
21383Change RequestUpdated the INI files related to Virtual Keypads for different languages to properly handle the "Space" character

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 + Service Pack 2 (Thursday, April 27, 2017)

11635IssueFixed IoTView alarm task to display the proper timestamp. Before the time-stamp being displayed were the previous tag change. Now the time-stamp displayed is the one from the current tag change.
17048IssueUsing IoTView on some devices (E.g.: Raspberry Pi2), when an application which is configured to communicate with a database through the ADO Gateway and the ADO Gateway cannot be reached by the application, a timeout will occur if the user tries to stop the application using the Execution Environment.
17062IssueImproved IoTView to consistently handle double quotes on all its expressions
17065IssueImproved IoTView to handle comment expressions into curly brackets
18815IssueImproved IoTView database functions so it can connect with Microsoft Access Databases
18823IssueResolved issue on Mobile Access with the Hyperlink dynamic property.
18860IssueResolved issue with the Mobile Access and the Bargraph dynamic animation that was not working as expected when the limits were configured with Tags
18869IssueResolved issue when pasting the same linked symbol to an application more than once the user was getting a message to overwrite it even when the user made no changes to the symbol.
18945IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration for Logix5000 family that would not work properly when some of the String Tags had initialization values with Keywords
19073IssueResolved issue with Shutting down the runtime not being able to fully stop the projects in some situations
19476IssueTag Integration RSLogix 5000 (ABCIP) does importing Tags from L5K files that had Strings tags with Initialization values containing key words.
19481IssueResolved an issue when the user had a Text object with "Text Data Link" property, having the "Input Enabled" option checked, and the "Require Confirmation" enabled, during the runtime when typing a value, and clicking outside the object, the Open/Close commands would stop working.
19554IssueResolved issue with Linked Symbols properties not working as expected with arrays.
19564IssueResolved issue with proprietary Trend HST files format and timeouts between the Viewer module and the runtime that would cause the Trend Control object to malfunction on Windows Embedded Cmopact (Windows CE) runtimes.
19596IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration feature for RSLogix5000 (ABCIP) not being able to import array elements from UDT containing another UDT which has a member that is an array.
14854Change RequestTag Integration for TwinCAT: Improved the performance for loading the tags coming from large PLC programs, on both On-line and Off-line file modes.
18111RequirementModified the Fonts dialog window for graphic objects that contains text and captions
18119RequirementImproved the Mobile Access solution to add support for the built-in Grid object
18142RequirementImproved the Trend Control in the Mobile Access solution with the addition of the "Auto Scale" capability
18143RequirementImproved the overall performance for the Mobile Access solution when switching screens
18152RequirementImplemented the capability to change user password when using LDAP
18527RequirementAdded the Alarm BEEP capability on Web Thin Clients and Secure Viewer, as well as the capability of selecting a custom WAV file.
18810RequirementImproved driver logs on IoTView.
18858RequirementModify the SMA Trend control to be compatible with multiple time zones.
18864RequirementModified the PanelMate Import Wizard to allow the screens that were created to be modified, including changing the font sizes on the ActiveX objects that are created, and also adjusting the fonts when we perform the Convert Resolution command
18876RequirementDisable the Custom Widget Framework log
18911RequirementIncreased the number of tags that can be configured on the Trend worksheets to 1000
19145RequirementRuntime for Windows Embedded Standard (EmbeddedView) now is capable of running on Windows IoT Enterprise and Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro
19212RequirementImplemented GetLine function to IoTView.
19214RequirementImplemented FileWrite built-in function for IotView
19288RequirementResolved issue with the Tag Integration feature not working as expected for UDTs, Classes ad Structs with more than 50 members
19353RequirementImproved the Event Logger feature to start logging the first Logon action when a Web Thin Clients or Secure Viewers get a connection with the Server
19456RequirementResolved issue on the FullIntegration SDK where the system file app.db was being locked by one of the processes and preventing the SDK from opening or deleting projects
19457RequirementResolved an issue with the FullIntegration SDK where the "Save as HTML" command was opening an undesired new window
19464RequirementFixed the Viewer to make sure that it supports Web Thin Client screens being opened into itself using the Web Browser ActiveX.
19480RequirementUpdated the Built-in legacy SetTranslationFile() function to work properly when called from the main process using legacy TRA format files.
19491RequirementModified the internal limits for the VBScript debug feature
19497RequirementDeprecated the Dial and DialUp related built-in functions.
19548RequirementModified the Trend Task to stop generating a record with the value -15000000 that was showing at the exported file created using HST2TXT (both function and executable)
19562RequirementModified the HST2TXT built-in function to create the HDR header files with the correct Tag Names.
19566RequirementImproved the stability the Trend Control when used in Batch mode
19597RequirementOptimized the Alarm Control screen object for the situation when it is in History mode, the Alarm history is configured to be saved to Databases, with Database Redundancy, and the secondary database is unavailable during the runtime startup.
19607RequirementOptimized the GDI use when running the "Save all as HTML" publish command.
19800RequirementImproved FactoryTalk import wizard solution to import screens even if some object fails to import and if converted tags conflicts with the other tags that need to be imported.
19807RequirementModified the Communication Ports configuration for certain drivers to allow names that can be used on Linux OS
19847RequirementResolved issue with the updates of the proprietary files created daily using the Trend task
19872RequirementResolved issue with the Trend Control that, when in Database Mode, having Redundant Databases, when Synchronization was needed and daylight saving is enabled, the Sync action did not work as expected.
19875RequirementModified the Password Aging feature of the Security System groups to allow changing the value in days for a number higher than what it was previously configured.
19914RequirementImplemented a new way to import a Custom Widget to the projecct
18194RequirementImplemented OPCUA client for IoTView.
19569RequirementResolved issue with the SaveScreenShot() built-in function always printing the Linked Symbols with Visibility Animations, even when they are set to not show.
20015RequirementModified the Trend Worksheet to better handle the Field column when it sorts its content the first time upon its creation.
20132RequirementImproved FactoryTalk import wizard solution to import screens even if some object fails to import and if converted tags conflicts with the other tags that need to be imported.

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 + SP1 + Patch 1 (Thursday, January 19, 2017)

14368IssueResolved issue with the SyncTrendStatus not working as expected. Now it returns the value 3, which means that the Synchronization was finished, once, just like the SyncEventStatus and SyncAlarmStatus functions.
15188IssueResolved issue with the Batch option of the Trend Control object causing the system to become unstable in certain situations
16625IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object, when in Development mode and changing the weight of a pen causes all the pens to disappear if the legend was configured to not be displayed.
16758IssueResolved issue with the Remove Unused Tags and Cross Reference not working as expected having an Array Tag configured as an Array Index or another Array Tag on VBScript
16786IssueResolved issue with the Custom Fields on the Alarm Control Object, when you use tags between curly brackets, for instance {StringTags}, when configuring the messages, and these tags values were Blank.
