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Dream Report for InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft With Dream Report

Dream Report OEM for InduSoft Web Studio:

To license, contact Ocean Data Systems

Dream Report is a flexible and comprehensive tool with a friendly user interface where users can create and customize their own reports using tools such as tables, bar charts, pie charts, screen shots, and many other report styles and formatting. Users can also create automatically generated reports that cannot be changed or edited, for use when meeting industrial and regulatory standards.

Dream Report has partnered with InduSoft, creating a special Dream Report OEM version, so that users who wish to have additional or extended professional reporting capabilities beyond what is available in Web Studio, are able to have access to this powerful add-on. The Dream Report OEM version costs considerably less than the full DR version sold by Ocean Data Systems. The OEM version however only contains the drivers needed for allowing connectivity to InduSoft Web Studio. Connectivity to other devices and databases must utilize built-in InduSoft Web Studio functionality when using the DR OEM version.

By using Dream Report with InduSoft Web Studio, users can easily access, visualize, and report on history data (alarm history, trend history, OEE data, and process data) from InduSoft Web Studio applications.

Dream Report version 4.7

Download Dream Report version 4.7 OEM for InduSoft Web Studio here

(requires InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP2 or later and now supports Windows 8 and SQL Server 2012)

Click here to watch a video highlighting the new features of Dream Report version 4.7 OEM for InduSoft Web Studio

Dream Report version 4.6 can be downloaded and run in the Demo Mode for up to 30 minutes using up to 100 tags. Information for purchasing licenses for Dream Report OEM is discussed below the Download Links.

Download Dream Report version 4.6 R4 OEM for InduSoft Web Studio here

(requires InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP2 or later and now supports Windows 8 and SQL Server 2012)

Release Notes for Dream Report version 4.6 R4 OEM for InduSoft Web Studio

Dream Report version 4.52.7028 R2

 **Note: This download (4.52.7028 R2) is for prior purchases of Dream Report that need to reinstall the software only, not new purchases.

Download Dream Report version 4.52.7028 R2 OEM for InduSoft Web Studio here

Download Dream Report version 4.52.7028 R2 Hotfix here

Hotfix Instructions:

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Paste the 3 .dlls into C:\ODS\Dream Report\System\ folder, overwriting the old .dlls of the same names.

Documentation and Tutorials:

Find the Using Dream Report for InduSoft Web Studio Tutorial Manual here.

You can also download the Dream Report for InduSoft Web Studio tutorial projects here.

Find the Tech Note Using Dream Report with InduSoft Web Studio Real-Time Values here

Dream Report Web Application Demo Report Server is Available to the Public:

Ocean Data Systems has created a new Dream Report Web Portal giving the public instant access to many report examples that have been created using Dream Report. The website is located here.


How Dream Report Licensing Works


Dream Report OEM licensing is sold on a 1 to 1 tag basis according to the InduSoft Development and Runtime licenses that you purchased and are using in your machine configurations. Each Dream Report OEM license is only available as a Softkey, so each license is tied to the machine that the activation.dat file has been generated from. Valid Dream Report OEM Licenses allow report development/changes to your reports and will also run the DR Runtime Management Console, limited by the number of tags in the license.

As with InduSoft Web Studio licenses, Dream Report can have:

  • a Development and Runtime license on a single machine, or

  • a single Dev & Runtime DR license purchased with an IWS Dev & Runtime license that is split between separate Development and Runtime machines (when the IWS license is already split) if desired, or

  • you can purchase separate single licenses for a Development machine and Runtime machine (e.g., example: a 64,000 Tag development license and a 1500 Tag Runtime license-- This option is usually chosen by an SI or Development Team creating many runtime projects.)

Upgrading your machine

License version upgrades are available in order to take advantage of newer DR OEM product features. An upgrade can be purchased for existing Dream Report OEM installations without having to pay full price for the newer version license. Purchases of Dream Report OEM are for a one-time machine-license installation only. Having a valid Maintenance and Support Contract however, will allow DR software upgrades and machine reloads of the licenses. Please contact your salesperson for pricing.

Maintenance and Support Contracts are Available

You can purchase a Maintenance and Support Contract for your Dream Report OEM installations. The purchase of a maintenance agreement will protect your Dream Report OEM investment by allowing upgrades of Dream Report and/or reinstallation of current version licenses. Note: Reinstallations on a non-licensed machine (e.g., reformatted machines, or new machines used as replacements) require a maintenance agreement, or else a new license for that machine must be purchased. Contact your salesperson for pricing.

Available DR OEM License Versions

1. Dream Report Licenses purchased before July 1, 2014 can only be used with Dream Report version 4.52.7028 R2 and prior, which will work with InduSoft Web Studio version 7.1 SP2 and later. The Dream Report 4.52 Hotfix must also be installed according to the instructions accompanying it.

    • Product limitations:

      • InduSoft TCP Port 1234 is hard coded into this version and cannot be changed, or Dream Report will not be able to connect with the IWS Runtime Server.

      • Windows 8 and SQL Server 2012 are not supported

    • For reinstallations of Dream Report versions 4.51 and 4.52, use this latest download and Hotfix.

2. Dream Report Licenses purchased after July 1, 2014 can only be used with Dream Report version 4.6. You can download the latest 4.6 version in the Download Section above, which is 4.6 R3.

    • The 4.6 version is supported in Windows 8 and can be used with SQL Server 2012

    • The 4.6 version can be used with a non-default InduSoft Web Studio TCP Port number (other than the default 1234)

Steps to Obtain your License for Dream Report OEM

  1. Install the current version of the Dream Report OEM product.

  2. Send an email to dreamreportaddon@indusoft.com to purchase DR OEM. Dream Report Maintenance can also be purchased through ODS directly, which is purchased at this time. Support is handled through support@dreamreport.net (not InduSoft support).

  3. ODS sends you the product license numbers. Examples:

    1. IND-320NT-RT-DR – License #xx-xxxx-xxx

    2. IND-15520-DEV-DR – License #xx-xxxx-xxx

    3. DR-MAINT – License #xx-xxxx-xxx

    • Store these numbers in a safe location for future reference.

  4. Open DR, fill out the registration and put each number into the appropriate installation of the Registration form with the end user’s name, address, etc.

  5. Save the activation.dat somewhere and send it back to ODS using to the email address: activate@oceandatasys.com.

  6. They will send you the license.dat file

  7. Paste it into the \ODS\Dream Report\License folder.


Dream Report Videos:

 Dream Report with InduSoft Web Studio Demo




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