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Did You Know? InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software can incorporate a browser ino any screen.

Wind SCADA screen

Wind SCADA screen

InduSoft Web Studio is the top SCADA software for very good reason – the best functionality and compatibility. IWS is known for packing in the features, without increasing the footprint of the SCADA software. One of these additional features is a valuable function that allows IWS users to drop an ActiveX or .NET browser window in any screen, and launch it, without leaving the program.

This kind of function can have many applications. For example, by using IWS tools to set up a SCADA screen with a browser window to view certain data, users can view the following without ever leaving InduSoft Web Studio:

  • HTML help files
  • CAD drawings
  • Weather reports
  • Wind gust reports
  • Training videos
  • IP Cameras
  • Web-based configuration tools
  • Up-to-date manuals on a remote server

The ability to open and control browser windows within the program is an excellent way to help reduce downtime in a process. By quickly being able to access the most recent information, users can access help, troubleshoot, or have any important information ready at their fingertips.

There is also an important SCADA system security issue that is resolved by this function. By controlling which pages are accessible within the program, rather than allowing the software complete access to the internet, security gaps can be closed by prohibiting entry to unauthorized websites, where security issues are likely to arise.

As a real world example, imagine a wind SCADA application. Users of InduSoft Web Studio can set up a browser window that accesses wind forecasts, and allows the Operations and Maintenance staff to adjust wind turbine brake, pitch and yaw parameters accordingly. Each time the engineer needs to adjust the parameters, he or she can access the forecast within a secure browser window, without ever leaving the SCADA software. How’s that for ease of use?

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