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InduSoft Sample Applications

Below you will find many applications created using InduSoft Web Studio or CEView. These applications were created using various versions. Feel free to download the applications and use them for ideas for your own projects and as an understanding how the features work within the InduSoft product family.

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Bar Graph-Stacked

File Size 84.3 KB
InduSoft Web Studio Version
Application Revision
Original Filename BarGraph-Stacked-App.zip

To use the symbol, specify the tag name, min and max values of the engineering unit range for the tag, the limit point for the caution value (i.e., when to start drawing the bar graph in yellow), and the limit point for the warning value (i.e., when to start drawing the bar graph in red). If you only want two colors then make the caution and warning limit values the same value. The project includes a screen called "main" that includes the TriColorBarGraph symbol that uses the tag called "Second". It also includes an exploded, unlinked version of the symbol showing how it works.

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