Stealth Update
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14 Sep 2015 01:41 AM

    Got to say Indusoft/Wonderware/Schneider have successfully pulled off the most stealthiest and understated version update that I've ever seen in the technology world.

    They have managed to release IWS 8.0 without a single press release, or fanfare, even their own website 'news' section is completely unaware that there is a newer and greater version.

    Even when you have accidentally tripped over the underwhelming evidence of V8.0s existance you are hard pressed to find out how it is different from the now numerically inferior V7.1,

    I find myself wondering if they have taken some inspiration from Microsoft and have tried to emulate the release of WIndows 9... it may prove that they have it succeeded spectacularly in all but one incredibly significant detail..... ie actually releasing it.

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    14 Sep 2015 08:28 AM
    You are very observant!

    There are no conspiracy theories here, though it would make a good story. You'll be seeing it everywhere soon. We are busy pressing the physical product into the new packaging, and wanted to make sure that when we started launching on a wider scale that we'd actually be able to ship physical copies to our users who need them.

    You should also check out the great writeup in Control Design!

    And the webinar!