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SCADA Training Plays a Vital Role in SCADA Systems Security

SCADA training

SCADA training

SCADA training is one of the aspects of SCADA integration that is imperative in order to correctly control automated processes. Without a working knowledge of the software they’re using, automation engineers cannot react quickly to incidents, and cannot correct problems after they have occurred. In addition, proper SCADA training will also help automation engineers set up their facilities to run more efficiently, as more data and better monitoring will help users decrease downtime. InduSoft Web Studio provides alarms, trends, and reports in the software without requiring additional modules to be installed, because better runtime and increased productivity are key to industrial automation.

There is an additional benefit of PLC SCADA training, too – added security. By becoming deeply involved with their SCADA system, users can pinpoint security weaknesses in their operation. While SCADA software like InduSoft Web Studio includes excellent built-in security features, there are always steps that users can take to further protect their system.

For example, if a water SCADA system is monitoring the volume and pressure of multiple tanks via a mobile SCADA operating system like Windows CE, then that operation is sending and receiving data over the internet. Because the system is open to outside signals, it may be at risk of malicious programs finding their way into the mobile SCADA device, and replicating themselves into the software. InduSoft Web Studio does an excellent job of preventing attacks like this, but without proper SCADA training, users may not understand the meanings of alerts, nor will they be able to address security issues if they arise. Understanding how to use SCADA software in order to interpret alerts, and danger signs will help prevent cyber security incidents, whether they are based on an accidental or malicious act.

InduSoft offers SCADA training in their Austin offices. We also make on-site training available, so that users with specific requirements can get customized training at their facility. Every individual who takes part in the SCADA training course for InduSoft web studio leaves with a good understanding of how to use InduSoft SCADA to streamline and protect their operations.

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