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Translation Tips
Last Post 28 May 2019 02:20 PM by Norman E. 0 Replies.
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Norman EUser is Offline
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28 May 2019 02:20 PM
    Below are a few tips that I have used while developing projects using translations.

    1. Use English-Belize (10249) as source language (I picked a version of English that I would likely never use for an automation project)
    a. Sometimes words have two meanings and you need two different translations for the same source text - Example - Use "Tank1" to mean "Tank" in English and "Tank" in German and use "Tank2" to mean "Tank" in English and "Panzer" in German.
    b. Sometimes screen real estate is limited and you need to abbreviate (a five letter word in English may be a ten letter word in Spanish)
    c. Using a third language as the source language allows you to display text differently even though the translation is the same.

    2. {I} for carriage return - I use a capital I because in most true type fonts is uses the least amount of screen space.
    a. Create a string tag called I and add the following to the startup script $I = $Asc2Str(13)
    b. If you use a carriage return in a caption, InduSoft separates the text into two items that are translated separately. Generally you want to treat all of the text as one phrase and translate it together.
    c. Using {I} gives you some flexibility to format the translation.
    d. Using a space before {I} can aid in development by wrapping the text displayed while editing.

    3. Test Screen
    a. Using the Test Screen feature will allow you to see how the text will look and still be in edit mode.
    b. You will need to run the project once to initialize I tag.

    4. Pet Peeves - Would like a feature on the Translation Table Sheet (Refresh Project Texts) to ignore texts in scripts that are not inside an Ext() function. Also ignore texts inside objects that have Enable Translation disabled.
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