17063IssueResolved issue with duplicated messages on the Alarm/Event Control object if the history was configured to be saved in Binary Mode
17077IssueResolved issue with the built-in GetLine() function reading only the first 255 characters when the "optOverflowTag" parameter was being included on the function call
17204IssueResolved issue with Screen Objects that can receive focus (text box, text I/O, commands), configured with Visibility dynamic property and Disable Field, that was affecting tabulation when the screen was opened and the Disable field was set for TRUE
17215IssueFixed a condition that would cause the OnUp command to be executed twice when a modal dialog would be called.
18229IssueResolved issue when renaming a Tag using the Datasheet View interface, when prompted to replace the Tag on the entire project, it was not changing it in then Mobile Access Configuration worksheet.
18329IssueResolved issue with the Global Find/Replace not working as expected when certain worksheets were open, such as Tags Datasheet View or Translation editor
18357IssueModified the behavior where grouping basic shapes was automatically creating a symbol object instead of a group of objects which prevented the user from accessing each object's properties.
18419IssueResolved issue with the TagsDBSetAlarm function, when called using the -1 value for the Alarm Type (General Properties) inserting a new blank line on the Alarm Worksheet
18447IssueResolved issue with the Ribbon "Replace" command on a document, that was not replacing Tags when they were referencing a property (Tag Fields)
18460IssueResolved issue with the Text object containing the "Color" animation, after executing the "Test Screen" command, a background color was being added to the object
18509IssueResolved issue with Mobile Access where scrolling down the Process Values Widget screen when the widgets did not fit into the screen.
18510IssueResolved issue with Mobile Access not executing the OnUp commands properly
18511IssueResolved issue with Mobile Access not allowing the user to Check and Uncheck pens on the legacy SMA Trend feature in certain versions of mobile OSs
18529IssueResolved alignment issue with the Caption on Rectangles and buttons, when using multiline and having the "Enabled Enhanced Graphics" option selected.
18538IssueResolved issue with the Shutdown command not being able to fully stop the projects in some situations, usually when Mobile Access task was running.
18812IssueResolved issue with the Background Color on Screens that are called to be opened on a size bigger than the original one.
18818IssueSeveral product translation strings were reviewed.
18824IssueResolved issue with the ActiveX Object Properties window, when trying to configure "Events", it was not saving the Scripts.
18830IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object, when using Database, not showing all the Data correctly when there were more than 2048 points to be shown, and the Decimation option was enabled.
18880IssueResolved issue with the FactoryTalk Import Wizard not working properly with screens developed in certain older versions of FactoryTalk that did not support Gradient features.
19228IssueIoTView - modified the Install.sh file to skipping the installation if the Apache doc root is not present
16711Change RequestModified the Tag Properties interface for Shared Integrated Tags which now allows the user to modify the Tag Description
16874Change RequestModified the way that Integer Tags process values when it receives an empty string
16747RequirementsResolved issue with Renaming a Tag that has been configured a Trend Worksheet, having the "Database" option enabled and configuring something on the "Field" column and. after renaming the Tag on the Tags Database, after replacing the Tag in entire project, the value on the "Field" was being removed
17159RequirementsModified the internal structure of screens to show texts with a default font size and name when the configured font information on a Text object is not found
18071RequirementsChanged the path where the files related to the integration with WW Historian were being installed for it to be the same as the rest of the product.
18088RequirementsImplemented the Single Screen Scaling functionality on the Mobile Access thin clients.
18105RequirementsModified the messages displayed on the Output Windows related to authentication from the Security System
18109RequirementsResolved an issue where Changing the Tag Type of an Array that was configured on a Alarm worksheet would have that tag removed from that worksheet
18140RequirementsResolved instability issues on the Custom Widget feature related to the Viewer Module.
18161RequirementsResolved issue with the Colors Button on the Development Environment when the OS was in Chinese or Japanese, and the user tried to add a Custom Color, and not being able to see all the RGB options.
18165RequirementsImplemented Swipe options for Multi-Touch on PC and Embedded runtimes
18211RequirementsModified the Custom Widget feature to allow it to be resized when the paint area is changed
18316RequirementsModified the HST2TXT built-in function to create files with the exported data even if the Start Date that was passed does not have any data, but there is data present on the given interval
18347RequirementsCreated a version of some of the internal encryption library files to be used with the a newer toolset
18348RequirementsResolved an issue where an OEM license would not be validated when the MAC address of the first networking device in the operating system's table was invalid.
18361RequirementsModified the Trend Control object Legend to update the Pen Color value when the color is set using the "Style Modifier" field
18469RequirementsResolved issue with scrolling through large screens with certain objects showing some undesirable lines
18540RequirementsModified the PanelMate import Wizard to allow configuring a prefix on the Tag Name to be imported, or to now configure any prefix. Also, after importing a screen, it is now possible to ungroup a group of objects that contains an ActiveX
18577RequirementsResolved issue with the Open() function, when called with certain parameters, causing Text objects to be misplaced in the screen.
18668RequirementsModified the "Help->About" windows to be opened silently.
18671RequirementsModified the built-in Close() function to allow closing the current active screens when no parameters are passed
18692RequirementsResolved issue with the FactoryTalk Import Wizard where certain screens containing a group of objects with the Color animation were not being correctly imported
18700RequirementsModified the "Remove Unused Tags" feature, when called form the TreeView in the Global Tab of the Project Explorer, to work the same way as it does when called from Ribbon's Home interface.
18724RequirementsImproved the integration with WW Online when it is using "Store and Forward"
18816RequirementsChanged the auto create linked symbol message to a format that is interpretable by the OEM's messaging system.

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 + Service Pack 1 (Wednesday, October 5, 2016)

1724IssueResolved issue with the validation of fields that can receive tags in dialog windows on the Development Environment, such as Alarm Email configuration, Trend Advanced and so forth
1748IssueModified the Import Wizard to properly import the Opc Ua and Opc Xi configurations
2825IssueResolved issue with the Symbols Editor not being able to modify the Grid Settings
3135IssueResolved issue with the Object Finder not locking the Object Properties window that called it, allowing the user to close it and generating errors
3393IssueResolved issue that happened when editing more than one project symbol. The symbols edited after the first symbol would change its size to that of first edited symbol.
3420IssueModified the multi-touch feature to have a configurable setting for the refresh rate, so it would avoid issues when quickly zooming in and out screens would not properly redraw then entire screen. Implemented the following new entry on the project's app file: [Options] - TouchRefreshTime=100
4968IssueResolved issue with executing a command animation before setting the tag value when using a text box object on Mobile Access thin client
5758IssueResolved issue with the Import Wizard for Studio database, when the option to import the whole project was selected, it was not importing the background images with extensions other than BMP.
7359IssueResolved issue with the License Server feature is finding a Server License even with the "Enable" Check Box unchecked
7866IssueResolved issue when configuring the Security System in LDAP mode, and performing a "Check Query" command, returning inconsistent values.
8164IssueResolved an issue where GIF pictures could not be selected in the browse dialog of linked pictures
8261IssueFixed service configuration to work properly with a language other than English.
8976IssueResolved issue with the trend control showing gaps in Historical mode when the Data source was configured to Database.
9141IssueResolved issue with E-Sign and LogOn dialogs that on certain situations would perform a LogOff when pressing the "O" key
9698IssueResolved issue with the Line screen object, when being drawn as a Horizontal Line not properly responding to Shift + Arrow Commands to re-position it
10238IssuePaste linked symbol process will no longer lock the symbol file.
