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Colored Rounded Bar Graphs

Name: BarGraphHorizontal_Blue_01, BarGraphHorizontal_Blue_02, BarGraphHorizontal_Green_01, BarGraphHorizontal_Green_02, BarGraphHorizontal_Red_01, BarGraphHorizontal_Red_02, BarGraphHorizontal_Yellow_01, BarGraphHorizontal_Yellow_02

Range (if applicable): -10000 to 10000 (Maybe more)

Properties: TagName, Max, Min, DisableSlider


This symbol set is comprised of 4 different colors, set 01 is without a slider/indicator, set 02 has an indicator that is, by default a slider, and can optionally be disabled.


  1. This symbol set contains only native IWS objects. It was designed and tested on a PC, but should work fine on EmbeddedView or CEView or remote clients. If it doesn’t, please let us know.

  2. The custom property “DisableSlider” is default to 0. If set to 1 it will disable the slider functionality but it will still act as an indicator.

Ideas for improvement:

  1. Add other colors

  2. Add different sizes. These are 500 pixels wide, maybe make a set that is 200 pixels wide

  3. Create a vertical set

  4. Add a background rectangle or “plate”, or scale

  5. Add alarm set point indicators

Here’s how to use this symbol:
Unzip and copy the .sym files into your Symbol folder of where InduSoft Web Studio is installed. This is usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\InduSoft Web Studio v7.1\Symbol” or similar. Either create a new folder or copy it into an existing one, such as “Bar Graphs”.

Download Colored Rounded Bar Graphs Here! 


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