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ScadaGuard Dialer OEM for InduSoft

ScadaGuard Dialer OEM is a software add-on to InduSoft Web Studio that will alert your personnel to alarms within your SCADA system by calling pre-programmed telephone numbers using a USB voice modem (included) and annunciating a voice message from text that is associated with each alarm tag in the product.  Annunciated alarm messages can also be played locally over speakers if an appropriate sound card is in the computer. Alarms are acknowledged using the functionality that you have built into your IWS project, either through the local interface, or SMA, or can also be acknowledged in the ScadaGuard application running on the local machine, if desired.

ScadaGuard Dialer licensing is a USB Hard Key that is also sent to you with the voice modem after purchase.

The demo version of this program that can be downloaded here will play alarm messages over the computer speakers and can also cancel alarms in the demo project.  

Instructions on how to use the demo version of ScadaGuard are located here.

*Must activate web server. Allows any DDE/OPC tag to be automatically displayed in web page.

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More information about the full ScadaGuard product and extended Term Support Contracts can be seen at scadaguard.com