10611IssueResolved issue with the warning messages related to the Fill Effect feature not being supported on Embedded devices that was no longer being displayed on the Output Window.
10773IssueResolved issue with the development environment running into errors when the user tried to open a password-protected file in the Project Explorer treeview and then canceled the operation before the document was opened.
11023IssueResolved issue with the "Enable Enhanced Graphics" option moving some objects on the screens when they are configured with borders
11115IssueFixed the driver toolkit WriteItemValue method to return the proper value over its execution. Before the method would update the tag properly but would always return false.
11144IssueFixed IoTView alarm task to also detect alarm condition during the task initialization.
11182IssueResolved an issue where a text object being edited on CE lost its alignment.
11198IssueResolved an issue where images with types different then BMP would not be displayed inside buttons.
11587IssueResolved issue with the Text Box screen object, that when you were coping a Text Box object with the font color set to anything other than black (default value) the font color was not being applied to the new object
11606IssueResolved issue where the FileWrite() built-in function was not returning the correct values after being executed
11825IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration not importing certain tags when the total length of the tag name was greater than 80 characters
12049IssueResolved an issue where images added to buttons would carry a full path even when the image was inside the applications folder.
12518IssueThe apply button from the LogWin configuration window was removed.
12585IssueModified Grid Control Object to better handle deleted tags on Class Data Source
12837IssueModified the DeleteOlderFiles function to allow entering the desired Time, in addition to the Date, as the input parameters
12893IssueModified the Mobile Access to synchronize values of indirect tags when they are declared as server tags
13598IssueModified the "Global Replace" window to allow replacing only up to 10 tags at a time
13923IssueResolved issue with the Web Thin Client not working properly if you configured the Web Advanced Settings with any valid "Backup URL" and a valid numeric value for the "Timeout for switching stations" different than 0
13956IssueResolved issue when configuring a Tag between curly brackets {Tag} on the Hyperlink Animation Property, if you click out of the field before typing the right bracket "}", it would cause the product to no longer respond
13958IssueModified the OPC .Net and OPC XML-DA worksheets, on the Advanced Settings, to gray out the "Queue size" field, which is used only with OPC UA.
14006IssueImproved the IoTView installation script to display a more user-friendly message and alert when the installation is setting up the Remote Agent to be started as a service.
14062IssueResolved issue with Linked Symbol not working properly when configuring values with the minus "-" sign.
14078IssueModified SMA Thin Client to support access to specific bits from integer tags using the bits tag field (e.g.: TagName->B0).
14106IssueResolved an issue where the translate before parsing strings in curly brackets was not working as configured in the viewer.
14165IssueResolved an issue where the transparency configuration of the linked Pictures was not accepting custom properties configuration
14186IssueResolved issue with the Grid Control object do not showing Dates in UTC format when using it along with other different Date formats on the same object.
14187IssueResolved issue with screens having the "Hide screen instead of closing it" option selected not working properly on Web Thin Clients
14188IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control not showing last point from a query using the Data Source option as Database, when the Decimation option was enabled.
14189IssueResolved issue with the PrintWindow() built-in function reopening the screen before printing it, even if it is already open, when called from Web Thin Clients.
14246IssueResolved issue with the Date and Time functions, when configured with the optional parameter to return values in UTC, considering the "Automatic Daylight Saving" setting on the computer.
14461IssueResolved issue with the Screen Script not working properly when the screen had the attribute "Hide screen instead of closing it" checked
14483IssueChanged some of the warning messages on the Collaboration Server to reflect that actual behavior when trying to perform certain operations, such as opening a file that is already open by another user, or opening files when the server is unreachable..
14632IssueResolved issue with the "Remove Unused Tags" feature that was not finding a Class Tag that was also an array, when used in a script, having a VBScript variable as the Array Index.
14637IssueResolved issue with the Alarm Control object not working correctly when using the "Filters" runtime window and configuring a "Period" with a Start Date
15027IssueModified the DBExecute built-in function to accept the value 0 on the numMaxRow parameter when performing operations that do not return number rows, such as DROP TABLE. The return value was also modified to return 0 when the DBExecute is successfully executed in a operation that do not return number of rows.
15095IssueModified the Grid Control object so that the configuration to show or hide the built-in Column ID is independent of the configuration to show the Header row.
15109IssueModified the behavior of the Slider option on the Position Dynamic Property so it would work on Groups of Objects and Linked Symbols the same way as it does when applied to an object that is not part of a group.
15144IssueResolved issue with the built-in SaveScreenShot() function sometimes generating files with invalid images.
15159IssueModified the buffer size used on the process of replacing tag names or class members on Global Procedures.
15165IssueDisabled the sort of the primary / secondary database combo-box to avoid problems when localized in other languages.
15243IssueResolved issue with a GDI resources management when screens were using Background images, having many other images used as linked pictures.
15323IssueImproved Security System to avoid communication problems when the TCP/IP Server is processing a huge amount of messages.
15378IssueResolved issue with Memory Allocation when screens had certain background images and string variables on the Screen Script.
15390IssueChanged the Format function so it can return a larger result when using "%e" parameter on IoTView. Note that we are now using double precision and its resolution can vary depending on the device.
15393IssueImproved Stability in large applications that stress the Security System and TCP/IP Server interfaces.
15463IssueResolved issue with the built-in HST2TXT() function not exporting the milliseconds information even when configured to do so.
15489IssueModified the way that Virtual Keypad is open when the project has the Project - Settings - Viewer - "Use popup window on text objects" selected, so it can enforce the Modal mode even for Dialog and Popup style screens
15493IssueResolved issue with the Global Replace feature not working as expected when there were Array Tags configured as Array Indexes or another Array Tag on VBScript interfaces
15524IssueModified the System Tag DayOfYear start at 1 to follow the Julian Calendar. It is still possible to have it starting at 0 by editing the project's APP file, on the [Options] section, and configuring the entry DayOfYearStartsAtZero=0 (To start at 0).
16606IssueResolved issue when trying to create a group of 2 or more Text Boxes objects, which was causing them to disappear upon the group creation.
16622IssueResolved issue with the Screen Text Object having the Text Data Link property enabled, not working correctly on Linked Symbols if you use Copy and Paste of these objects while creating the Linked Symbol
16750IssueResolved issue with the Text Object with Text Data Link property, when in Runtime mode, was not applying the Minimum and Maximum limits for Inputs when you using tags on these fields and the "Use popup input for text objects" option was enabled in the Viewer settings.
16870IssueModified the Screen Grid Control object to handle the ANSI files the same way as it does with Unicode when saving these files. Previously, it was generating an extra "carriage return" on each line of that text file when the format was ANSI.
17068IssueFixed the Rand function on IoTView that was not return a random number.
17069IssueFixed the Asc2Str function that was returning only one character when using IoTView.
17070IssueFixed the StrStr function to consider all characters in the search string when running on IoTView.
17071IssueFixed the StrTrim function to do not remove extra spaces of string boundaries when using IoTView.
