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Hour Meter

Have you ever needed an Hour Meter for a piece of equipment?  Here’s a pre-built Hour Meter Linked Symbol  for InduSoft Web Studio that you can add to your SCADA or HMI application.  The Hour Meter displays elapsed time in 1/100 Hour increments (36 Seconds) up to 99999 Hours (around 11 ½ years) and has an indicator to show when it’s running.

In the updated symbol, there is an extra Property included that turns on (unhides) a red light covering the spinning indicator.  Simply use the same “disable” Boolean tag in the timer test line of the script to inhibit the timer from updating. Both the Hour Meter Symbol, and the "Disable" symbol are downloaded using the "Download Hour Meter" link below.

If you would like more information, click here to read about the meter in the InduSoft Blog.

To download the Hour Meter Sample Application, for one of our other Sample Applications, click here.

Download Hour Meter