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¡Pregúntale al experto InduSoft Web Studio!


  • P & R

2015 Stump the InduSoft Web Studio Expert!

Morning: 1:02:01 / Afternoon: 55:04

InduSoft (Fabio Terezinho)
  • Q & A

ANDON Solutions and Large format Displays with InduSoft Web Studio


InduSoft (Scott A. Kortier)
  • Introductions
  • Why use Production Monitor/Andon system
  • Different architectures

Comark/Nematron (Ralph Damato, VP Product Management)
  • Why use Industrial PC
  • PC products
  • Monitor products

  • Tools and Templates

Integración de variables con Schneider Electric PLCs y Modbus en Indusoft Web Studio


Joel Fernandez Cusi (InduSoft)
  • Introducción
  • Familias
    • Comunicación a traves de Modbus
    • Unity Pro (M340)
    • SoMachine (M241, M251)
    • Triconex (Trident)
  • P&R

Tag Integration with Schneider Electric PLCs and Modbus in InduSoft Web Studio


Andre Bastos (InduSoft)
  • Intro
  • Families
    • Modbus Communications
    • Unity Pro (M340)
    • SoMachine (M241, M251)
    • Triconex (Trident)
  • Q & A

Remote Energy Management with Cold Energy Automation and InduSoft Web Studio


InduSoft (Scott A. Kortier)
  • Introductions
  • Brief InduSoft Overview
  • InduSoft Resources (topic focus)

Cold Energy (Ryan Malsem)
  • 3 Applications

Collaborative Tools with InduSoft Web Studio


InduSoft (Paulo Guerra)
  • Introduction to Collaboration Add-On
  • What ALM?
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Setup
  • Live Demo
  • Q & A

SoftPLC Integration with InduSoft IoTView


  • InduSoft (Paulo Guerra)
    • Introduction to IoTView™
  • SoftPLC (Cindy Hollenbeck)
    • Smart Control Sytems – SoftPLC
    • IoTPac = SoftPLC + IoTView™
  • Q & A

Remote Monitoring for Packaging Applications


InduSoft (Fabio Terezinho)
  • Introduction
  • InduSoft solution advantages for Packaging applications
  • PackML and OEE Standards Demo
  • Case Studies, Videos, and Demos
  • Q & A

HMI and Machine Vision for Packaging Applications


InduSoft (Scott Kortier)
  • Introductions
  • Quick Demo
Cognex (Olivier Feraille)
  • Vision in Machine (Packaging) Automation

The Internet of Things with InduSoft and Raspberry Pi


InduSoft (Fabio Terezinho)
  • Introduction (driving trends)
  • IoTView runtime edition
  • Demo-Show Time!
  • What is Next
  • Q & A

Building Automation Networks with InduSoft Web Studio


  • Introduction
  • InduSoft Options (Scott Kortier)
  • Building Automation Networks (John Rinadli)
    • Chief Strategist, Buisiness Development Manager and CEO of Real Time Automation (RTA)
  • Q&A

A Special Introduction to the Upcoming InduSoft Web Studio 8.0


InduSoft (Fabio Terezinho)
  • Introduction
  • What is new in IWSv8.0
  • Recent Enhancements
  • What is Next
  • Q & A

iPad HMI for the Car Wash Industry with InduSoft Web Studio


Scott (InduSoft)
  • InduSoft Overview
  • Remote HMI Concepts and Ideas
  • Studio Mobile Access Demo
Scott (Custom Control Specialists)
  • Guardian Wash Command

Recent Cybersecurity Concerns and How to Protect SCADA/HMI Applications


  • Introductions
  • Our Cybersecurity Guidance eBooks and Engineering Services available from InduSoft
  • Current events that are relevant to Control Systems
  • Discussion of the current state of Cybersecurity for Control Systems
  • Remediation and System Protection
  • Fabio: Advanced InduSoft Web Studio configurations for Data Protection and Encryption

Vision System Integration for InduSoft Web Studio


Scott Kortier (InduSoft)
  • Introductions
  • Demo
Rich Roszkowski - Sr. Director of Marketing
  • Vision Systems Business Unit, Cognex Corporation

Sugar Cane Demonstration on Google Glass


Sugar Cane Demonstration on Google Glass

IoT implementation with InduSoft Web Studio and TagWell from SoftPLC


Scott Kortier (InduSoft)
  • IoT Overview
  • Drivers
Cindy Hollenbeck (SoftPLC Corporation)
  • IoT implementation with InduSoft Web Studio and TagWell

Temperature Controls and Refrigeration with InduSoft Web Studio


Scott Kortier (InduSoft)
  • Overview
  • Temperature symbols
  • Open screen with Mnemonics
  • Additional resources

Nicholas Hitchcock, PE (Patti Engineering)
  • Hill Country Bakery Project Summary
  • Previous System
  • Goals

InduSoft Web Studio Drivers


Andre Bastos (InduSoft)
  • Architecture
  • Driver Types
    • Serial
    • Ethernet
    • Other/APIs
  • Driver Updates:
    • ABCIP: physical vs symbolic mode; firmware 21 or newer
    • Micro850 via MOTCP
    • SIETH: new S7-1200 and S7-1500
    • SCHNE: M340 Data
    • OMETH: communicating with NJ1 PLCs using memory area
    • TWCAT: communicating with TwinCAT3
    • COSYS: new ARTI3 implementation
  • Q&A
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