2470Change RequestImplemented test buttons for E-mail and FTP configuration.
2717Change RequestModified the Grid Control Object, when using the Database option, to support single quotes when sending a Query to the Database
5322Change RequestResolved issues with the buttons on the Ribbon interface not being properly enabled depending on the Security System settings
11651Change RequestModified the Trend Task for Windows PC runtimes to work differently when the Trend worksheets are changed
12954Change RequestModified the Grid Control object to allow a String Tag to be used for the Column Label even when the "Enable Translation" check box is not Selected
13228Change RequestWhen the user tabs into a text field all of its contents are automatically selected.
13242Change RequestModified the way the Open() function works for the "Popup" style screens when using static IDs and multiple Replace screens open in different parts of the Viewer environment
13335Change RequestThe default values for the OPCUA time slice and period have been optimized.
13571Change RequestModified the German translation for the version update dialog
13739Change RequestModified the hotkey for the "Format" tab on the Ribbon interface from ALT+F to ALT+M
13757Change RequestFixed spelling error on the "Verify" window
13800Change RequestUpdated the library used on the Codesys Tag Integration to work with the XML files generated with the latest Codesys versions.
14157Change RequestResolved an issue where the listbox object would not filter the selected object according to a tag value when the screen opens for the first time
14458Change RequestModified behavior when editing screens, selecting multiple objects, and moving them around while the "Snap to Grid" option is enabled, to work the same way as it used to be in older versions
14459Change RequestThe user is now allowed to Change property type of linked symbols to a different type than previously configured. A message has also been created to explain the risks of such a change and how to address them.
14587Change RequestThe verify application will no longer save linked symbol files inside screens during a verify application
14635Change RequestEnhanced the Tag Integration for RSLogix5000 (RSLogix 5000) to work with L5K files that have Structured Text (ST) programs
14768Change RequestResolved an issue where a button or another object with the command option would not be released when it is too close to the edge of the screen when auto release is enabled.
14820Change RequestModified the Trend Control object so that when configured to use Data Source as Text to not convert the data to UTC, and show it as it was generated on the Local Time
14872Change RequestImproved the worksheets (Math, Schedule, etc.) to validate the document before saving it. Before the validation would only happen when leaving edition fields.
14995Change RequestTag Integration Codesys - added support to import multi-dimensional arrays and nested structures as single tags
15054Change RequestResolved issue with the Schneider Tag Integration feature that was failing to import tags from certain XSY files depending on the array configurations
15056Change RequestResolved an issue where the object properties color menu would become inaccessible when the custom colors sub-menu was opened.
15210Change RequestModified the StrGetElement built-in function to able to correctly consider when elements are null or do not have values.
15212Change RequestModified the Radio Button and Check-Box screen objects do that were not becoming grayed-out by the Security System settings
15409Change RequestModified the Security System Distributed Mode to better manage the TCP/IP connections to the Distributed Server instance when configuring the Client instance.
15506Change RequestModified the Smart Message object to no longer go to the first message when the Read Tag quality is not GOOD
16635Change RequestImproved the way that the Log Off operation is executed when the Security System is configured for LDAP Mode and the LDAP server is not available.
16652Change RequestAdded support for driver traces on IOTView running on Linux
3216RequirementImplemented Trend Control Object on Mobile Access
10541RequirementImplemented a feature where the user will be able to configure the screen editor and the viewer to extra folders so it can search for dot net controls it could not find. This does not apply to GAC controls.
11171RequirementImproved the Remote Agent to execute the IoTView installation even executed from a different path than the Remote Agent executable path.
11217RequirementImplement the Custom Property (formerly known as Mnemonics) feature into the Studio Mobile Access.
11509RequirementEnhanced the global find and replace of documents.
11914RequirementImplemented the new capability of integrating third-party HTML5 components, also called Custom Widgets, into all graphical interfaces of the product (Viewer, SVTC, WTC, SMA), allowing the user to design the screens once and access them from any visualization module.
12714RequirementImplemented Math task on IoTView.
12715RequirementImplemented a new convert resolution feature that supports aspect ratio and created the appropriate interfaces with advanced options in the Full Integration SDK
13428RequirementCreated a new Import Wizard for Rockwell FactoryTalk View ME e FactoryTalk View SE
14032RequirementCreated Custom Widgets Framework installer.
14341RequirementModified OPC UA Client to be able to resolve Endpoints with both hostnames and IP Addresses, and also modified the browse capabilities to have an icon indicating if the selected node on the server has Alarms/Events enabled
14430RequirementFixed OPC DA Server to do not send invalid data after midnight when a specific OEM is connected to it.
14443RequirementResolved issue with Report tool in RTF mode generating reports with the Unicode Codes instead of the characters when using Tags that had underscore on their names, preceded by Spaces characters
14460RequirementImproved the memory allocation management on Windows CE runtimes with certain screens and scripts
14580RequirementModified the Dump.txt and ViewerDump.txt to include more complete information about the build number used to generate the files as well as the ISSymbol version
14623RequirementSecurity System LDAP Mode: a new method to retrieve all blocked and disabled users from the Active Directory, showing the correct icon on the Development Environment TreeView, has been implemented, and the warning message during a LogOn() atempt has been changed to reflect that the user could e either blocked or disabled.
14752RequirementModified the Security System in Distributed Mode to stop showing a Message Box when the Client is unable to connect to the Server.
14957RequirementResolved issue with the VBScript function MsgBox(), when called from a Command in an object from a Screen configured with the Dialog Style, that was not opening the MsgBox as a modal window, allowing the user to perform operations on the other screens even with the MsgBox being displayed.
15039RequirementAdded support for database functions on IoTView. The following functions are available: DBExecute, DBCursorOpenSQL, DBCursorGetValue, DBCursorNext, DBCursorRowCount and DBCursorClose.
16984RequirementImplemented License for FactoryTalk ME/SE Import Wizard.

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 + Patch 3 (Tuesday, April 26, 2016)

13941IssueResolved issue when using the Import Wizard to import XML Screen Files, and selecting multiple files, not all the screens were being created.
13934IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration feature for RSLogix 5000 when there were tag names including some specific Keywords
13838IssueModified the way dialog windows are handled when they are being called from scripts that are closing screens.
13750IssueResolves an issue when using Store and Forward and it is not deleting rows from secondary database.
13747IssueResolved issue with the "Advanced" settings window on the Database/ERP not opening
13719IssueResolves a problem when using font that has spaces in it name.
13581IssueResolved issue with Screens created using the built-in ImportXML function not executing Scripts until they are opened on the Dev environment and saved
13579IssueModified the Virtual Keyboard configuration files (VKFR.ini, VKJP.ini and VKCN.ini) to make sure that the SPACE key from the Virtual Keyboard (Alphanumeric) works properly in any language.
13493IssueResolved issue with the Grid Object not using the specified column width when opening the screen for the first time, when the Data Type was Set to Class Tag, the Labels were configured but the Members were not.
13378IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration with RSLogix5000 feature where Tags configured on the L5K file as Alias, having a description that included parenthesis, would not work properly when browsing for tags using the Object Finder window.
