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See IWS SCADA solutions at the Midwest Ag-Industries Exposition (MAGIE) 2010

SCADA Integration

SCADA Integration

Murray Equipment, Inc. will be doing a demonstration of InduSoft Web Studio at this year’s MAGIE trade show. We spoke to a representative at Murray equipment in regard to how they use InduSoft SCADA software for their liquid handling equipment for Fertilizer, Chemical, petroleum and industrial markets, and this is why they use IWS: “We use InduSoft Web Studio for fertilizer batching and handling processes, and are beginning to make use of its database and web access capabilities. We chose to use IWS, because this software works from small applications to very large ones, and eliminated the need for multiple SCADA systems.”

Some solutions that Murray Equipment provides are automated liquid batching systems, unattended transport loadout systems, and tank leveling monitoring. With advanced IWS SCADA training, their team is adept at SCADA integration with IWS, and are able to customize solutions across many industries.

Come see their solutions live at this year’s Midwest Ag-Industries Exposition 2010. You’ll find them in section F of the trade show floor. You can see a map of the trade show, and find more information here.

MAGIE 2010
August 18-19, 2010
Interstate Center
2301 West Market Street
Bloomington, IL 61701

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