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Podcast: Developing HMI/SCADA Applications with Fabio Terezinho

This week we get a rare opportunity to speak to an expert in SCADA/HMI application development. Fabio Terezinho has been in the automation industry for nineteen years – seventeen of those years with InduSoft. Fabio has experience in designing and developing software, as well as in application deployment, so we are excited to present his unique view on best practices for developing HMI/SCADA applications for a multitude of industries and processes. Fabio is one of the patent holders for a method of database gateway communicationmethod, and he is the director of product development and services at InduSoft. Continue reading

Smartphones in Industrial Automation

This week in history, on February 24, 1955, an American entrepreneur and inventor named Steven Paul Jobs was born. In 1976, Jobs co-founded Apple Inc, with Steve Wozniak. Together they revolutionized the market for personal computers. Steve Jobs was awarded or applied for over 300 patents during his lifetime for applications in computers, portable electronic devices and user interfaces, and a number of others in a range of technologies. Continue reading

Robotics for the Increasingly Automated Agriculture Industry

Market Intelligence firm Tractica predicts that “the worldwide market for agricultural robots will increase from $3.0 billion in 2015 to $73.9 billion in 2024. Among the types of robots used for agricultural purposes, driverless tractors will generate the lion’s share of revenue ($30.7 billion by 2024) while agricultural drones will be most prevalent in terms of unit shipments (411,000 by 2024).” Continue reading

You Don’t Need Better Machines for Better Uptime, You Need Better Software

Machine Uptime increasingly makes the difference between generating a profit or a loss, particularly in commodity industries where margins are thin or vanishing. In order to satisfy such strong demand for machine uptime, machine vendors and system integrators are working to find ways to increase machine uptime with software tools that will allow operators to keep their machines up and running as often as possible. Here are some of the ways modern HMI/SCADA software is improving machine reliability and uptime: Continue reading

The Intelligent Building Automation Market Set to Reach 88 Billion by 2022

The Global Intelligent Building Automation Technologies, which reached $63.48 billion in 2015, is expected to swell to an $88.27 billion industry within five years. Growth is driven primarily by factors such as security, energy efficiency, and sustainability. The rise of the IoT is linking more building automation systems together, in order to help facilities reap the benefits of interconnected intelligent systems. Examples include correlative data between traffic and use of facilities can help management determine how best to allocate energy resources and security. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Symbol of the Week: Round Gauge with Alarm Ring/Icon

This new symbol for InduSoft Web Studio features a round gauge with an additional alarm. This kind of SCADA/HMI symbol is excellent for offering contextual information to data, allowing operators to see at a glance whether current values are within ideal ranges or not. This symbol uses only native InduSoft Web Studio objects. Continue reading

The History of Automation – From the First Nuclear Power Plant to Fukushima

In the wake of the climate agreement in Paris this month, it’s clear that fossil fuels must be phased out as a global energy source. Nuclear power, which has been available since 1957 for commercial use, offers one alternative to carbon-emitting fuels like coal or gasoline. It’s estimated that the demand for electricity in the United States alone will rise 22% by 2040, and nuclear energy offers a low-carbon alternative to supply that energy Continue reading

How to Use the Hover Field to Open a Popup Window in InduSoft Web Studio

For those who need to do some sort of automation when hovering over an object on a project screen, the simplest example of this functionality is to open a Popup Screen. The small project shown in the images below is a simple IWS application that demonstrates how to use the “Hint” field to accomplish some automation. Continue reading