13258IssueResolved issue where the Object Properties window would open empty for Linked Symbols the first time that a screen was open having the Collaboration Tool enabled.
13169IssueResolved issue with the Virtual Keyboard not hiding the typed values even if the objects and Keypad() function are being called with the "Password" parameter enabled, when the Program->Settings->Viewer->Virtual Keyboard "Enable Multi-line Input" option was checked
13090IssueResolved issue with the Text object, when having the "Text Data Link" enabled, the "Disable" field was not working properly in certain specific situations
13089IssueModified SMA Thin Client to make sure that the Linked pictures are properly displayed even when the dynamic path included backslash characters.
13035IssueChanged the way that the DLLs are loaded on Windows CE runtimes (CEView) to allow a better memory management mainly when screens have images
13033IssueResolved issue on the TCP/IP Client of the ISSymbol control that was causing instability when trying process the Grid Control object
12975IssueModified the Mobile Access to properly handle Tag Integration tags containing arrays
12874IssueResolved issue that was causing errors while loading Batch files on the Trend Control object.
12872IssueResolved issue with the built-in function RunGlobalProcedureAsync() that was causing leak of memory on Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE)
12850IssueModified the Mobile Access to properly handle local indirect tags
12849IssueResolved issue with the TCP/IP Client Tasks not working properly if the password from the user configured for the authentication contains upper case letters.
12848IssueResolved issue with the Web Thin Client not working properly on the Internet Explorer of Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7)
12821IssueResolved issue with Thin Client (Web and Secure Viewer) not being able to write to Server Tags in case of the the connection with the Server being lost and then re-stablished.
12646IssueResolved issue with the Security System in Distributed Client Mode not connecting to the Distributed Server if this client was using the Data Protection feature.
12589IssueResolved issue with the PanelMate Import Wizard not working properly if the project was set to use the screen extension .SCC
12588IssueResolved issue with the "Windows Date and Time" control being open behind the Viewer module when launched using the WinExec() built-in function
12586IssueResolved issue that the "Support Information" window was not displaying license information when the protection mode used WiBu hardkeys.
12529IssueResolved issue with the Startup tasks not working properly when the product localization was set to a language other than English and the computer tried to start up the runtime upon is system restart.
12393IssueFixed IoTView memory issue that would cause bus error on some Linux devices when the program is executed multiple times.
11849IssueResolved issue with warning messages being displayed repeatedly when stopping a project remotely using the Remote Management tools, and the logged user on the runtime did not have the privileges to close the runtime
14004Change RequestModified the Image Path handling for Buttons and Smart Messages to work better with relative paths on Web Thin Clients and Secure Viewer Thin Client
13754Change RequestUpdated the Recipe.xls file
13732Change RequestRemoved the "Keep user files" check box on the "Remote Management" window
13714Change RequestModify the Mobile Access to have the same behavior as the Secure Viewer when displaying float point variables.
13494Change RequestModified the Recipe worksheets to make the default format set to XML.
13425Change RequestModified the Alarm Control Object, when in history mode, to perform queries after the Date changes and properly updating the displayed alarms
13259Change RequestModified the Alarm/Event Control object to properly show the Event Type on the "Type" column
13243Change RequestResolved issue with the ShowInplaceInput() built-in function not working on Windows Embedded Compact platforms when the Virtual keyboard option is enabled
13168Change RequestModified the way the "Retentive Values" option works on Embedded Runtimes.
13027Change RequestAdded support to additional file formats for the screen Background Picture property (BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG) for Windows Embedded Compact runtimes (CEView)
12983Change RequestImproved the Zooming operations on the Trend Control objet when using Multi-touch
12928Change RequestModify Mobile Access to support a data input window for input objects. Modify Mobile Access to validate the data input based in both the tag type and the parameters passed through the KeyPad function. Modify Mobile Access to open the native virtual keyboard when it is enabled in the operational system.
11763Change RequestResolved Localization issues with the recently implemented dialog windows.
13612RequirementImplemented a new capability to programmatically define which tags will be pre-loaded by the Run-Time.
13142RequirementModified the product Command animation to include an extra protection for the OnLButtonUp and OnLButtonDown events
12935RequirementImplemented a new Tag Integration solution for the Siemens TIA Portal, which supports Siemens S7-1500 PLCs.
12418RequirementEnhanced the Background Picture screen property to support additional file formats on Embedded Runtime Editions (CEView, EmbeddedView): BMP (previously supported), JPG, JPEG, PNG and PCX)

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 + Patch 2 (Tuesday, January 12, 2016)

2095IssueResolved issue with the SaveScreenShot() built-in function not working properly when the screen resolution was scaled by the "Auto Screen Scaling" feature.
2923IssueResolved issue that was happening when a screen and symbol had the same names, then the symbol would be saved into an SCC file during verify overwriting the SCC file created from the screen.
4470IssueModified the Mobile Access to behave like the viewer and display an error message when the user types an invalid value on an input field
10537IssueFixed an issue with Indirect tags on Mobile Access. If you try to access a Local Tag using indirect access (e.g.: @Tag) the Mobile Access would stop working.
10538IssueFixed an issue on Mobile Access to load ComboBox items when the Position property is empty.
10639IssueFixed problem when trying to write on Mobile Access Process Values. The interface would not open the correct Widget for writing depending on where you clicked on the widget. For instance, you could have Tag1 and Tag2, click on the Widget to write on Tag1, but the write interface would prompt you to write on the Tag2.
10640IssueFixed a problem where the Mobile Access Process Values would lock if you cancel a write operation.
10651IssueModify the documentation to show that screen files must be checked in before changing the screen file extension.
10878IssueResolved issue with the captions on Button and Rectangle objects when they were grayed out.
11005IssueFixed an issue on Mobile Access to load VBScript with no spaces between the operands (e.g.: VarA>=VarB, instead of VarA [SPACE] >= [SPACE] VarB).
11038IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control object drawing additional lines when scrolling from right to left end entering the Daylight Saving period.
11131IssueResolve issue with when the user uses the .scc as screen extension
11206IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration where some structure type tags with array members sometimes were not being imported correctly.
11208IssueResolve issue with commands in hidden objects, now when the object is hidden it is not firing events anymore.
11211IssueResolved an issue with the handling of Command animations on screen objects in a stack of objects in Mobile Access. Previously, only the front-most object received mouse events (i.e., clicks), regardless of whether it had a Command animation. Now, the front-most object with a Command animation receives mouse events, and any other objects without Command animations in front of that object are ignored. This copies the existing and intended behavior of the Viewer (including Secure Viewer and Web Thin Client).
11213IssueFixed a problem on Mobile Access when executing Command Animations on polygons. Mobile Access would consider the click area to be a rectangle around the polygon. The fix forces the Mobile Access interface to accept the click only if the mouse is inside the polygon boundaries.
11850IssueModified the the SNMPGet() built-in function to better handle memory allocation by creating a new option on the project's .App file called SNMPIsolated=1 under the [Options] section.
11882IssueResolve issue with Combo Box Sort using Static Labels that behaves differently on MA and Viewer
11897IssueResolved issue with the SetViewerInFocus() built-in function not working properly on the latest versions of the product and OS.
