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Resolving the Viewer not starting on EmbeddedView runtimes (Windows 10 LTSB or Windows Emebdded Standard) by Reregistering ISSymbol
Last Post 06 Mar 2019 12:36 PM by Aveek. 0 Replies.
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06 Mar 2019 12:36 PM
    Sometimes after installing the EmbeddedView runtime on a Windows 10 LTSB or Windows Embedded Standard machine, the runtime will say it started but the Viewer will not show. This is usually solved by reregistering ISSymbol.

    Note that this procedure may resolve issues on other installations where the Viewer or Secure Viewer does not start as well, the procedure is the same but the directory where InduSoft is installed and ISSymbol.ocx is will be different.

    To reregister ISSymbol:
    a. Stop and close the InduSoft runtime, then click start, and type 'cmd'.
    b. Right click 'cmd.exe' and 'choose Run as Administrator'.
    c. In the command prompt, navigate to your InduSoft install directory's Bin folder by executing something like 'cd C:\IWS\Bin'.
    d. Execute ‘regsvr32 issymbol.ocx’.
    e. It should say it succeeds.
    f. Start your InduSoft runtime, the Viewer should now launch like normal.
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