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The Many Faces of SCADA Software



SCADA software companies have a unique task. They have to come up with not only software that is flexible and compatible with many operating systems, but they must also design SCADA software capable of working perfectly in many industries as well. When a SCADA company like InduSoft stays innovative, more and more industries can make use of automation software to increase productivity, and reduce downtime.

So what are some applications of InduSoft Web Studio in real industries? Here are a few examples:

Oil and Gas SCADA applications: Oil and Gas SCADA software has been in use for years, but only in SCADA software like InduSoft can engineers maximize productivity by creating their own symbols and connect to any database, or receive real-time updates and critical information in the form of alerts and reports. In addition, engineers can monitor compressors for pressure, and pipelines for leaks, all from scalable SCADA software that operated on any Microsoft operating system, from Windows CE to Windows 7.

Water SCADA applications: With the proper SCADA software, engineers can monitor anything from unmanned pumps to lift stations with wireless SCADA applications. Wireless and remote HMI monitoring have come a long way, and now operators can manage tank levels, oxygen, flow rates, and pressure all from a smartphone or a desktop PC. No more late night or bad weather drives out to the site just to adjust one quick setting.

Building Automation applications: SCADA software plays an integral role in building automation, where everything from temperature to lights, to the HVAC system, or even energy use may be automated. Full building automation can save thousands in energy consumption costs alone, and will also serve to protect the facility and its contents by maintaining security systems. Building SCADA software like InduSoft will make a building much cheaper to own and automate, and will alert owners to potential hazards like fire or vandalism.

Semiconductor SCADA applications: Semiconductors are an exciting field in electronics, and one that can uniquely benefit from good control software. In the production of electronics, batch and recipe reports are especially valuable, as is system security. IWS offers users all the trends, recipes, and alerts needed to keep a semiconductor fab operation running smoothly. Electronic SCADA can even measure gas impurity levels, or run system diagnostic tests.

Security and Detention SCADA/HMI applications: Detention is another automated process that requires strict control, and very tight security measures. Prison facilities or buildings housing sensitive equipment or information will likely have a high degree automation in lights, locks, alarms, reports, and communication from one area of the facility to another. A flexible SCADA system that includes all the modules required for detention will cut down on security threats exponentially.

Packaging SCADA applications: Packaging is a heavily automated industry, because large scale production is required. IWS has proven to be an exceptional packaging SCADA software. IWS is used to do everything from monitoring blister pack formation, labeling, form, fill and seal machines, , or inspecting finished items.

Wind SCADA applications: Wind farms are a rapidly growing aspect of the alternative energy industry. Wind farms pose a specific problem for most SCADA software companies, because the equipment is often located in remote, or hostile environments. IWS tackles this problem by adding remote SCADA and wireless SCADA functionality through products such as Windows CE. Now it’s easy for wind farm Operation and Maintenance engineers to track wind forecasts and adjust wind turbine brakes on an unmanned turbine from a remote location.

Solar SCADA applications: Solar farms are another exciting form of alternative energy. Like wind farms, solar SCADA applications must be flexible enough to run in less than ideal environments. That’s why the mobile and wireless SCADA capabilities of InduSoft have proven valuable for the solar industry.

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