11930IssueResolved issue with the Trend Control showing some gaps in areas where data was actually saved in some specific situations
11939IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration for Automation Direct PAC3K where the SO Boolean Data Types were being imported as Integers
11946IssueResolved issue with the Event Logger not properly recording the User Name and Station when the values were being changed inside a script with a Loop instruction, such as For...Next in a Remote Thin Client
12029IssueFixed issue on IoTView that would cause screens not to load properly
12063IssueResolved issue with the WinExec() built-in function not working properly with Runtimes on Windows Embedded Standard
12088IssueResolved issue with the Collaboration Server feature not properly handling the status of the files related to the Security System
12132IssueResolved issue with the FileWriteFields() built-in function not returning the correct value when succesfully writing to a file
11654IssueResolve issue with OPC XML/DA read trigger that was not respecting the group size
11688IssueResolved issue with the Trend and Alarm worksheets when using arrays of classes, configuring the last array position and changing the class definition would cause the last array position to be removed from these worksheets
11752IssueResolved issue with commands using Shortcut Keys on runtime screens being disabled after one of them used the 'F10' function key.
12151IssueResolve issue with non-Latin characters.
12178IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration for RSLogix 5000 not working properly when the tag had certain characters on the Description field
12193IssueResolve issue with screens that contains big images. These screen were not able to be open in Moxa devices
12197IssueModified the Security System Distributed Mode to include Authentication when configuring the Distributed Client. Now, on the client side, when configuring the Server settings, you have to configure a user and a password that are already configured on the Distributed Server, which belongs to a group that has the option "Enable Remote Security System and Remote Debugging Tools" checked.
12246IssueResolved issue with the "Convert Resolution" tool not properly resizing screens with the SCC extension
12423IssueResolved issue with the "Target System" not being properly updated on the Ribbon Interface when switching projects with different Target Systems
12532IssueFixed the remote download of applications that would fail when using the Ribbon icon and connecting with an IoTView platform using the Execution Environment and not opening the Project Tab.
12560IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration for RSLogix 5000 where some tags that were aliases were not being able to be imported.
11839Change RequestModified the Database Gateway internal limit or number of rows that can be returned from 32k to 64k
11713Change RequestCreated a new Tag Integration provider for AutomationDirect called ADPRO that integrates PAC3000 and PAC2000
11216Change RequestModified the Mobile Access feature to show objects animated by tags on the screen only after they have received the tag values
11493Change RequestImproved the Linux installer shell script to avoid misleading messages and restart the apache service.
11102Change RequestModified the messages when there are problems saving screen files.
11205RequirementResolved issues with the Mobile Access feature related to Rectangle Caption Alignment and the Text Object not showing all the characters as well as not working properly with the Password option.
11563RequirementImplemented a widget that is a Virtual Keypad for the Mobile Access solution
10988RequirementAdded the capability to license IoTView using Softkey
10336RequirementModified the Mobile Access solution in preparation to support Widgets
12344RequirementImplement the capability of loading all the server tags
12506RequirementThe support for the following Data Types have been added to the Tag Integration for Schneider Electric Unity Pro: TIME_OF_DAY (TOD), DATE_AND_TIME (DT)

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 + Patch 1 (Wednesday, October 07, 2015)

2363IssueResolved issues with VBScript on WinCE devices when using certain FileSystem VB functions
3066IssueResolved an issue where users would be able to select Retentive Parameters for tag configuration on Embedded target applications, even though Retentive Parameters is not supported for Embedded applications.
3476IssueResolved issue with the X-Ref feature not finding tags configured on the "Execution" field of the Script worksheets
9568IssueResolved issue with the Alarm Rate feature not working properly.
9749IssueResolved issue where two instances of the runtime were executed in parallel when the first was running as a Windows service and the user also ran the normal runtime without Administrator privileges.
10783IssueResolved issue with the Print Orientation, in which after printing a screen using the PrintWindow() function in Landscape orientation, the PrintWindow() would no longer print in Portrait orientation.
10845IssueResolved issue with the Text Box object not properly updating its contents when the "Input Enabled" option was not checked.
11113IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration for RSLogix5000 related to Arrays and UDTs having arrays as members
11142IssueResolved issue with the Commands to Close() Screens no longer working on Web Thin Clients
11143IssueResolved issue with the ShowInplaceInput function not working if you have the Virtual Keyboard enabled
11149IssueModified the resource handler of the PDF printer to avoid race conditions
11166IssueResolved an issue where configuring array strings on the OPC-UA sheet and not using indexes to access specific elements of the array would cause the OPC-UA array to not be read properly.
11184IssueModified the FTPStatus() function to return the value "1" at least once when the FTPPut() is executed successfully
11212IssueResolved issue the Object Finder that the Index shows one extra position when using arrays in the RSLogix 5000 tag integration.
11224IssueResolved issue with the Multi-touch feature sometimes moving objects on the screen that were not selected
11261IssueResolved issue with the Mobile Access feature using too much CPU and sometimes not stopping properly
11308IssueFixed ISSymbol to be loaded properly on the web browser when safe scripting is enabled.
11445IssueResolved issue with trying to remote Alarm and Trend worksheets using the Project Explorer TreeView Treeview failing when the Collaboration feature was enabled
11565IssueResolved issue with duplicating objects on a screen using Ctrl+Click, causing the original object to move if you did not have the "Snap to Grid" option checked
11614IssueResolved issue with the Date when automatically sending alarms via email, depending on the time zone.
11653IssueResolved issue with Dialog and Pop-up screens being closed automatically when there commands calling 2 message boxes in a row
11665IssueResolved issue with the FileWriteFields() function not working properly with arrays when trying to access the last array position
11687IssueResolved issue with Screens Mobile Access not working properly where there were UNICODE texts on the screen objects
11689IssueResolved issue with the Grid Control object, when setting a grid column label to an empty string was no longer hiding that specific column.
11691IssueModified the assembly for ORAOLEDB on the StADOSvr.ini file
11705IssueFixed issue on OPC XML/DA where if the Time Stamp from the server was older than the client we would not update tag data
10236IssueResolved an issue where pasting a system symbol on a application more than once would ask the user to overwrite the application's symbol even without changing either symbol, also made sure that application symbols that erroneously link to system symbols are copied over to the application's linked symbol folder.
11843IssueModified the development environment to allow Linked Pictures to be used with OEMs using low tag count products.
11737Change RequestAdded the "Auto Screen Scaling" option for Mobile Access
11668Change RequestModified the OPC XML/DA to support the items with Item Path (see documentation for details)
9869Change RequestCreated an option to enable/disable the behavior of the “Ok” key from the Alphanumeric Virtual Keyboard (Project > Settings > Viewer > Virtual Keyboard > Enable multi-line text input).
9870Change RequestModified the Alphanumeric Virtual Keyboard to display the text with multiple lines, when applicable.
