VDISoft.Analytics.HMI SPC Toolkit for Indusoft - 3rd Party Add Ons
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26 Sep 2014 11:50 AM

    V D I S o f t . A n a l y t i c s . H M I  S P C  T o o l k i t   f o r  I n d u S o f t

    VDISoft.Analytics.HMI SPC Toolkit is a .net-based set of components that make it easy to add statistical process control to your application.  Features include: 

    • Individuals chart
    • Xbar chart
    • Alarms based on Western Electric Rules
    • Cpk and Ppk calculation and alarming
    • Automatic real-time calculation of statistics
    • Easy setup and configuration without scripting
    • Logger control

    The toolkit is licensed by softkey.  Once you make a purchase an account is created for you online where you can retrieve your licenses as needed. 

    Click the link in the title (above) to get to the specification and download page.

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