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How does the Addressing work for an ABCIP Worksheet using DH+?
Last Post 08 Oct 2014 10:14 AM by Richard Clark. 0 Replies.
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08 Oct 2014 10:14 AM

    Configuring an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix DH+ Address on an ABCIP Driver Worksheet

     Configuring the Main Driver Sheet or the Standard Driver Sheets when using the ABCIP Driver and DH+ can be confusing. A member of our support staff built the following graphical guide to help make the configuration more straightforward.

     Using RSLinx (Allen-Bradley communication software) to view the configuration, here is an example of DH+ with several types of connected devices using an A-B ControlLogix 1756 Ethernet card:

    Here is the ABCIP driver sheet with configured tags on both a PLC 5 and a SLC 5/04 on the DH+ network connected to the DHRIO card in the ControlLogix 1756:

    This is what the Database Spy and Output Window (Field Read Commands and Field Write Commands selected) look like when communicating with the DH+ devices:

    This is a block diagram showing how the ABCIP driver worksheet station field addressing is constructed:

    Here is the Station Field breakdown with a close-up of the address formatting. Pay attention to the delimiters that are used within the address encoding:

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