4496RequirementEnabled support for Mobile Access on the Runtimes for Windows Embedded Standard
5338RequirementAdded support to the cloud-based historian Wonderware Online
11304RequirementChanged the script shell to run the Remote Agent as a background service on IoTView
10357RequirementCreated a Setup file for the Studio Database Gateway

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 (Thursday, August 20, 2015)

1888IssueResolved issue with minimizing the Ribbon that was not working properly
2105IssueResolved issue where the Filter for the Grid Control object, when using Class Tags, was not working properly if the Column Name contained an underscore charater
2157IssueResolved issue with the popup text not being properly placed when the Viewer module was not maximized
2834IssueResolved issue with Memory Allocation on the Development Environment when opening screens with Open and Closed Polygons
2838IssueResolved issue with SetAppHstPath() function sometimes affecting the System Tag " Day" value
2852IssueModified the dialog window for the Global Replace feature to be resizeable
3158IssueResolved issue with the "Confirm" dialog for the Command animation "Require Confirmation" option, when using multiple monitors, always being displayed on the right edge of the first monitor.
3361IssueThe translation worksheet now works properly with the TAB and double quotes (") character in its cells
4042IssueResolved issue with the Viewer module generating an error when trying to close a screen that called a MsgBox() function on the OnClose screen script
4265IssueResolved issue with the Smart Message behavior on the development environment when the "Check Expression on each message Line" check box was being used
4405IssueModified the Text Box and the Text Data Link animations to properly limit the input according to the specified mask
4527IssueModified the Execution Tasks dialog box to show the status of the task "Driver Runtime" as "Started" if at least one communication driver is running.  (To access the Execution Tasks dialog box: on the Home tab of the ribbon, in the Local Management group, click Tasks.)
4797IssueImplemented the following modifications on the OPC UA Client task: - Enhanced client to connect properly with OPC UA Servers that require authentication. - Added support for browsing items with "scape characters" from the OPC Server. - Modified the worksheet editor (development environment) to prevent it from displaying the error message "could not determine data type" when it was not applicable. - Enhanced client to connect with OPC UA Servers that support connection only through IP Address, but not through machine name. - Modified client to accept connection with remote OPC Servers, as long as the time difference between both stations is less than 25 hours (the previous limit was only 2 hours).
4825IssueFixed an issue with the Viewer where it would start in the background when another application was open in Windows XP Embedded
4893IssueModified Mobile Access to identify when the runtime is not running and display the proper error message.
4938IssueResolved issue that could cause a system error when pasting values directly on the Classes Configuration Editor
4962IssueFixed problem with rectange caption. When the caption text was too big, it was being written outside the area of ​​the rectangle.
5112IssueResolved an issue with the Grid object where you could not open the Object Properties > Advanced dialog box if it contained an invalid tag.
5146IssueResolved issue with Mobile Access failing to execute the screens scripts with MsgBox calls containing line breaks
5348IssueResolved issue with objects not on the visible area of the screen (screens larger than the Viewer resolution) and the Visibility/Position property would no longer work properly
5445IssueModified the OPC UA redundancy to properly restore a connection after received a watchdog timeout signal.
5807IssueResolved issue with the fill effects of the object properties color menu will not highlighting when hovered over
5890IssueModified the OPC UA Client to set the quality of a project tag to BAD when its associated Node Id / Browse Path is empty or invalid.
5985IssueThe Runtime dialogs and all other sections from the translation spreadsheet are now keeping their values and saving properly.
6166IssueA problem was corrected when reading and writing IEC data types in date and time format.
6353IssueResolved incompatibility issues when trying to print to the Windows XPS printer
6354IssueResolved issue with Rectangles on Mobile Access not correctly displaying the Rectangle Captions in certain Web Browsers.
6468IssueAfter an network connection interruption the OPC UA communication will be fully restablished.
6513IssueOn Windows 7, when an object is untouched it's handle is released.
6572IssueThe verify time synchronization will now be disabled by default in OEM's that use Full Integration.
6581IssueFixed an issue on Mobile Access to align texts on rectangles that are hidden when the screen is open but displayed after it is open.
6628IssueNow the user will always receive an option to save a Linked Symbol in the project folder, if it is not already saved there, every time a screen is saved.
6634IssueWhen you imported a project into Indraworks and then opened a worksheet, the development environment sometimes closed unexpectedly. That issue has been resolved. (See also item 7525.)
6640IssueFixed issue on Mobile Access where some objects would disappear after you zoom in
6644IssueFixed an issue where OPC UA Client would not reestablish connection properly if the option "Verify time synchronization" is enable and the Client station system time is ahead the Server.
6754IssueWhen you used the Send File command in Remote Management, the development environment incorrectly showed a message that all files in the project directory on the target device would be deleted. That issue has been resolved.
6755IssueIn Full Integration, when you selected an object that was larger than the screen that contained it, the development environment would close unexpectedly. That issue has been resolved.
6757IssueThe Full Integration SDK function GetDocumentDescription could not properly get the description of a script that began with a long comment (i.e., approximately 750 characters). That issue has been resolved.
6759IssueCorrected the German translation of the comment for the Screen_OnClose procedure in the Screen Script worksheet.
6843IssueFixed an issue where drag and drop of variables on a driver sheet would generate an exception.
7023IssueFixed an issue where Studio would crash setting and resetting a tag in a short period over OPC UA client under WinCE.
7045IssueThe OPC-UA client task log has been modified to inform of all the write operations on the server.
7232IssueOPC UA unsubscribed tags will not be marked as bad when a connection breaks.
7469IssueFixed an issue where OPC UA Client would not re-stablish all communication points after a connection interruption.
7516IssueResolved issue with the StrFromTime and StrFromDate functions not working properly with certain values
7525IssueWhen you imported a project into Indraworks and then opened a worksheet, the development environment sometimes closed unexpectedly. That issue has been resolved. (See also item 6634.)
7696IssueFull Integration SDK will no longer crash when the user scrolls rapidly through the library's treeview.
7719IssueResolved issue with the FTP functions (FtpGet, FtpPut, FtpStatus) returning OK even with invalid parameters being configured
7737IssueModified the VBScript processor in the project runtime server so that it will no longer show message boxes when the project is configured to run as a service in Windows. Previously, attempting to show message boxes when the project was running as a service sometimes caused unexpected behavior.
7750IssueModified the mobile access to ensure IP protection for VBScript configured on Screen Scripts.
7940IssueEnhanced mobile access capability to handle tag changes at a high rate
7945IssueModified the Full Integration SDK to include the new program setting TestScreenRefreshCounter, which determines the screen refresh rate when you use the Test Screen command.
8429IssueWhen connecting to a server without the installed system files the version is not compared and a message is displayed.
8449IssueMessage Boxes that will warn the user of VB-Script errors will only appear once.
8707IssueEnhanced Mobile Access interface to support Tag Integration tags
8711IssueResolved issue with the Open() built-in function not working properly with Mnemonics file.
8715IssueResolved issue with message box being repeatly displayed when the Auto Log Off was executed on Web Thin Clients
8724IssueResolved issues with some configurations for the "Search Base" field for the Security System in LDAP mode
8845IssueResolved issue with trying to open the Advanced Properties window of the Grid Control, that has tags that were created as Class tags, but these members were changed
8977IssueResolved issue with the Translation feature not being able to translate texts inside the Grid Control object when the "Allow edit" option was selected
8981IssueResolved issue with the Grid control not showing data on Time - UTC and Date - UTC column types
8991IssueResolved issue with the Secure Viewer on Windoes CE showing the "LogOn" window even when the "Logon as default user" option is checked
9178IssueThe ChangeAllBreakPointStates function is now updating the runtime during operation.
