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Third Party Add-Ons

Symbol Factory

Software Toolbox

Symbol Factory is a graphic library management tool for use in HMI/SCADA applications.


Dream Report for InduSoft Web Studio

Ocean Data System

Dream Report has partnered with InduSoft, so users who wish to have additional reporting capabilities can have access to this powerful add-on. Using Dream Report with InduSoft Web Studio, users can easily access history data (alarm history, trend history, OEE data, and process data) from InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software.

ScadaGuard OEM Dialer

ScadaGuard, LLC

ScadaGuard Dialer OEM is a software add-on to InduSoft Web Studio that will alert your personnel to alarms within your SCADA system by calling pre-programmed telephone numbers using a USB voice modem (included) and annunciating a voice message from text that is associated with each alarm tag in the product.

VDISoft.Analytics.HMI SPC Toolkit for Indusoft


VDISoft.Analytics.HMI SPC Toolkit is a .net-based set of components that make it easy to add statistical process control to your application.

ICP DAS Drivers


ICP DAS Drivers available to download.


OFS Wrapper Setup

Download the integration between InduSoft Web Studio and the OFS product.