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Visit Automatik Expo 2010 in Copenhagen this September to see Smart Automation demo IWS!

Are you going to be in Copenhagen this September for Automatik Expo 2010? One of the top European expositions for industrial automation, process automation, robotics and transmission technology will be taking place in Copenhagen on September 7th through the 9th. Smart Automation, one of our distributors in Denmark will be doing a demo of InduSoft Web Studio. Continue reading

More Important Automation Terms – Make Sense of your SCADA Software

It’s Friday again, and we’re working on expanding our glossary of Automation terms to help new users decode a few of the mysteries of SCADA software and the automation industry. Data acquisition software is a tough industry to crack if you’re new to it, and the jargon can really present a roadblock. Continue reading

What are SCADA Companies Doing to Stay Competitive?

SCADA companies are working harder than ever to compete. There is certainly a lot to keep up with. Now that SCADA software has strong enough legs to be a match for a DCS, and PLC manufacturers use a multitude of protocols for their hardware, SCADA companies have to be innovative in order to offer a great software that offers the most compatibility, and the best value. SCADA software today has to be able to work in dozens of industries, do a variety of tasks, and do them all well. Continue reading

How users can get the most out of SCADA Companies

Not all SCADA companies go above and beyond to provide users with an effortless user experience. But even for those who do offer exceptional services with their SCADA and HMI products, there are ways for users to get even more use out of the SCADA software company they are working with. In fact, we’d love to see you take advantage of all the support we can give you! Here are some ways to get the most out of your SCAD A HMI software: Continue reading

What to be excited about in InduSoft Web Studio v.7.0

InduSoft Web Studio version 7.0 is gearing up for release in September. Current users of IWS certainly won’t be disappointed, nor will new users who are testing the 7.0 SCADA demo software for the first time. There are a lot of great new features available in 7.0, from an advanced user interface to OPC compatibility, and multi-language support. Continue reading

Quality Assurance checks on OPC UA support for IWS 7.0 are complete!

InduSoft Web Studio 7.0 is getting closer to release, and the entire team is really excited about launch. Now, in addition to the OPC Xi support shown in demo mode on our Youtube page, OPC UA is getting the green light for perfect compatibility. Catch the SCADA OPC demo here! Continue reading

A Glossary of Automation Terms – Make Sense of your Data Acquisition Software

HMI SCADA software information is riddled with TLA (Three letter acronyms). It’s hard enough for those with years of experience to keep up with all the innovative trends in data acquisition software, but how are those new to the world of SCADA and HMI products ever going to keep up? Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Driver Update for the ABENI driver for AB 1761-NET-ENI!

InduSoft is always working on better driver functionality, and this time, we’ve made some upgrades to our ABENI driver, which is now in version 1.10. This driver allows your IWS SCADA software to connect via Ethernet/IP to “legacy” Allen Bradley PLCs and Controllers using the 1761-NET-ENI module using the DF1 protocol. Continue reading