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InduSoft Import Wizard for FactoryTalk™ ME/SE

InduSoft Web Studio Makes it Easier and Faster than ever to Migrate from FactoryTalk™

InduSoft’s Import Wizard for FactoryTalk™ allows you to convert a FactoryTalk SE or ME application into an InduSoft Web Studio project and get the full benefits of a cost-effective SCADA/HMI software solution.

Free your process from hardware dependent software and make the change to a flexible and robust HMI/SCADA solution without completely redesigning your application. Import tags, screens, alarm configuration, and communication settings from your FactoryTalk projects. After converting applications, you can also edit and enhance them, leveraging any native feature of InduSoft Web Studio.

The import wizard offers you a user-friendly, cost effective tool for importing your existing process into a platform that will grow and adapt with your system. 

Update your system now! Contact your InduSoft Sales Rep for more information on purchasing the FactoryTalk add-on. 

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User Guides:

Export from FactoryTalk to InduSoft Web Studio

Export your application directly into InduSoft Web Studio to save countless hours building and configuring projects from scratch.

Import from FactoryTalk:

  • Tags
  • Graphic Displays
  • Alarms
  • Driver Configurations

Visualize your Existing Hardware and Do More with Your HMI/SCADA

Once you’ve made your conversion to InduSoft Web Studio, take advantage of new tools and powerful features for a modern HMI/SCADA application. Use the Studio Mobile Access thin client to configure remote applications that can be viewed and managed from smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Add new equipment to your system with easy configuration and access to over 250 communication drivers, or edit alarms, schedule new events, and update your application so that it will last as long as your equipment.

You can also take advantage of other InduSoft Web Studio add-ons and templates, like the Business Intelligence Dashboard, or Andon template to allow you to quickly add new features to your application.

Extend your Product Lifecycle

Extend the lifecycle of your SCADA/HMI software to match the lifecycle of your equipment. InduSoft is committed to backwards compatibility, and every new release of InduSoft Web Studio allows you to open and edit projects made in older versions of the software. That means that you can update your software to the newest version of InduSoft Web Studio without putting your application at risk of obsolescence. In addition, when new operating systems are supported by InduSoft, you’ll be able to easily reconfigure your application to run on new panel PCs, embedded machines, or mobile devices.

Add Improved Security Measures and Intellectual Property Protections

After converting your application from FactoryTalk to InduSoft Web Studio, you can set up new security measures like password and username protected individual or group access. . Security features from FactoryTalk SE and ME applications will not be imported, so this step is important for the safety and longevity of your application.

Ensure that operators have access to what they need, and high-level managers can see at-a-glance information.  Set up intellectual property protection to password protect your application and ensure that only the people with authorization to access it can see your configurations and screen designs

Additional Import Tools for PanelView™ and PanelMate™

InduSoft also offers conversion tools for PanelView™ and PanelMate™. Now there’s no reason to remain stuck with an old SCADA/HMI application that lacks the support to keep up with changing technologies. 

Speak with your InduSoft Sales representative to take advantage of the FactoryTalk conversion tool!