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Help Me Choose

1. Choose the platform

The development environment of InduSoft Web Studio supports all main operating systems for Desktop and Server editions, currently supported by Microsoft. After developing the application with InduSoft Web Studio, you can deploy and run it in any supported Microsoft platform.

 InduSoft Web Studio (Full Runtime): Runtime for Microsoft Windows operating systems for desktop and servers, including, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 2008 Server R2, and Windows Server 2012 and 2016. This platform is ideal for medium and large systems (up to 10 million tags) that run in a PC on the plant floor, control room, or even on the cloud.

EmbeddedView: Runtime for Microsoft Windows Embedded operating systems, including Windows Embedded Standard. This platform is ideal for small to medium systems (up to 4000 tags) that run in an embedded device or HMI panel. We recommend this platform when your project does not have the hardware requirements of a “regular” Windows platform, but requires a smaller footprint.

CEView: Runtime for Microsoft Windows Embedded CE operating systems, including Windows mobile 6.5 and Windows Embedded CE. This platform is ideal for small systems (up to 4000 tags) that run in an embedded or mobile device or HMI panel. It is the most affordable solution (software and hardware) and it is still based on a standard platform (non-proprietary system).

 IoTView: InduSoft IoTView supports a variety of operating systems, including, Linux, and VxWorks. Use InduSoft IoTView as a standalone product, or integrate with InduSoft Web Studio cloud architecture or local data collection for limitless capabilities.

Click here for a quick comparison of these runtime editions in order to help you better chose the version you need.

Scale Up or Down Easily

InduSoft Web Studio gives you the flexibility to develop your application for any platform from the same development environment, allowing you to migrate to different platforms according to your project requirements without re-designing your templates, symbols, or entire applications.



2. Choose the license method


InduSoft offers two licensing methods: Hardkey and Softkey. The Hardkey is a USB dongle with the license settings loaded on it. The Softkey is a code (Site Key) that matches another unique code (Site Code) from the station where the license is installed.

Hardkeys provide a high level of flexibility to move the license through different stations. Therefore, especially for “Development” licenses, the Hardkey option is strongly recommended. Moreover, Hardkeys allow you to move the license from a damaged station to a replacement without contacting your software vendor.

Read more about Hardkeys vs. Softkeys here!


For more information about Licensing, visit our Licensing Page.

3. Choose the Execution Mode for the license you need

Each of the different license modes comes with one of each of the three types of web sessions; one Secure Viewer, one Web Thin Client, and one SMA client.


The “Development Only” package allows the user to develop as many applications as you like, test them for up to 72 continuous hours and deploy in a station where the runtime license is installed.

The “Runtime” package allows the user to execute the application for unlimited time, and blocks the development tools, so the user cannot create new applications or modify existing ones.

The “Development” package allows the user to develop and execute the application for unlimited time (it combines the previous two licenses in a package). You have the option to install both licenses on the same computer or split them into different computers.

If you are purchasing InduSoft Web Studio for the first time, the “Development” package is most likely the best option for you. Otherwise, you may need just a “Runtime” license for the station where you intend to run the project and you can re-use your previous “Development” (or “Development Only”) license to design a new project. Just make sure that your development license supports the number of tags/driver you need for your new project.



4. Choose the license level based on the number of tags

Product Names/Types:

InduSoft Web Studio Number of Tags
InduSoft Lite Interface    150
InduSoft Lite Interface Plus 300
InduSoft Local Interface 1,500
InduSoft Operator Workstation 4,000
InduSoft Operator Workstation Plus 16,000
InduSoft Control Room Lite 32,000
InduSoft Control Room 64,000
InduSoft Advanced Server 512,000
InduSoft Advanced Server Plus 10,000,000


InduSoft EmbeddedView Number of Tags
InduSoft EmbeddedView Lite Interface 
InduSoft EmbeddedView Lite Interface Plus
InduSoft EmbeddedView Standard 
InduSoft EmbeddedView Pro


InduSoft CEView Number of Tags
InduSoft CEView Lite Interface
InduSoft CEView Lite Interface Plus
InduSoft CEView Standard
InduSoft CEView Pro


5. Choose the add-on components

InduSoft has a wide range of additional add-on components to supplement your project. No add-on modules are required in order to create a fully features SCADA or HMI application. Optional add-ons include:

Toolkits – Including the Database Toolkit API and the Driver Toolkit API
Gateways for InTouch™ and iFix™
Import Wizards for PanelMate™, PanelView™, and/or FactoryTalk™ ME/SE
Additional Thin Clients

Please contact us for pricing at or view our add-ons page for more information.