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Tablet Ready HMI Software – InduSoft Has it Now! 

InduSoft Web Studio, InduSoft EmbeddedView, and InduSoft CEView were all developed with future technology in mind. InduSoft strives not only to keep up with technology, but to stay ahead of the curve. With that goal in place, InduSoft is proud to announce that SCADA for tablets and smartphones is here, now, and available for you to make use of.

InduSoft offers several solutions for tablets and smartphones, including Windows 8, Windows 10, iOS, and Android. Even more importantly, it’s possible to develop solutions for any mobile device all in the same development environment. Design solutions for Android tablets, the iPad, iPhone, Windows 8 or Windows 10 tablets using the same HMI/SCADA software you use to develop your solution.


InduSoft Mobile Solutions

InduSoft offers many different options for mobile SCADA solutions for tablets and smartphones. Depending on your device and your needs, you may opt for a fully animated graphic solution via the Web Thin Client, or through a remote desktop solution, or you may prefer to create a quick-information dashboard that uses readily understood widgets to deliver process information. Here are a few of the ways you can access your information on a tablet or smartphone:


InduSoft Web Thin Client

The InduSoft Web Thin Client operates on Internet Explorer, and can be used to offer a virtual SCADA experience on any device that runs IE. The Web Thin Client can be used to develop virtual HMIs or dashboard views of your SCADA system with fully expressed graphics. This solution can be used on laptops, Windows 10 or Windows 7 based tablets and slates, and new Windows tablets. The Web Thin Client is ideal for remote facilities or stations, and can eliminate the need to physically visit a site to interact with the system.


InduSoft Studio Mobile Access – Critical Information at Your Fingertips

InduSoft offers two versions of the Studio Mobile Access Client, or SMA client. SMA Tabular operates on any internet enabled device, and can be used to receive process data and alarms right on your phone or tablet. Alarms can also be acknowledged and commented on using the Tabular SMA client.

The Enhanced SMA client operates on HTML5, and is compatible with any internet browser with HTML5 capabilities, including Safari, Chrome, and many other mobile browsers. Using SMA, users can view and optionally interact with their screens without the need to recreate existing screens, all with security in mind. No need for you or your customer to download an app, or more importantly maintain an app. Simply open your HTML5 browser and go. In Enhanced SMA, alarms can also be viewed and acknowledged, making it possible to interact with your system on the move.


Remote Desktop Solutions – Access Your Full Application Anywhere

For devices that offer applications for remote desktop functionality, full access to your SCADA system, and even the development environment of InduSoft Web Studio is possible. iPad, iPhone, and Android devices all offer remote desktop applications for free or for purchase, and this is an easy solution that offers you full access to your application on the move, or wherever mobile internet connections are available.


Multi-Touch capabilities for Tablet SCADA Application Development

InduSoft has developed multi-touch interface capabilities for InduSoft Web Studio. This multi- touch capability now makes it possible to develop SCADA/HMI solutions on Windows devices, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro. Also take advantage of multi-touch capabilities on Windows based touch panel PCs, and other industrial PCs with multi-touch touch-screen interfaces.

Familiar and intuitive user interface gestures can be used to pan and zoom, rotate or move objects or screens and swipe to change screens.