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A Revolution in Mobile SCADA and web based HMI!

Did you know that InduSoft was the very first HMI SCADA software to support the Windows CE operating system and its supported platforms? This was a revolutionary move in wireless SCADA and remote HMI, and now InduSoft CEView commands a huge user base.

With more and more remote data acquisition functions moving into the cloud, now is the best time possible to explore what mobile SCADA can do for your industry. Wireless SCADA has taken off in recent years, and is in use especially in industries such as the solar and wind power industries, where devices are often running in difficult to reach, rural settings. By using remote monitoring of these facilities with a web HMI, HMI SCADA software like InduSoft CEView can bring unprecedented monitoring capabilities to mobile automation.

Mobile SCADA can be useful in any application. Imagine checking water tank level at a wastewater treatment facility as you are working out in the field. Control the temperature in buildings across the country from one location. Change pressure settings in a tank from across town. Anything is possible with SCADA web connected devices.

Windows CE is a form of embedded operating system. It’s an embedded operating system most often used for mobile devices like smartphones and PDAs but is also used for industrial panel mount computers in the manufacturing environment too. InduSoft has made great strides in compatibility with Windows embedded operating systems. IWS is well known for being a highly scalable  wireless SCADA system, and will soon be offering a license optimized specifically for use with embedded operating systems. Version 6.1 already supports embedded HMI functionality. This kind of compatibility will usher in a whole new era of web accessible data acquisition software.

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