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13 May 2019 03:40 PM
    I'm working on an application that uses the grid object on two screens, the grid on Screen #1 for entering values and the grid Screen #2 is to view only during test runtime. The grid on Screen #1 has the following column fields: Event, Start Time (ON), and Stop Time (OFF). I'd like to be able to sort the time values if possible, for this I have two possible methods that would work for achieving this:

    Method #1
    Be able to merge the two time columns into one column labelled, Time during runtime. This grid display would be on Screen #2, have two columns; Event and Time, and be sorted by time, by increasing value. Start Time is entered as (-) and Stop Time is entered as (+), so sorting the time values should be easily done, if possible.

    Method #2
    Is to have two columns in Screen #1, Event and Time. Here the user would enter each event with its corresponding Start and Stop Time per row. Once all events are entered, the user can press a button that sorts the time correctly, from t = -30 to t = +30 for instance or upon changing to Screen #2 the time values would be sorted on the test runtime screen.

    If there's a condition, where would I enter it? I'm using database for the Grid object and IWS 8. TIA