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InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio® is a powerful collection of automation tools that provide all the automation building blocks to develop HMIs, SCADA systems and embedded instrumentation solutions. Utilize InduSoft integrated Web technologies to take advantage of Internet/intranet connectivity. Click here to download the free trial of InduSoft Web Studio.

  1. Save Time – View your process from your desk or web-enabled mobile phone using a standard browser (Internet/intranet including XML support)
  2. Clear Information – Multi-language support(UNICODE) so operators understand immediately, and projects can be localized quickly.
  3. Save Money – Develop once and deploy on any Microsoft supported platform including Windows CE , Mobile, XP Embedded, and Server editions. InduSoft IoTView also supports Linux* and VXWorks.
  4. Flexibility – Support for your PLC or controller, more than 250 drivers, OPC (client and server), and TCP/IP
  5. Troubleshoot Quickly – Understand alarms quickly, visually on-screen, or via E-mail, PDA, mobile phones or web browsers
  6. Enterprise Integration – Easily tie into ERP and “back-office” systems using built-in relational database connectivity
  7. Reduce Downtime – Use open technologies (ActiveX, .NET) to visualize documentation, repair videos or audio messages
  8. The information you need for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  9. Worldwide Trust – Since 1997 InduSoft has issued more than 350,000 licenses

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Product Features

  • Design Tools

    Graphic and Design tools to save you development time

    Creates sophisticated interfaces with point and click, drag and drop ease

    Imports graphics from more than 15 different formats for enhanced and realistic screens

    Contains full-featured screen objects and animations with customizable object properties, such as bar graphs, color, resizing, blinking, animation, scale, fill, positioning, rotation, commands, hyperlinks, combo-boxes, and text input/output

    Provides an object-oriented environment for simple application development and screen and object re-usability

    Uses an extensive symbol library to simplify development

  • Thin Clients

    3 different thin clients, remotely view information anywhere

    InduSoft Web Studio supports 3 types of remote application viewers: a dedicated viewer for plant-floor operations, where navigation must be restricted to specific HMI/SCADA applications, a Microsoft Internet Explorer®-based browser that enables full access to any authorized IP address or application and a Studio Mobile Access viewer that works with any browser. Up to 1000 simultaneous Thin Clients are supported. Mix and match the type, including Web Thin Client, Secure Viewer and SMA. Each can be logged in as a different user, be on a different screen, and in a different language. Each client can be view only or read/write base on security.

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  • Alarms

    Find out more about alarms here

    Sophisticated alarms management system allows you to send alarms to various utilities such as screen, e-mail, and Web browser, and archive to the printer; allows users to store notes after acknowledgement of alarm(s).

    Provides free format alarm messages, uses secondary search keys, and accesses through groups or tags

    Archives alarms to a file, printer, or to a database

    Filters, sorts, or color sorts alarms for easier visual interpretation

    Filters alarms by categories at runtime

  • Redundancy

    Support for redundant servers or databases.

    Redundancy is supported several ways:

    InduSoft Web Studio or CEView publish screens as web pages either to Internet Explorer or Secure Viewer. The screen graphics are published as html pages via a "web server". The data is published via a "data server. InduSoft features:

    • Support for redundant web servers
    • Support for redundant data servers

    InduSoft also allows connections to databases. Databases can be used to log data from Alarms, Events or Trends. The "Grid" object can interact with databses directly.

    • Redundant: In this mode, IWS saves data in both Primary and Secondary Databases. If one of these databases is unavailable, IWS keeps saving data only in the database that is available. When the database that was unavailable becomes available again, IWS synchronizes both databases automatically.
    • Store and Forward: In this mode, IWS saves data in the Primary Database only. If the Primary Database becomes unavailable, IWS saves the data in the Secondary Database. When the Primary Database becomes available again, IWS moves the data from the Secondary Database into the Primary Database.
  • Trends

    Click here to find more information about InduSoft Trends.

    Keeps track of process behavior online or through historical trending and sends information across a network for monitoring on screens or Web browsers.

    Distributes information throughout the network for easy monitoring on application screens or via Web browsers.

  • ActiveX and .NET

    Expandability - Gain additional functionality by using 3rd party ActiveX or .NET controls.

    InduSoft supports the use of ActiveX and .NET controls.

    By using open, reusable technologies, the functionality of InduSoft can be expanded beyond the built-in functionality.

    Add controls such as graphing, meters, guages, reporting, browsers and even media players.

    .NET Components are designed according to the Microsoft .NET Framework, which is a standard for modular programming technologies. Because IWS is an .NET container, you can configure and run .NET Components in IWS application screens. The actual functions of a .NET Component are contained within a .NET Control object, which provides the configuration dialogs in IWS.

  • Events

    Keep track of events that occur with this easy-to-use feature.

    An event can be any tag change, generating reports or recipes, opening and closing screens, logging onto and logging off the security system, and so forth. InduSoft Web Studio saves all of these events in a log file, which can be retrieved by the Alarm/Event Control object.

  • Scripting

    Support for two different powerful scripting languages.

