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Executing and Switching the Background Task in InduSoft Web Studio

The Background Task of InduSoft Web Studio executes scripts from the Math and Scheduler worksheets (for example, messages from Alarm and Trend worksheets). In addition, the Background Task executes all Recipe and Report commands when the Recipe or Report functions are executed during the runtime. Continue reading

Five ways to improve SCADA Security for Critical Infrastructure

In anticipation of our upcoming Cybersecurity Webinar in just under two weeks, we wanted to expand on some measures that should be implemented in order to make SCADA Systems and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) controlling critical infrastructure inherently more secure. We expect that the majority of our customers may have already investigated using most or all of these methods in their security configurations, but we’ll discuss them and expand on them as necessary, using current industry guidance recommendations. Continue reading

Hitting Renewable Energy Milestones with InduSoft Web Studio

With the push around the world to invest in renewable energy sources, the best SCADA software companies are working to create solutions for renewable energy markets. InduSoft has made great strides in becoming an integral part of all levels of the renewable energy market, from the smallest HMI and RTU applications, to massive server-scale SCADA systems. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Sample Application: Selecting Reasons for Alarm When Acknowledging Alarms

InduSoft has added a new sample application that will enable you to add features to your applications that will make audits easier and more efficient, and improve tracking capabilities. This sample application demonstrates how to prompt the user to select a reason for an alarm (from a pre-defined list of options) when acknowledging the alarm Continue reading

InduSoft Symbol of the Week – Analog Clocks, 24 Hour Format Clocks, and Combo Clocks

Displaying timekeeping may be important to a variety of HMI applications. Clocks can be used to set timers, show batch times, or to track machine uptime. This week, we’ve developed a variety of clocks to serve functions like analog time displays, 24 hour format displays, and clocks with AM/PM designations. Continue reading

What you Need to Know about Industroyer and the Threat it Poses to Industrial Control Systems

In 2010, a massive threat to industrial control systems called Stuxnet spread worldwide to infect thousands of systems running Siemens software. It was a weapon developed to cripple nuclear facilities. Last year, a new threat emerged in Ukraine that rivals the danger of Stuxnet. This new threat took down a power plant for over an hour, and may have been a precursor to a large-scale efforts to take down or damage power grids, as well as other types of critical infrastructure in the future. Continue reading

Need a Shortcut for Developing Business Intelligence Dashboards?

The InduSoft Web Studio Business Intelligence Template offers the easiest way to collect data from databases without SQL experience. Using the business intelligence template from InduSoft Web Studio, you can develop configurable and customizable dashboards with the information you want, built-in security and PDF reports. Create high-level dashboards to make agile business decisions and maximize profits. Continue reading