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TxRx Driver update for the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA System

InduSoft Web Studio is the best SCADA software because we continually improve our software to meet the demands and requirements of our customers. This means continually adding and updating drivers that are bundled in the IWS package of SCADA HMI software.

Today, we’re pleased to announce an update to our TxRx driver. This driver is now in version 1.17, and some changes have been made to improve usability for IWS users.  Now it’s no longer necessary to add an extra character in order to send data in ASCII mode. The TxRx driver is used for bar code readers, scales, and RFID applications, to name a few.

InduSoft Web Studio comes packaged with over 240 drivers, and we offer support on all of them, in addition to any other technical issues. That’s part of what gives our SCADA systems so much value over the rest.

You can install the updated TXRx driver here.

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