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Symbol Factory 2.0

Symbol Factory 2.0, or Symbol Factory Classic, is a graphic library management tool for use in HMI/SCADA applications. Symbol Factory 2.0 includes over 4,000 vector objects that may be distributed with custom applications royalty free.

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Symbol Factory Version 2.0 offers more than 4,000 visualization objects for use in manufacturing and industrial projects with over 60 categories. Symbol Factory 2.0 offers more than "clip-art" -- it is the defacto standard chosen by major HMI vendors, thanks to the quality and attention to detail our professionals have given to the symbols, and the software utility that comes with the library.

Symbol Factory 2.0 includes:

  • Professionally created vector graphics designed to achieve maximum quality and scalability while minimizing file size and impact on graphics display update speed.
  • Objects can integrate into your application in formats including metafiles, bitmaps, SVG, VML, or PNG.
  • Works with any application that can use a WMF, EMF, BMP, PNG, SVG, or VML file type
  • Runtime Free - Symbols used in custom applications can be used without paying royalties - see the Symbol Factory license agreement for full details or contact us - restrictions apply if you are making off-the-shelf software such as an HMI/MMI product.
  • Librarian application with easy-to-use features for resizing, changing color scheme and orientation of objects as well as building your own categories and bringing your own graphics into the library. Graphics may be imported from WMF (Windows Metafile) Vector format or BMP raster formats.
  • You can even setup the library on a network (multi-user license required) and have multiple developers pull from the library and contribute to the library - think of the standardization you can bring to your plant HMI´s with this feature! Categories can be made read-only to help enforce your standards if needed.

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