9202IssueImproved Mobile Access to support non-array tags with index syntax (e.g., Second[0]).
9292IssueResolved issue with the screen animations such as Text data link no longer accepting valid values during the Runtime if the Max and Min did not have a leading 0 in front of the decimal places
9335IssueModified Mobile Access implementation to prevent memory leaks associated with mixed code.
9573IssueResolved issue with the "Undo" (Ctrl+Z) command not working properly when working with screens and trying to restore a group of objects after the user deletes it
9581IssueResolved issue with the Trend task not compressing files properly if the project path contains spaces
9635IssueIf linked pictures paths don't resolve the Web\Resources folder will also be searched, if the files are there the links will be updated to reflect this new location
9636IssueTags in an OPC-UA driver spreadsheet, configured without subscription or read trigger and that only writes on tag changes, with more than 50 items will no longer throw type mismatch when communicating.
9640IssueDrag and drop operation is no longer permitted on filter rows.
9848IssueModified the Ribbon interface, on the Position and Size settings of the Format tab, to properly handle different Regional Settings
10031IssueResolved issue with the Viewer module not using the Virtual Keyboard configuration files (e.g. VKEN.ini) that were placed on the project folder, and always using the one on the Product\BIN folder
10047IssueCancel button of the Dynamics advanced dialog shall no longer have any effect on the configured actions or scripts.
10093IssueResolved issue with the Translation Worksheet not properly removing lines when using the right-click pop-up menu "Delete line" option
10098IssueResolved issue with Inserting Line in the MDS, between existing rows, resulting in incorrect Scan action after saving, closing and reopening the document
10148IssueModified the behavior of the "Download" button on the Ribbon > Home > Remote Management group, to disable it until a project folder is actually selected on the remote Target system
10213IssueChanged the database gateway to not show the message "Error to remove obfuscation" when the user name or password is not specified.
10223IssueResolved issue with the Text Object cuting some pixels on the Left of its content while being displayed on the Viewer Module
10258IssueResolved issue with the DB/ERP Module not working properly when using the same tag as trigger for different worksheets
10305IssueResolved an issue with the wrong Object ID being displayed on the Output window after running the Verify command when an animation with an invalid tag was applied to an existing linked symbol
10346IssueResolved issue with the "Period" dialog of Trend Object not properly setting the time during the Daylight Saving period
10460IssueModified the Database connectivity feature to resolve issue with some Operating System Regional Settings
10469IssueResolved issues with the Trend Control object drawing addition lines when the period displayed was within the Daylight Saving
10560IssueWhen translating a text from the translation table that has no translation the original text is returned.
10562IssueResolved issue with the Event Logger not working properly when the database was configured for Local Time + Bias
10591IssueResolved issues with the OPC XML-DA not finding some specific servers.
10613IssueResolved typo issue with Tag Integration configuration window for AutomationDirect DoMore
10663IssueResolved issue with the Output Window showing an incorrect message when saving a screen that has objects with the VBScript commands containing Array Tags with VBScript variables as index
10704IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration for RSLogix5000 related to Arrays and UDTs having arrays as members
10749IssueResolved issue with the SaveScreenShot() builti-in function not working properly depending on the attributes configured on the Target File Folder
10757IssueResolved issue with the "Replace Tag" command on a screen not properly replacing tags that were being used on Command animation if the Command animation was applied to a Linked Symbol
10808IssueResolved issue with the Command Property not properly executing the commands configured on the "OnUp" tab using shortcut keys
10847IssueResolved issue with the FileCopy() built-in function not creating the target file with its correct name when the optTimeout parameter was being used
2019Change RequestModified the development environment to allow the user to delete tags from the project tags worksheet even when the worksheet is sorted
2582Change RequestAdded the capability to resize screen objects programmatically when using the Full Integration SDK.
2818Change RequestModified the built-in function ShowMessageBox to support localization of the message, button labels, and title.
3180Change RequestReviewed the Collaboration Tool to be more user-friendly
3283Change RequestThe translation spreadsheet has been upgraded to receive the insert line message from full integration SDK toolbars.
3703Change RequestImproved the performance of the VBScript editor.
4808Change RequestCreated an option in the \BIN\Program Settings.ini file ([OEM] HideTagIntegration), allowing the user to hide the "Tag Integration" interface from the development environment (Project > Settings > Communication > Tag Integration).
5031Change RequestResolved minor issues found on the Collaboration Tool and Implemented new "View History" feature.
5479Change RequestNow the OEM companies have the option to remove the "do not display this dialog box again" option from the Global Replace dialog which appears when you change a tag name.
6130Change RequestThe ShowMessageBox function's buttons and parameters are now translated on the CE environment.
6571Change RequestIf the Virtual Keyboard from a CE device is disabled through a registry setting the CE Server will enable it to interact with the security system and disable it again when the interaction is done.
7702Change RequestWhen you dragged and dropped an Indraworks process variable into a communication worksheet (e.g., Driver, OPC Client), the worksheet unexpectedly scrolled to the first row. That issue has been resolved.
8437Change RequestImproved overall security with the addition of the Authentication to the TCP/IP Server task
9269Change RequestModified the extension for screen files to prevent problems with anti-viruses
10230Change RequestRemoved the Import Wizards for RSLogix5000 and TwinCAT. Tag Integration for RSLogix 5000 and TwinCAT is now the way to integrate with these PLC families.
10318Change RequestEnabled OPC XML-DA for all product types and licenses
10736Change RequestModified the OPC UA Log message when writing and reading logical TRUE and FALSE for Boolean Tags / OPC items.
2659RequirementImplemented automatic redundancy on the OPC UA module
3217RequirementAdded support for MDI for Mobile Access
5012RequirementModified OPC UA client settings to allow the user to enable and disable the OPC time difference.
5600RequirementImplemented the ability to execute Math script expressions in the platform-agnostic runtime (IoTView).
6959RequirementModified the Mobile Access implementation to support multiple tabs in the web browser. The tabs are considered as part of the same session so they do not require extra license counts.
7572RequirementImplemented support for other Web Servers when using the Mobile Access. There is a CGI generic implementation which supports several web servers. To support other Web Servers and technologies targeted to OEMs also became very simple and easy.
7876RequirementModified the Wonderware Historian implementation to require a license.
8177RequirementThe Full Integration SDK now has an event that fires every time a user pastes a value in a spreadsheet
8200RequirementCreated Mobile Access Task, which integrates with the development environment and provides better debugging tools for Mobile Access applications.
8204RequirementImproved the Mobile Access installation to allow multiple versions to be installed on the same computer.
8471RequirementNew SDK Functions that allow all breakpoints from a specific file to be deleted or transferred to another file.
10434RequirementModified Mobile Access to support the Index tag field.
10992RequirementDeveloped a new, lightweight, platform-agnostic runtime (IoTView).