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InduSoft Sample Applications

Below you will find many applications created using InduSoft Web Studio or CEView. These applications were created using various versions. Feel free to download the applications and use them for ideas for your own projects and as an understanding how the features work within the InduSoft product family.

Need help getting your project communicating to your PLC, controller, or other device? Click here to see the list of Communication Example downloads.

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File Size 92.4 KB
InduSoft Web Studio Version Created on v7.1 + SP3
Platform Windows Desktop/Server (optional Mobile Access)
Application Revision A
Original Filename TicTacToe.zip

This example allows 2 players to play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe (computer player is not supported). Some of the concepts used in this example:The use of multiple linked pictures, Array Tags, Web/Remote (2 players can be on the server or Mobile Access clients), Conditional logic

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