    InduSoft Web Studio (IWS) has two built in scripting languages:

    • IWS (or built-in) scripting functions
    • VBScript

    VBScript is only supported on Windows Operating Systems. VBScript was specifically chosen for its ability to run on WindowsCE, XP, Vista and Server Editions.

  • Security

    Password protect screens, objects, editing and more...

    InduSoft provides user and group level security:

    • Up to 256 (0-255) levels
    • Features to develop applications that are FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, which is one of the United States Food and Drug Administration's Code of Federal Regulations covering electronic records and electronic signatures
    • Independently secure capabilities in the development and runtime environments
      • Development
        • Project Settings
        • Driver, Data sources
        • Network Configuration
        • Create, modify tags
        • Create, modify screens
        • Create, modify task sheets
      • Runtime
        • Start App
        • Close App
        • Database Spy (write)
        • Task switching
        • Creating Users
        • Disabling access to Task Manager

    You can optionally:

    • Require a minimum password size
    • Set the number of days a password is active
    • Enable Auto Log Off
    • Lock out the account after a number of invalid attempts
    • Use E-signatures

    Security can be set on each runtime individually or networked to a central security system

  • Recipes and Reports

    Easily create and manage powerful Recipes and Reports.

    Creates flexible, user-defined recipe groups within the SCADA software

    Imports/exports recipes, reports, and real-time data in XML format

    Publishes real-time dynamic and animated graphic screens, trends, alarms, reports, and recipes to standard Web browsers

  • Diagnostics

    Easily troubleshoot and test projects.

    Use Database Spy and the Output Window (also called Log Win during runtime) to quickly troubleshoot and efficiently test your applications.

    Use Database Spy to:

    • Monitor and force values to application tags
    • Execute and test functions
    • Execute and test math expressions

    You can use the Output (or Log) window to view debugging messages generated by IWS during runtime. Use the Output Window to display:

    • Field Read Commands and Field Write Commands: Show any read and/or write commands that are sent to connected devices.
    • Protocol Analyzer: Show messages generated by configured device drivers.
    • OPC Messages: Show messages generated by OPC communications.
    • TCP/IP Messages: Show messages generated by TCP/IP communications.
    • Recipe/Report: Show messages generated by the Recipe and Report tasks.
    • Display Open/Close: Display a message whenever a screen is opened or closed.
    • Logon/Logout: Display a message whenever a user logs on or logs out. (For more information, please see Security.)
    • Trace Messages: Show messages generated by the Trace() function. This function is used to generate customized messages from within your IWS application.
    • Database Messages: Show messages generated by the ODBC and ADO.NET database interfaces.
    • DDE Messages: Show messages generated by DDE communications.
    • Insert date/time: Timestamp each message.
    • Cross Reference information
  • Database

    Capture data for production, quality, speed, uptime/downtime and more to any SQL database.

    The following tasks in the SCADA software support the database interface:

    • Alarms: The application can save and/or retrieve the alarm history messages in a relational database.
    • Events: The application can save and/or retrieve the event messages in a relational database.
    • Trends: The application can save and/or retrieve the Trend history values in a relational database.
    • Viewer: Database information can be displayed both in table format (Alarm/Event Control and Grid objects) or in a graphical format (Trend Control object). 
    • Web: You can deploy an application that stores/saves data in a relational database and have it working over the Web.

    Using its embedded database interface, IWS can easily provide data from the plant floor to third-party systems (e.g. ERP, MES) or get data from them.

    IWS can interface with any relational database supported by a valid ADO.NET Provider, OLE DB provider or ODBC driver. InduSoft Web Studio easily communicates with SQL databases, including SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 and beyond.

  • Drivers/OPC

    InduSoft has over 240 built in drivers, no need to use OPC servers every time communication is necessary.

    All drivers are included with every installation of InduSoft Web Studio or CEView. Most PLCs, temperature controllers, and many other devices are supported at no extra charge.

    Drivers supporting major PLC manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, GE-Fanuc, as well as standard protocols such as MODBUS RTU/ASCII, DeviceNet, Profibus, Interbus and Ethernet/IP are included.

    While OPC communication is supported, it is not necessaryfor communications between InduSoft and most PLCs/controllers.

    To see the list of drivers or download the most current drivers/protocols click here.

    InduSoft Web Studiao is both an OPC DA Server, and/or an OPC Client. For more information about this technology please see the OPC Foundation web site.

    InduSoft has passed the OPC UA interoperability tests and will soon support this new standard.

  • Download

    Built-in download tools make it easy and fast to deploy a project.

    No more manually copying files, moving USB memory sticks around, using the InduSoft built in tools to manage remote stations:

    • Download files/projects
    • Upload files/projects
    • Run/Stop remote applications
    • Remotely license CEView (on WindowsCE) runtimes

    Use over a TCP/IP connection, serial port, or even with Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center.

  • Web Demos

    See demos of InduSoft Web Studio using our Web Thin Client and Mobile Access demos.

    Web Thin Client

    Thanks for interest in the Live Demo for InduSoft Web Studio® (updated for version 8.0). Click here for more information and to try the demo.