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InduSoft Web Studio Rakes in Awards

InduSoft has been awarded two very prestigious awards so far in 2010, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet! There is talk of another feather in our cap coming soon, so be sure to check back with us in October, when we share the news!

IWS SCADA HMI software

Best SCADA HMI software

InduSoft Web Studio has been known as one of the best SCADA systems in the automation industry, and now we are being officially recognized for it.  In February, Control Engineering recognized InduSoft Web Studio as the best HMI software. IWS was chosen by the readers of the magazine, which means that out of all the readers surveyed, and all the available HMI software, InduSoft was the favorite! Wait until they see ver.7.0!

Frost & Sullivan also awarded InduSoft with a very high honor – the Global Customer Value Enhancement award. This award was given to InduSoft Web Studio for providing the most value to users. IWS certainly lives up the reputation as the HMI system that offers the most value. In addition to over 240 drivers that come free with install, InduSoft Web Studio also allows users to use OPC (and in ver.7.0, OPC UA and OPC Xi) optionally. That’s in addition to all the alarms, trends, reports, database connectivity, and the ability publish screens as web pages. These all come as standard features, and never have to be downloaded or installed as extra modules. IWS has patented the database connectivity features that allow connectivity to any SQL relational database, even from Windows CE devices. Add on the best SCADA customer service, and it’s easy to understand why InduSoft Web Studio offers the best value in SCADA HMI software.

This is only going to get better with ver.7.0! We’re also keeping another big award a secret for now, so we can surprise you with it in October. Stay tuned!

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