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InduSoft Web Studio Drivers Clear the Path for PLC SCADA Systems

PLC SCADA systems are a vital part of any automated process, and many automation engineers rely on just the right combination of PLCs and SCADA system drivers to solve their industrial automation requirements, whether they are working on building automation, water/wastewater automation, or even semiconductor automation.  InduSoft Web Studio has the flexibility to meet the demanding requirements of these industries.

PLC SCADA System Communication

Of course, finding both a PLC and SCADA system than can cross communicate is not always easy. PLC SCADA systems were for the most part proprietary until the recent generation of PLC SCADA systems, began to use middleware such as OPC, designed to carry data from client to server, so that the  data can then be displayed via the HMI system. Programs like InduSoft Web Studio offer over 240 drivers free with install, as well as supporting OPC meaning that PLC and SCADA systems can communicate freely with one another.

InduSoft Web Studio includes drivers for PLC manufacturers including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, GE-Fanuc, as well as standard protocols such as MODBUS RTU/ASCII, DeviceNet, Profibus, Interbus and Ethernet/IP. But many PLC SCADA systems without these drivers are reliant on OPC to handle communications. How does IWS handle OPC?

Quite well, as it turns out. In addition to supporting OPC DA and OPC HDA in IWSv.6.1, InduSoft Web Studio v.7.0 supports OPC UA (client) and OPC Xi (client). That means that no matter which PLC you are using, IWS will have either the driver or the OPC client required to turn your PLC SCADA system into one cohesive unit.

Be sure to check out our current list of PLC drivers, and follow our blog to find out about new updates. The tech support team at InduSoft is second to none, and also works to help users navigate the roads that connect PLCs to SCADA systems.

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