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Comparison of SCADA Companies

It’s true that not all SCADA companies are created equal. For many automation engineers searching for SCADA software, however, the complexity and wealth of SCADA companies on the market can make it very hard to make an informed decision on which company offered the best SCADA software. Here are a few things to consider about the more common SCADA systems on the market right now.

  • InduSoft – InduSoft is one of the few SCADA companies to have been in the business for over a decade. InduSoft Web Studio is considered by many to be the most versatile SCADA software available. The strength of IWS lies in just how much is included with the software. Not only is it compatible with all current Microsoft operating systems (including Windows CE, Windows 7, Server Editions, and embedded operating systems), but the software bundles in drivers for hundreds of PLC models, in addition to supporting OPC Xi, OPC UA, and OPC DA/HDA. IWS also includes alarms (real-time and historical), trends (real-time and historical), events, recipes, reports, database connectivity, and SCADA systems security.
  • Some SCADA companies rely solely on OPC for their method of communications. They don’t include drivers for PLCs or other controllers. In addition, only classic OPC is supported, so those using OPC Xi and OPC UA may want to look elsewhere.
  • Quite often the modules supported by these have to be added on as additional software packages, so trends and alarms, for example, are not included. Different modules will need to be purchased for software running on Windows CE, as well.
  • Some SCADA companies have chosen scripting languages that are not supported in a Windows CE or mobile device. InduSoft Web Studio uses VBScript for full compatibility in embedded or even “thin client” applications.
  • Other SCADA companies require you to purchase expensive maintenance agreements – not InduSoft. We have them available but are not required to keep the product running for years to come.

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