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Example Videos

Indusoft Web Studio 7.1V 1.2 Create Startup Screengroup 创建启动页面 (Chinese)


Indusoft Web Studio 7.1V 1.2 Create Startup Screengroup 创建启动页面 (Chinese)

Indusoft Web Studio 7.1V Chinese Version

Installing Indusoft Web Studio on an Advantech ARM Platform, Advantech(EN)


This video provides a detailed explanation on how to install Indusoft Web Studio to an Advantech ARM Platform.

Dream Report with InduSoft Web Studio Demo

(10 min, 30 sec).

InduSoft has teamed up with Dream Report to offer enhanced reporting capabilities using highly intuitive tools. Dream Report is an easy-to-use platform that can be used to generate complex reports automatically, or on demand.

Tips and Tricks 2 (v7.0)

(27 min.)

  1. Creating a multi screen application (header, main, navigation)
  2. Using the “Layout” feature
  3. Trend:
    1. Copying Points worksheet
    2. Copying/Pasting Points Using Excel
    3. Drag and drop using HST2TXT.exe
  4. Custom Rotation Animation point

Images, Backgrounds and Transparency

(33 min.)

  • How transparency works in InduSoft Web Studio
  • Adding a custom rotation to a pasted graphic (meter pointer)
  • Image on a button
  • Linked picture
  • Color animation (by color and by limit)
  • Screen backgrounds

Symbols Video

(23 min.)

  • Linked Symbols
  • Project and System symbols
  • Creating your own symbol libraries
  • Copying to system symbols
  • Changing symbol size

Multi Touch Training Video

(36 min, 48 sec).

Training video demonstrating the use of multi touch features in InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 service pack 1. Features include gestures for pan, pinch and zoom, rotate and even customize your own gestures.

Use InduSoft Web Studio to create flexible reports

(15 min.)

Use InduSoft Web Studio to create flexible reports (15 min.)

  • Create a text based report
  • Add buttons with print and view functions
  • Add a report based on HTML
  • Add buttons to print the HTML report and open in a browser

DB Trend

Demonstrates how to save and retrieve data from MS SQL Server Express using the Trend task and the Trend Control

Interacting with a .NET Control using InduSoft Web Studio

(5 min, 18 sec.)

Demo showing two different ways to interact with a .NET Cotrol in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, by using a tag directly in the control or by using VBScript and setting the property directly.

Multi Language SCADA Software

(4 min, 3 sec.)

SCADA software video on the Multi Language feature of InduSoft Web Studio which covers instant application translation with support for Unicode character sets such as Cyrillic fonts and Chinese characters and Kanji. (4 min, 3 sec.)